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  • Quiz 3 reminder

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Sunday 24 October 2021, 03:47:55 PM, last modified Sunday 24 October 2021, 03:48:20 PM.

    This is a reminder that Quiz 3 is scheduled for Monday, October 25, between 1400 and 1500 AEST. The quiz will be on Moodle. The link to the quiz will appear on the course's Moodle page only after the start time (1400) has passed; you will not see the link or be able to access it until then. Please refresh the page if required. You may start the quiz anytime between 1400--1500. However, the 1500 time is a hard cut-off; at that time you will be logged out and unable to submit your answers, so you should make sure to submit before then. Once you start the quiz, you will have 25 minutes to complete it. This means that if you begin the quiz less than 25 minutes from the closing time you will shorten your working time, so plan to start before then.

    The quiz may contain anywhere between 5 and 20 questions depending on their difficulty, but rest assured that in total it will only be worth 10 marks (10% of the total marks for the course).

    Please check the course outline for further details.

  • Live tutorials moved to Zoom

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Tuesday 19 October 2021, 12:50:36 PM, last modified Tuesday 19 October 2021, 06:35:03 PM.

    In response to your feedback, we will be trying out Zoom for our live tutorials. In Moodle, I've replaced the BBC link with a Zoom link which should take you to the Zoom web-room. Hope to see you there later today.

    The Zoom tutorial recordings are on Echo360+. There is a link to these recordings on Moodle.

  • Week 6: Flexibility week

    Posted by Victor Jauregui Sunday 17 October 2021, 04:06:25 PM, last modified Sunday 17 October 2021, 04:19:02 PM.

    Week 6 is flexibility week. I'll still be running our live tutorial-style classes on Monday and Tuesday as usual, but no new material will be released. Instead, we'll use this week as revision about any material from the course so far. Please add any questions or thoughts on topics you'd like covered to the agenda for the week.

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