• Last Message

    Posted by Binghao Li Wednesday 02 September 2020, 10:21:35 PM.

    Dear all,

    It was a nice but strange experience to deliver a course completely online, I am happy to be survived :-)

    I believe you have received the final mark. Congratulations to Bruce Chen for scoring 97/100 which is a fantastic achievement. Bruce was also one of the prize winners along with Liam Nussbaumer and Zac Low who solved the 200 milk bottles question quickly. Fahad Al Maraee and Jacinta Chang were the Kahoot winners. Do not forget your prize. Please contact me when the campus is open again.

    I hope you have enjoyed this course and will find it useful in the near future. If you have any questions about the exam, please email me.

    All the best.

    This is my last message.



  • COMP1911 Bridging Course 2020

    Posted by Binghao Li Sunday 30 August 2020, 07:16:35 PM.

    Dear all,

    As we introduce at the beginning of T2, COMP1911+bridging course will provide COMP1511 equivalent competency. If you want to be part of the bridging course, please fill in the form:

    We will run the brid ging course from 7th to 11th of September. It is free, and should be for people intending to complete a software degree.



  • Assignment 2 Issues

    Posted by Binghao Li Wednesday 26 August 2020, 06:20:54 PM.

    Dear all,

    A number of students have emailed about their low performance mark in assignment 2, in contrast with the output from the sample autotests given when they were completing the assignment. The autotests provided were there as a guide to help you complete your work, but the responsibility for you to ensure your program complied with the specification was up to you. If your mark is lower than expected because you failed tests legitimately, then you should review those test cases to reflect on where you made mistakes. If your mark was lower than expected and you believe that for specific test cases we have marked you incorrectly, please reach out to us at If your issues do not pertain to your autotests, but rather your style/blog/design marks for ass1/ass2, please email your tutors.

    We also noticed that some of your assignment 2 marks are missing. If you have submitted assignment 2 but cannot find your marks, please contact your tutors.



  • Assignment marks released

    Posted by Binghao Li Wednesday 26 August 2020, 06:16:40 PM.

    Dear all,

    You ass2 marks have been released. If there are any issues (including ass1), you have 72 hours to contact you tutors to resolved it. After 7pm 29 August, we are not going to make any change of the assignment marks.



  • Congratulations and Thanks

    Posted by Binghao Li Wednesday 19 August 2020, 08:49:42 AM.

    Dear all,

    Congratulations! You have completed the final exam. You will get the final result soon.

    On behave of our team, I'd like to thank you for choosing COMP1911, We know it is not easy to go this far, hope you will find this course is useful in your future career.

    Although myExperience survey has closed, you can send you feedback to us, good or bad, please let us know.

    I am sure we will see some of your guys again.

    Prize winners, do not forget your prize, I look forward to seeing you on campus in the near future.

    All the best


  • Final Exam Tomorrow

    Posted by Binghao Li Monday 17 August 2020, 12:40:54 PM.

    Dear all,

    If you have not checked the Exam web page yet, please click here .



  • Final Exam - 18/08/2020

    Posted by Binghao Li Friday 14 August 2020, 04:48:17 PM.

    Dear all,

    I heard a complaint that the COMP1911 final exam could not be seen in myUNSW. I have reported it to CSE, they are investigating it now. Please check the details of the final exam here .



  • myExperince survey is about to close

    Posted by Binghao Li Tuesday 11 August 2020, 09:31:27 PM.

    Dear all,

    55 out of 173 students have completed the survey! If you are one of them, thank you very much for your support. If you have not done so, please take a few minutes now to complete the survey. myExperience survey is about to close in 48 hours. We need your feedback to improve our teaching. Thank you.



  • Final Exam

    Posted by Binghao Li Friday 07 August 2020, 05:47:40 PM, last modified Tuesday 11 August 2020, 05:49:28 PM.

    More details can be found HERE .


    • Tuesday 18/08/2020 8:45 am AEST -- Wednesday 19/08/2020 8:45 am AEST
    • The exam website and moodle quiz will be available on Tuesday, 18/08/2020 8:45 am AEST
    • Moodle quiz - 20 minutes
    • The referee (me) will be available Tuesday 18/08/2020 8:45 am to 6 pm AEST to answer questions (if you have any). Using Teams or email to send the questions.

    Exam website

    Sample Exam

    • Part 1, please click here .
    • Part 2 (quiz), please log in Moodle to access the sample.

    myExperience Survey

    • The survey will be closed on Thursday next week. We need your honest feedback: the good and the not-so-good about the course, as well as the good and not-so-good about teaching staff. Complete MyExperience here Thanks.

  • An Extra Help Session This Evening

    Posted by Binghao Li Friday 07 August 2020, 04:54:29 PM.

    Hi guys,

    Kai and Ben are kindly offering an extra help session this evening starting from 6 pm. For those who have not got helped, please come to talk to them.



  • Today's (Friday 7 August) Help Session: 11am - 3pm

    Posted by Binghao Li Friday 07 August 2020, 09:10:52 AM.

    Dear all,

    Today's help session runs from 11am to 3pm. We have more tutors available.



  • More tutors available in today's help session

    Posted by Binghao Li Thursday 06 August 2020, 12:45:13 PM.

    Dear all,

    Ben told us that we had many students attended yesterday's help session and some of your guys did not get a chance to talk to him. We have more tutors available today. If you have questions, please come to get help.



  • Help sessions in Week 10

    Posted by Binghao Li Monday 03 August 2020, 12:30:07 PM.

    Dear all,

    We have help sessions every day this week and more tutors are available. Please come to get help. Please note: the deadline for assignment 2 is Sunday (9 August) 19:59:59. It is NOT possible to extend the due date further.

  • Assignment 1 Marks Are Released

    Posted by Binghao Li Friday 31 July 2020, 10:23:26 AM.

    Dear all,

    You should be able to find your mark now. If you cannot see it, there must be a very specific reason, please contact your tutors.



  • myExperince Survey Is Open

    Posted by Binghao Li Thursday 30 July 2020, 11:15:16 PM.

    Dear all,

    myExperience survey is open, please use a few minutes to complete the survey . Your feedback is extremely important for us to improve our teaching. Any feedback is good feedback. Thanks.



  • Assignment 2 - important notice

    Posted by Binghao Li Tuesday 28 July 2020, 12:44:56 PM, last modified Friday 31 July 2020, 10:20:10 PM.

    Dear all,

    If you set up your file prior to 2am on the 28th of July , then please edit your 0x800.c file and replace the following code:

    if (argc == 2) { 
        ret = atoi(argv[1]); 
    } return ret;

    with this:

    if (argc == 3) {
        ret = atoi(argv[2]); 
    } return ret; 

    Sorry for the confusion. I decided to add more explanation here.

    You can run ./0x800 in three different ways:

    1, ./0x800

    2, ./0x800 1111222233334444

    3, ./0x800 1111222233334444 2 (you do not need to run in this way)

    Argument 1 (a 16 character string) is for the initial board state which you need in Part 1 - Populating a board.

    Argument 2 is the seed for the random generator. You do not really need this argument, the part of the code uses this argument has been provided, you do not need to do anything.

    You only need the first two ways to run or test your code (or test 0x800_reference, 0x800_referece_text). The above three lines of code do not affect your work on Part 0 - Part 4.

  • Assignment 2 bug fixed

    Posted by Binghao Li Monday 27 July 2020, 12:02:50 PM.

    Dear all,

    We have noticed a problem of assignment 2 regarding the 0x800_reference and ./0x800_reference_text. The problem has been fixed. Please run 1911 ass2reload to to redownload all files except 0x800.c. If you want, you can also use 1911 ass2setup to get everything. If you have started your work on 0x800.c, please keep a copy.



  • Provisional Final exam timetable

    Posted by Binghao Li Thursday 16 July 2020, 05:46:13 PM.

    Dear all,

    According to the provisional final exam timetable, we will have the final exam on Tuesday 18/08/2020. More details of the exam will be available soon.



  • Assignment 1, how to use sprintf

    Posted by Binghao Li Wednesday 08 July 2020, 09:59:14 AM.

    Hi guys, I have received many questions related to sprintf, please watch this video, Hayden has explained how to use sprintf for your assignment 1 clearly:

    BTW, tomorrow, we will have a help session, more tutors will be available. We will run one more help session in Friday as well, please check the help sessions here

  • Help Session Today (30 June 4pm-7pm)

    Posted by Binghao Li Tuesday 30 June 2020, 05:28:54 PM.

    Come to ask questions!

  • Extend the due date for assignment 1

    Posted by Binghao Li Monday 29 June 2020, 09:33:26 AM.

    Dear all, we have decided to extend the due day for assignment 1 from Friday 3 July to Tuesday 14 July (week 7) 19:59:59. We also have help sessions every day this week, please use these opportunities to ask your questions.

  • System maintenance this evening (28 June)

    Posted by Binghao Li Sunday 28 June 2020, 02:31:04 PM.


    23:45 Sunday 28 June 2020 and
    02:00 Monday 29 June 2020,

    CSE's UDB (User Database) and LDAP server will be undergoing updates and maintenance.

    CSE users may be unable to log into their CSE accounts between these times.


    • There should be no difficulties or delays logging in before or after this period, and access to your CSE account directories and files should remain unaffected once you have logged in.
    • Logging in, and access to, your UNSW account should remain unaffected.

    We apologise for any difficulties that this may cause anyone.

    CSE System Support

  • Assignment 1 help - Saving Strings to Variables

    Posted by Binghao Li Saturday 27 June 2020, 06:20:03 PM.

    Hi guys, some of you have asked us how to store the string such as "Rule sum-3(1+3+5=9)" or "Rule tim-tam(3+5=8,3+5=8)". Unfortunately, we have not discussed the string yet and will not discuss it until week 7. To help you to complete assignment 1, Hayden has prepared a short video to teach you how to use the sprintf to solve your problem. Please check this link I will briefly introduce sprintf in the next lecture as well.

  • More help sessions

    Posted by Binghao Li Tuesday 23 June 2020, 07:58:34 PM.

    Guys, I believe you need help, that is why we have more help sessions, please check Help Sessions . Tomorrow (Wednesday) 3-6 pm, Thursday 6-8 pm, our tutors can help you with your lab exercise and your assignment. Do not miss this opportunity!!!

  • Help Session Today (18 June 6pm-8pm)

    Posted by Binghao Li Thursday 18 June 2020, 04:38:01 PM.

    Dear all,

    We will have another help session today. This is a good opportunity to get help from our experienced tutors, especially for the recently released Assignment 1. Please join and ask questions.



  • Help Sessions

    Posted by Binghao Li Thursday 11 June 2020, 07:04:42 PM, last modified Thursday 11 June 2020, 10:48:51 PM.

    Dear all,

    There are several help sessions are available for COMP1911. There is one running now and will be finished at 8pm.

    Please check the help session page regularly as more times will be added in coming weeks.


  • If you only enrolled this week, please read this message.

    Posted by Binghao Li Wednesday 03 June 2020, 09:37:14 PM.

    We are using teams for online teaching. There are 8 channels in Teams class for tutorials and labs. You should have chosen a tutorial and lab block when you did your enrollment. If you find yourself not in a channel such as "Thu13a", "Wed15a", please let me know. You can also contact your tutors (find them on the "Timetable"). We will help you to join the channel. Join the channel is essential to attend the tutorial/lab session. Thanks.

  • Week 1

    Posted by Binghao Li Friday 29 May 2020, 02:50:50 PM.

    Dear all,

    Our online lecture will start from Wednesday and online tutorial will start from Tuesday (depending on which block you choose). Microsoft Teams will be the main platform we are going to use for lectures, tutorials and labs. All lectures will be recorded and will be available on Teams or WebCMS3. We have created the team for COMP1911, it will be activated today and you will find yourself in a private channel which is a tutorial/lab group (such as Tue09a), you will also find your fellow students and your tutors in this private channel. As there are many different platforms for online teaching, your tutor may use other platforms, but they will use teams to communicate with you about the arrangement.

    If you have any questions, you can use Teams (will be available soon), email or Piazza to communicate with us.



  • Welcome to COMP1911

    Posted by Binghao Li Wednesday 27 May 2020, 11:49:33 PM.

    C is a high level language, one of the most widely used programming languages. I learned Basic when I was a high school kid and learned Fortran language when I was a first-year student at the university. I taught myself C about a year later and found it is more complicated than the previous languages I learned. I have not touched Basic, Fortran or assembly language for a long time, but I am still using C (not just for teaching). I believe you will also find C is very useful.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to switch to online mode. We will try our best to deliver the course as good as that in the face to face mode. The main platform we will use is MS Teams. Other tools which can help to improve your learning experience will also be used. With the support of a strong team, we are confident that you will be pleased to select this course.

    Work hard and enjoy!

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