• Week 7 Wednesday 2pm Lecture at Science Theatre + Streamed Online

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Wednesday 29 March 2023, 01:40:03 PM.

    Live link here . See you all soon!


  • Week7 Tuesday 10am Live Stream link

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Tuesday 28 March 2023, 09:40:41 AM.

    See you on Youtube soon! The link is here .

  • Project Iteration 1 Scaling

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Wednesday 22 March 2023, 01:03:29 PM, last modified Monday 27 March 2023, 10:48:18 AM.

    We just released the project scaling for iteration 1.

    Before today, the mark you have seen is the mark before scaling.

    We hope you are progressing well with iteration 2. :)

  • 🎩 End of Week 5 Updates

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Sunday 19 March 2023, 02:10:26 AM, last modified Sunday 19 March 2023, 11:30:27 AM.

    Hey everyone!

    Congratulations on making it through to the end of week 5. Flex week is coming up next week! We're excited for you all to have a week without any classes (though note that help sessions will still be running).

    We will also remind you to make a strong start on iteration 2 this weekend if you haven't. We see a lot of students fall behind between iterations 1 and 2.

    🐒General Updates and reminders

    Some key updates and reminders for you:

    • Lab 4 marks have been released here .
    • Lab 5 solutions have been released - check the solution branch!
    • Lab 5 marks will take a few more days to finalise :)
    • Tutorial 5 solutions have also been released here .

    πŸ‰ Iteration 1 results

    Your iteration 1 marks and comments have been released to you. If your results are still in progress, your tutor will email you with an update by Monday night.

    You can view your marks here . If you have any follow-up questions about your grades after this time, please email your tutor directly.

    More details about your automarking result have been pushed to your repo on a branch that should be called iter1-results . If you would like a re-run (as per the spec) you must start this conversation with your tutor within 7 days of the results release.

    🌈 Enjoy your flex week

    Stay safe and stay well everyone!


  • Wednesday 2pm Lecture at Science Theatre + Streamed Online

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Wednesday 15 March 2023, 01:30:27 PM.

    Live link here. See you all soon. :)


  • Week5 Tuesday 10am Live Stream link

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Tuesday 14 March 2023, 09:48:30 AM.

    See you on YouTube soon!

  • End of Week 4 πŸ‰

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Sunday 12 March 2023, 01:43:20 PM.

    Hey everyone!

    Congratulations to everyone who pulled through on Iteration 1. There are some groups that were smooth sailing - congratulations to you. For the groups that struggled a little more, keep your chin up and take on the lessons for the next iteration. Thank you for the hard work and we hope you enjoy a bit of your weekend :) Don't forget to catch up and make sure you're on top of the week 4 lectures .

    🐒 General Updates and reminders

    • Tutorial 4 solutions have been released.
    • Lab 4 is due on Monday week 5 at 5 pm.
    • Lab 5 is due Saturday week 5 at 10 pm ! This has an earlier due date.. please keep an eye on it.
    • Lab 3 marks have been released here . Remember to read the lab mark guide .
    • Peer review Iter1 is due Monday week 5 at 9 am. Everyone is required to complete their first peer review for iteration 1. This is invaluable feedback for your tutor to track how your group is performing together. FILL IT OUT NOW!!!

    πŸ”₯ Iteration 2 is released

    Get started next week. Remember that iteration 2 is where you will need topics from lectures:
    • Static Verification
    • Linting
    • Advanced Functions
    • HTTP Servers
    • Persistence (next week) - but this is easy
    The advice is to start iteration 2 early next week. The very beginning of it (particularly in adjusting to Typescript + Linting + HTTP) will feel like a hurdle. But just focus on getting over that hurdle so that you can get into the more interesting stuff.

    Please have an amazing weekend and look after yourselves! Stay steady, we still have a bit of term to go.


  • Project 1 Deadline Approach + Important updates

    Posted by Jake Renzella Thursday 09 March 2023, 08:03:54 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    I will cut to the chase as I am sure you are all under the pump with Iteration 1. Some important reminders:

    Iteration 1 Deadline is due tomorrow (Friday) at 10pm
    Remember to read the instructions in the README and ensure all tests are passing before you submit and push before the deadline!

    Reminder to complete the iteration 1 peer review by Monday. The form will automatically close at 9am so please ensure you complete it in time:

    You MUST attend the project demo (week 5 lab) or risk getting 0 for the project. If you are unwell or unable to attend, please contact your tutor and the course email, or seek special considerations .

    Lab05 is due 2 days earlier, in week 5 on Saturday at 10 pm due to flex week (and we want you all to finish them, especially lab05_forum, as it'll equip them with the tools necessary for iteration 2).

    We have heard your feedback that Lab03 Academics was challenging and time consuming. We have made a note for end of term development, and we will make it clearer that the lab has a higher workload than other labs. This is a particularly important lab as the concepts are designed to directly support you in the project, so don't think of it as taking time away from the project but as preparation - but we hear you, and appreciate the feedback!

    Lab 3 marks have been released on grades page . If you need help understanding the reasoning for your mark, or need help learning how to request a re-run, please see the bottom of the tutorials/labs page .

    Cencus Date Is sunday 12th March 11:59pm
    A reminder that this weekend (Sunday 11:59pm) is the last day you can drop the course and make it as if your enrollment never happened. If you do drop the course just shoot your tutor or team members a quick email letting them know (1 minute of your time saves everyone a bit of pain). Since you've dropped right after an iteration everyone will be fine and tutors will figure things out :)

    I hope you all enjoyed Rob's guest lecture yesterday. I certainly found it very inspiring.

    All the best with the project,


  • Rob Pike and HTTP Lecture live at 2pm

    Posted by Jake Renzella Wednesday 08 March 2023, 01:34:52 PM.

    If you can not attend the in person lecture, please tune in to the live stream at 2pm!

  • Rob Pike Guest Lecture tomorrow at 2pm

    Posted by Jake Renzella Tuesday 07 March 2023, 10:24:27 PM.

    The final reminder that the Rob Pike guest lecture will be on at 2pm tomorrow in the Science Theatre.

    I hope to see you all there, and I am sure you all look forward to not hearing me repeat the announcement :)

    After his presentation and Q and A, will be the HTTP lecture.



  • Tuesday 10am Live Stream link

    Posted by Jake Renzella Tuesday 07 March 2023, 09:40:51 AM.

    See you on YouTube soon!

  • End of week 3

    Posted by Jake Renzella Saturday 04 March 2023, 01:05:47 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the end of week 3. Nearly a third of the way through the course. Keep it up!!

    Please don't forget to stay up to date with the lectures. By the end of Sunday you should have watched all of week 1, 2, and 3 lectures. A reminder that last term we found that the majority of students who struggled with the course had also fallen behind on lectures :(

    🐒General Updates and reminders

    Some key updates and reminders for you:

    • Tutorial 3 solutions should be released shortly

    🍜Guest Lecture - week 4

    • Rob Pike will be delivering a guest lecture on Wednesday at 2pm in the Science Theatre

    😻 Lab02 Marks

    Your lab02 is being marked.

    Your mark has been awarded between 0 and 1. If your mark appears as "-0.1", it is because there was an error whilst marking (this could be our problem or your problem). This is just a place holder mark. You have not gotten negative marks. It's kind of like a "null" We're still double checking a number of these "-0.1" cases so if you got this please check again on Sunday morning as it may be fixed.

    You can read our detailed info about looking at your lab marks here - this is a very useful guide !! If you have any issues you can follow up with your lab assist in your lab time during week 4.

    πŸ‰ Iteration 0 results

    Your iteration 0 marks and comments have been made available to you. If you have any follow up questions about your grades after this time, please email your tutor directly.

    πŸ¦ƒ Iteration 1 - Leaderboard & 1 week to go

    Iteration 1 is due in 7 days (Friday of week 4). If you haven't yet started, get to it!

    We will be running the leaderboard (as per section 9.2 in the spec) to have your tentative marks available on Tuesday , Wednesday , and Friday of week 4. The leaderboard will be updated around lunchtime - assume at 12pm. We will not be running the leaderboard more often and won't be doing individual re-runs for students. This is a new initiative of the last 12 months that is aimed to give you more support by giving you an indicative of your progress without telling you exactly what is wrong (which would undermine the nature of the assessment).

    We will share the leaderboard link shortly.

    🌈 Next week

    In week 4 the content we learn will focus mainly on web servers, with a bit of advanced Javascript function features. All of next week's content isn't relevant until week 5 (for both labs and for next project iteration).

    So if you're feeling under the pump with iteration 1 just catch up on the recordings next weekend before week 5.

    See you Tuesday!! :)

  • Wednesday 2pm Lecture at Science Theatre + Streamed Online

    Posted by Jake Renzella Wednesday 01 March 2023, 01:43:18 PM.

    Live Link

    See you all soon!

  • Guest Lecture to be Rescheduled :(

    Posted by Jake Renzella Tuesday 28 February 2023, 12:29:36 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately Rob Pike has let me know that he is unwell and will not be able to attend the lecture tomorrow. Regularly scheduled lecture to proceed of course.

    I apologise to anyone who potentially arranged to come in especially for the guest lecture. I am working with Rob to reschedule and will update everyone when I have a date.


  • Week 3 Lecture 1 Online Link

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Tuesday 28 February 2023, 09:41:29 AM, last modified Tuesday 28 February 2023, 09:41:38 AM.

    Today's lecture is streamed online, but we will open the Science theatre at 10am and open the Youtube video if you're on campus. You can use the YouTube live chat to ask any questions to the stream.

    Please join the Week 3 Lecture 1 at 10am HERE

  • Lecture Slides Update and a few miscellaneous updates

    Posted by Jake Renzella Sunday 26 February 2023, 08:31:37 PM.

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend (Happy Mardi Gras! 🌈) and congrats on submitting iteration 0! In a way, this is the hardest part of the course complete - you're now starting to build some confidence with the tools and processing required to complete COMP1531 (git, js, jest, etc).

    Lecture PDF availability

    I wanted to send a quick notice that the first half of the term's lecture slides are now available on the WebCMS page: The PDFs are subject to (slightly) change, but if you would like to go through and make notes in advance please feel free as the content will be quite accurate.

    Responding to Lecture Feedback

    A reminder that we have lecture feedback forms linked at the end of each lecture (which you can access at any time here ).

    The feedback received so far has been overwhelmingly positive! Thank you for the kind words. Most constructive feedback has been related to technical issues with the lecture theatre. While these are one of the few issues out of my control, I am working with the university to potentially look into alternative theatres and fixing the equipment. In fact, I have raised this issue to second-highest academic position in the university, who reports to the Vice Chancellor. I will keep everyone updated of any changes here.

    It is clear that many students, even disregarding the theatre issues, still enjoy the in-person lectures (as do I!) One thing I noticed is that I am not able to sufficiently respond to in person and online questions at the same time (It's really hard), so I will make sure there's a tutor in the chat on the Wednesday lectures for now on to answer questions.

    That's all from me, all the best and I'll see you this week for our special guest lecture with Rob Pike, reminder that you can still leave a question for Rob on the pinned post on the forum .

    Overview of actions:



  • Very Special Guest Lecture Announcement! Ask and vote for the top questions to be asked...

    Posted by Jake Renzella Wednesday 22 February 2023, 07:22:58 PM.

    Please see this post on the forum for details:

  • Week 2 Lecture 2 now live

    Posted by Jake Renzella Wednesday 22 February 2023, 02:07:58 PM.

    Live on Youtube

  • Week 2 Lecture 1 Online link

    Posted by Jake Renzella Tuesday 21 February 2023, 09:29:18 AM.

    Today's lecture is streamed online, but we will open the Science theatre at 10am and open the Youtube video if you're on campus. You can use the YouTube live chat to ask any questions to the stream.

    Please join the Week 2 Lecture 1 at 10am here

  • First help session starting now!!!

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Monday 20 February 2023, 12:00:29 PM.

    Hey everyone!

    We are having our first help session online today from 12:00 to 14:00.

    Feel free to join us at this link . You can find more details HERE .

  • Week 1 Complete!

    Posted by Jake Renzella Sunday 19 February 2023, 04:37:20 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Now that we've wrapped up week 1, it's a great time to summarise the key things that happened this week and give you some pointers for week 2.

    I wanted to apologise again for the Online Lecture stream issues from Wednesday. On the day, the University wifi was extremely slow causing issues streaming to Youtube. There is no Ethernet port in the room available to me. I am working with the University to investigate alternatives for next Wednesday.

    As always, you can leave Lecture feedback at any time at this form.

    Week 1 recap

    The key things that happened in week 1 are:

    • Week 1 lecture slides and recordings can be found on this page .
    • Week 1 tutorial and lab content links can be found on this page .
      • Week 1 tutorial solutions will be released shortly (usually released on Friday). They are on the solutions branch in the tutorial's repo.
      • Week 1 lab solutions will be released shortly after the deadline next week (checkout the "solutions" branch on the repos)
      • Week 1 lab marks will be released next Friday (Friday of week 2)
        • Next Friday, to see more about the marks you got the lab and other information, check out the bottom of the Labs page under "Lab marks"
    • Your project groups were formed during class and the project specification is being released tonight (see below).
      • If you're unsure what group you're in you should email your tutor.
    • If you're still a bit unsure about any of the software or tools to setup for the course check out the getting started guide .

    Project groups

    During your week 1 class your tutor will have finalised your project groups in your lab time.

    A reminder that whilst you aren't required to communicate via the Microsoft teams channel we make for you, it's important to note that if teamwork disputes arise or you make claims about other team members contributions later in the course - the only places we will look to for evidence of how you interact with your group are:

    1. The project check-ins and iteration demonstrations
    2. Gitlab contributions (code you push)
    3. Peer reviews at the end of the iteration
    4. Any UNSW emails sent between group members
    5. Conversations that occur on Microsoft teams

    If we need to analyse group communication, we simply won't be able to look at things like Facebook, Discord, Slack, etc, as these are out of our control and are open to tampering etc that make it unfair to consider reasonable evidence. However, anything in your Microsoft teams chat we'll happily take into account. If you're uncertain about anything here or aren't agreeing in your group how to communicate, talk to your tutor in week 2 and they will help you figure it all out! :)

    If you don't have your group sorted, or weren't added to your groups Microsoft teams chat, please email your tutor ASAP.

    Project release

    As of Friday night week 1, a group project repository was created for each group. It's being released over the coming hours. The repository is called " project-backend ". You can find your group repository (if you haven't already) on the homepage of . If you can't find your repository, please post on the forum. If you can find the repo, but you're in the wrong group, please email your tutor ASAP.

    The first stage of the project is iteration 0 and is due in 7 days (next Friday night - week 2). It's a very easy stage.

    Please watch the introductory video from Hayden for the project . This was recorded for last term, but only very few things have changed in iteration 0 and we have edited the video accordingly.

    The most important thing to do right now is to start messaging or emailing your group members and to start reading through the project specification. During your class time this week you can sync up about it and start some early planning, and I would strongly encourage you to organise times to meet next week. From week 3 onwards we will be expecting groups to follow a more rigid meeting as we move onto the next stage of the project.

    Over the coming days, t here may continue to be slight changes to your group primarily due to students potentially dropping the course before census date. Your tutors will always support you and find solutions that will make things OK :)

    Things to keep an eye on for week 2

    • Your week 1 lab is due 5pm on Monday of week 2. Remember that lab01 does not count for any marks.
    • Your week 2 tutorial + lab is critical for you to spend time with your group and tutor to get stuck into the project.
    • Help Sessions start running in week 2, more details to come shortly.
    • Sometimes we push updates to your repos (e.g. labs or project) that may appear as merge requests in the left hand sidebar. Keep an eye out for it. Your tutor(s) can always help out if you're confused.
    • For students with class on Thursday (the public holiday) your tutor should have already reached out to you about new arrangements.
    • Lectures next week:
      • Tuesday's lecture will be streamed online to YouTube. I will not be in the Science theatre, however you we will stream the lecture live to the Science theatre if you're looking for some company!
      • Wednesday's lecture will be in-person and streamed online to YouTube. This is the general lecture structure going forward.

    Other than that, have a great weekend!

    Jake, Yuchao, and the teaching team <3

  • New link again

    Posted by Jake Renzella Wednesday 15 February 2023, 03:35:41 PM.

    Will fix this properly for next week, sincere apologies!

  • New link for students online

    Posted by Yuchao Jiang Wednesday 15 February 2023, 02:20:13 PM, last modified Wednesday 15 February 2023, 02:21:58 PM.

    <iframe width="500" height="281" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

    COMP1531 Week 1 Lecture 2 | More git and Javascript

  • COMP1531 Lecture 2 at 2pm In Person at Science Theatre

    Posted by Jake Renzella Wednesday 15 February 2023, 01:14:33 PM.


    Once again, we have a COMP1531 lecture at 2pm in the Science Theatre. Wednesdays are the dedicated in person lecture, but a backup live stream will be available here .

    Lost on campus is a great app if you're having trouble finding the Theatre.

    See you soon!

  • Lecture 1 Complete!

    Posted by Jake Renzella Tuesday 14 February 2023, 01:14:19 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    For those of you who were able to make it in person or online during the live stream, thank you for Lecture 1. A very admin heavy lecture, but I hope everyone is excited for the content in the course, and getting started with git and Javascript!

    A recap of today's lecture:

    Software engineering is about working in teams. We need tools to help us write and manage code in teams. git is a distributed, command line tool which allows us to track changes to source code. Gitlab/Github can store git repositories on the cloud so that we always have a remote backup, which also allows other develops to pull and push changes to a project!

    A reminder that you can use this form at any time to provide Lecture feedback:

    Some initial response to lecture feedback:

    1. No mic in the lecture hall - Agreed, for some reason the theatre is listed as supporting Wireless mics, but doesn't have them in the room. I will pick this up for tomorrow in advance!
    2. Online lag is painful - Similarly, there was no ethernet port on the Lectern so the stream was via Wifi :( I will try see what I can do to plug in which reduces the lag to almost instant.
    3. Talk more about my experience as a Software Engineer - Absolutely! Many anecdotes and stories on the way :)

    This is my first time lecturing Hybrid at UNSW, and there are many complications with all the equipment, so things will improve as we get better.

    I hope to see all of you again Tomorrow at 2PM at the Science Theatre, or streamed online at this link

  • COMP1531 10am Lecture reminder in person at Science Theatre

    Posted by Jake Renzella Tuesday 14 February 2023, 09:01:58 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    A final reminder that the first COMP1531 Lecture, which will be held at 10 am today, in-person at the Science Lecture Theatre at UNSW, Sydney. Even if you are in the Web stream for lectures, I expect there'll be a seat for you!

    The lecture will be simultaneously live streamed to Youtube Live . But again I encourage all of you to attend in person if you can!

    See you all shortly!


  • COMP1531 Tuesday 10am Lecture Details

    Posted by Jake Renzella Monday 13 February 2023, 10:22:41 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    I'm really excited for the first COMP1531 Lecture, which will be held tomorrow, in-person at the Science Lecture Theatre at UNSW, Sydney.

    The lecture will be simultaneously live streamed to Youtube Live . I encourage all of you to attend in person if you can!

    See you all tomorrow!


  • Welcome to COMP1531 video!

    Posted by Jake Renzella Thursday 09 February 2023, 12:09:53 AM, last modified Thursday 09 February 2023, 12:10:29 AM.

    Wake up, new COMP1531 Welcome video is out!

  • Welcome to COMP1531 23T1

    Posted by Jake Renzella Wednesday 08 February 2023, 05:21:17 PM.

    Hello everyone!

    An very early welcome to COMP1531 for 23T1. This welcome is predominately to give you time to complete the group preference form below.

    A more detailed introduction with information and summaries will be sent out next week, but for now here are a few things to get you prepped for term.

    1. 🐼 (Read below) Complete the group preference form for the major project*
    2. 😽 Go and read the course outline . We also have a welcome video that will be posted soon! Some quick changes for this year:
      1. You only need to score 10/12 for labs to get full marks for the term. Yay!
      2. No exam for this term! We are having an additional individual project iteration at the end of term, which replaced the exam.
    3. πŸ™Š Join the forum and introduce yourself !
    4. πŸ‘¨πŸ’» We have one in-person lecture and one online lecture each week. Our first lecture will also be in-person and streamed during week 1! This will be shown on the lecture timetable page when it is finalised.

    ❗️*(IMPORTANT) Group Preference for Major Project

    As specified in the course outline , COMP1531 has a major project component that is a 5 person, 10 week project that constitutes 90% of the course assessment. This includes 30% group mark for major group project, 30% individual mark for major group project and 30% individual iteration. The successful and equitable formation of amazing groups of students for this major project is a priority for us. And we need to finalise these groups before week 1.

    For us to form groups effectively, you are required to complete the preference form .

    This form asks you to:

    • Optionally preference 1 other student to be in your group of 5.
      • If you preference someone, to avoid us disregarding the preference, they must:
        • (1) Be enrolled in the same class at the same time (i.e. same code on MyUNSW)
        • (2) Fill out the form preferencing you as well (we disregard preferences if it only goes one way)
    • Answer a few further questions that help us form groups, regardless of whether you have a person-preference

    The form is due on Monday 13th of February at 9am!!

    We sadly aren't in a position to accept late preferences, so please fill it in prior to then. Preferences are not guarantees that you will be in a group with that person, however, in nearly all cases we make it work.

    If you don't have anyone to preference, or only have one preference, don't even worry! That's very normal. You might hear murmurs from other students that you could end up with a "horror group" for COMP1531. Believe it or not, typically about 50% of student's don't provide preferences, and we just randomly match students in the same class.

    We can assure you that while groups that struggle do exist, they only make up a small numbers of groups. We have structured the course and assessment very intentionally to have processes in place to ensure that if you work hard and follow the rules, that your accomplishments should reflect your mark, even if you end up with some challenging group situations. This is even more the case in 2023 as we have increased the portion of individual marks in the project.

    Lastly, a reminder that we can't manually enrol you in a class that is full, and we aren't accepting more than 1 preference per person as this ensures equitable group formation.

    We'll reach out again next week with much more information about getting started and first classes!

    πŸŽƒ Until then, enjoy your week and stay safe. The entire team can't wait to meet you.

    Much love,

    Jake and Yuchao <3

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