• Exam wishes

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Thursday 09 November 2017, 03:30:26 PM.

    Hi Everyone

    I wish you all the very best with your exams, for this course and others.

    I'd like to thank you again for making teaching the course such an enjoyable experience. I hope you enjoyed the course as much as I enjoyed teaching it, and that you took something out of it.

    I wish each of you the best with your future studies.

  • Pre-exam consultation

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Friday 03 November 2017, 10:38:06 AM.

    There will be an additional consultation in the week of the exam, on Monday 6 Nov, between 1000-1200.

    I'll be releasing the sample paper solutions over the weekend.

    Please keep in mind that the remaining consultations before the exam are likely to be busy, so I may not be able to spend much time with any individual(s). If you plan on coming please plan and prioritise your questions in advance. I suggest getting together in groups if you have common questions (you might use the forum to organise this) as that will be of greatest benefit to all.

  • Final exam information

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Friday 20 October 2017, 06:59:02 PM, last modified Thursday 02 November 2017, 12:18:51 PM.

    This is a reminder that the final exam will cover all course topics. It is the same format (multiple choice) as the final but will be two (2) hours long. You will not be allowed to take in any study notes or paper. Graph paper and a work-book will be provided for your working out.

    I will continue to hold consultations at the regular time up to and including the week before the exam. I'm trying to organise a consultation in the week of the exam. This will depend on factors that aren't entirely in my control. Check the course notices for details. As always, the course forum remains a valuable resource.

    Please read the section about special consideration in the Course Outline , in case you need it. There are procedures that must be followed; if you don't you may render yourself ineligible.

    Also, a final reminder that the MyExperience course feedback survey closes today (November 2). If you haven't completed it yet, please do so today.

  • MyExperience survey update

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Thursday 19 October 2017, 05:23:06 PM, last modified Tuesday 31 October 2017, 04:52:51 PM.

    The MyExperience survey closes soon (November 2).

    The current response rate is still very low (Oct 29):

    To complete the survey go to MyExperience .

    It will only take five minutes. Go on, do it; it's Pareto optimal.

  • Sample final exam solutions released

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Saturday 14 October 2017, 02:52:25 PM, last modified Sunday 05 November 2017, 11:10:30 PM.

    Please visit the Course Work>Exercises>Week 12 section.

  • Trees supplementary material

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Saturday 14 October 2017, 12:51:21 PM.

    For completeness, I've added some supplementary material about trees in the Week 1 Lectures section.

  • Week 12: revision week

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Thursday 12 October 2017, 02:11:00 PM.

    Please use the forum to identify topics you'd like to review in the second part of the class in week 12. This part will be student-driven. The more notice I have the better I'll be able to prepare to help you prepare for the exam.

  • MyExperience survey

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Monday 09 October 2017, 03:05:59 PM, last modified Thursday 19 October 2017, 05:21:48 PM.

    The MyExperience survey his how UNSW gets feedback from students about teaching in order to monitor and improve its teaching quality.

    You should have received an email this week about completing the myExperience survey. Please complete it as soon as possible. I would like everyone who hasn't completed it before this week's class to complete it during the class break. The deadline is November 2.

    To do the survey go to the MyExperience website.

    This short video will explain how to complete the survey.

  • Mid-term marks available

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Friday 29 September 2017, 03:45:11 PM, last modified Tuesday 03 October 2017, 01:55:42 PM.

    The mid-term test has been marked. You can find your mark by going to the View marks item on the course panel (on the left). Log in using your zID and zPass to view your marks.

    The test was not intended to be difficult. The class average was around 25/30. Expect the final exam to be relatively more difficult, so if you got less than 15/30 in the mid-term treat this as an indication that you're at risk of failing.

    I will not be releasing the answers to the mid-term test. If you wish to discuss your marks or any of the questions please come to one of the consultation times.

  • GSOE9210 mid-term reminder

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Wednesday 20 September 2017, 01:52:26 PM.

    This is a reminder that the GSOE9210 mid-term test is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday September 21). The exam will start at 9:30am. Please be there by 9am and give yourself extra travel time to account for possible delays (transport, etc.).

    Please remember to bring your student ID and a 2B pencil, plus any other allowed materials. Check the course website for details.

    Before coming to the exam please check your student ID to work out which room you're in (also available on the course website) and head straight to that room. You will only be allowed to sit the exam in the designated room.

    A reminder that you must not have your phone on you during the exam. Phones must be switched off (not silent) and remain in your bag at all times. Bags will be left either inside the room, at the front, or just outside the room. Please follow the exam staff's instructions on the day in this regard.

  • Consultations

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Friday 08 September 2017, 05:47:33 PM, last modified Wednesday 20 September 2017, 11:53:40 AM.

    I have added a weekly consultation time; for details see the Timetable item on the course menu on the left. Consultations are open to all and completely free of charge. You may come to see me to discuss any course topic. Students will be served on a first come, first served basis.

    There will be no consultations during the week of the mid-term test (week 9).

  • Mid-term test information

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Friday 11 August 2017, 12:04:43 AM, last modified Tuesday 19 September 2017, 11:53:34 AM.

    The mid-term test is scheduled for the class of September 21; that is, the usual class time in week 9. Please be there before 9am. Note that you will not be allowed into the exam until after this time. Please do not wait inside the room, and follow the instructions of the exam staff.

    The test will only include material up to and including week 6.

    The format will be multiple choice. The duration will be one (1) hour. The exam is worth 30% of the total mark for the course.

    You will be only be allowed to take into the exam blank pages for working out: one blank page of graph paper, and a blank page for writing. You must bring with you a 2B pencil to record your answers in the answer sheet provided. You will not be allowed to take into the exam any notes or reference material. You must turn off your mobile phone and leave it in your bag throughout the exam. All paper you take into the exam you must submit for marking; you will not be allowed to retain any working paper you take into the test with you, even materials you haven't used. Please ensure you have your Student ID card with you. You may not be allowed to sit the test without it.

    The exam will be held in the Law building (Map reference F8). Below are listed the rooms and the Student ID ranges for that room. Check which range (between the Start and End numbers) your Student ID is in to work out which room you should attend. If you go to the wrong room you will not be allowed to sit the exam.

    Room Start End
    163 3254911 5037240
    203 5037367 5048284
    275 5048321 5079036
    276 5079282 5089596
    301 5090281 5099147
    303 5099595 5107027
    388 5107251 5127438
    389 5127485 5180958

  • Solutions to Exercises 08 released

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Thursday 03 August 2017, 02:33:57 PM, last modified Thursday 05 October 2017, 02:35:19 PM.

    Please go to the Course Work>Exercises section on the course panel to the left.

  • Exercise Set 09 released

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Friday 28 July 2017, 01:11:56 PM, last modified Thursday 05 October 2017, 02:35:34 PM.

    Please check the Course Work>Exercises section on the course panel.

  • Course website

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Sunday 23 July 2017, 10:51:37 AM, last modified Sunday 23 July 2017, 10:52:16 AM.

    The course website for GSOE9210 is available at . Please familiarise yourself with its contents, in particular the Course Outline , before the first class. All the information about the course, including course news and notices, will be made available there. You may wish to bookmark it in your browser for your convenience. Please check it regularly.

  • Welcome to GSOE9210

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Saturday 22 July 2017, 11:32:32 PM, last modified Saturday 22 July 2017, 11:33:21 PM.

    Welcome to GSOE9210 Engineering Decisions.

    The first class is on Thursday July 27 at 9am in Lecture Theatre G03 in the Ainsworth building (J17).

    Please read the course outline before the first class to get an idea of what the course is about. Bring any questions with you on Thursday, or post them on the forum.

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