• WD Grades

    Posted by Sim Mautner Friday 08 September 2023, 04:27:39 PM.

    For students waiting for information about their WD grades:

    I was late following this up and I'm sorry for that.

    I'm currently awaiting some feedback regarding whether and which of these cases should be treated as moderate/significant vs which ones are treated as serious.

    I've also inquired if I can release approximate grades to you in the meantime. (Especially for cases where students passed the course even if awarded 0% for the assignment in question.)

    I will get back to you as soon as I have answers about this.

  • LE Grades

    Posted by Ethan Brown 💜 Wednesday 30 August 2023, 11:57:59 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately, some complications in finalising marks has resulted in marks being entered late, and the email you will receive with final results (as well as your transcript) may not include your mark for COMP2521, but instead an LE grade (Late Entry). Your actual grade will be available soon after , and will automatically update on your transcript, once it gets processed.

    For the time being, early in the morning, your grade will be made available on the View Submissions page, under the "Grade" field, so you don't need to wait for it to be processed and such. The following special grades may also be received:

    • UF means you have failed the hurdle, and thus have not passed the course.
    • WC means your grade is pending your supplementary exam results.
    • WD means your grade will remain pending until a plagiarism investigation concludes.

    All the best,
    COMP2521 Team

  • Friday week 8 and 9 recordings

    Posted by Sim Mautner Sunday 06 August 2023, 09:21:03 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    The Echo360 recordings for Friday week 8 and Friday week 9 have now been uploaded to YouTube. They've been added to the COMP2521 23T2 playlist as well as now having updated links in the Lectures page on the course website.

    Best of luck with your exams.


  • Revision Requests

    Posted by Sim Mautner Tuesday 01 August 2023, 08:22:50 AM.

    If you have specific request(s) for what is covered during the exam revision this week, please submit them here:

    Remember that the more specific your request is, the more likely it is that I'll actually answer your question.

    For example:

    "Mergesort" is a rather vague, big, topic.

    Some better requests include:

    • "Mergesort - how to figure out its time complexity" or
    • "Mergesort - how it works conceptually" or
    • "Mergesort - how to write the code up for it"

  • MyExperience closing soon

    Posted by Sim Mautner Monday 31 July 2023, 12:24:11 PM.

    Please fill out MyExperience survey. Your feedback is important in our continued improvement of the course and delivery mode.

    So far only 10% of you have filled it out.

  • Lecture Notes in Exam

    Posted by Ethan Brown 💜 Friday 28 July 2023, 01:26:46 PM.

    Hey everyone,

    In preparation for the final exam, we will be compiling the student lecture notes to make available in the exam environment. To make sure we have enough time to do this and get everything into the environment before the exam, please make note of the following deadlines:

    • Any external PDF notes you would like included need to be emailed to the class account ( ) by Monday 7th August at 9am . Anything sent after this date and time will be ignored, and not included in the final version.
    • Any edits to the WebCMS notes will not be included after Wednesday 9th August at 9am .

    You won't have access to external sources, so things like videos or animations, etc. won't be loaded into the exam environment.

    To confirm, the lecture notes will be loaded into the exam environment as well, so you will have access to those. Of course, external links (e.g. videos, visualisers) won't work in the exam environment.

  • Technical issues - hopefully quickly resolved

    Posted by Sim Mautner Tuesday 20 June 2023, 08:54:26 AM.

    Good morning everyone!

    Unfortunately I've run into some technical issues this morning regarding my streaming software. I'm working on getting it up and running asap. In the meantime I appreciate your patience.

    See you all soon! :)

  • Borrowed USB-C charger

    Posted by Sim Mautner Friday 16 June 2023, 11:03:17 AM, last modified Friday 16 June 2023, 11:32:08 AM.

    If it's your USB-C charger I borrowed at the start of today's lecture, please let me know ASAP how best to return it to you.

    Please email for details of where to pick it up.

  • Tomorrow's lecture

    Posted by Sim Mautner Thursday 15 June 2023, 05:44:29 PM.

    Just a heads-up that I intend to use the document projector for some explanations (tree rotations) so I recommend either attending in person or watching via Echo360.

  • Slides for Tomorrow's Lecture are up

    Posted by Sim Mautner Thursday 08 June 2023, 07:42:02 PM.

    Despite the expectations I set at the beginning of the course, I seem to be releasing lecture slides before the lecture. The slides for tomorrow's lecture have been posted here .

    A note about the course content going forward: With his permission, I am using Hayden's lecture structure and slides from 21T2. I'm aware you already have access to this as a resource ( YouTube Playlist of COMP2521 21T2 ). In some cases I'm using his slides directly, and for some lectures I'm altering them a lot. I'm doing this in response to the student feedback that the way the material was presented in 21T2 was clear, useful, accessible etc. By using my own examples instead of his, I hope to allow students who need extra revision/explanation to be able to still use the original lectures as supplementary material in studying. I'm also adding some extra sections where I think they will add value.

  • Last Update About In Person Lecture on Friday

    Posted by Sim Mautner Tuesday 06 June 2023, 11:35:24 AM, last modified Tuesday 06 June 2023, 11:36:25 AM.

    I think that the best lecture experience will be available to those students showing up in person.

    Ideal situation:

    • Improved Echo360 both during and after the lecture:
      • Display main content to both projector screens.
      • Have the lights up a bit more.
      • I'll stay where the video will be able to see me.
    • Everything will also stream through YouTube Live.

    If YouTube Live doesn't work:

    • I'll download the video from Echo360 and upload it to YouTube. (This still means it won't run on YouTube Live, but means the recording will still be available on YouTube after the lecture.)

    To check things run smoothly:

    • I have a tutor assigned to check that things are streaming well from the start of the lecture.
    • Test-run YouTube Live running from my laptop before Friday.

  • Let us know your preference(s) for how to engage with Friday lectures

    Posted by Sim Mautner Saturday 03 June 2023, 04:24:37 PM.

    Poll here

    This will help me know which order to prioritise getting things working for next Friday.

  • Update About Recursion Lecture

    Posted by Sim Mautner Friday 02 June 2023, 08:39:31 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    For anyone who missed the lecture, I've posted on the lectures page, the slides and lecture video from 21T2. This will provide the theory and a couple examples about recursion. Over the coming days I'm hopeful that some students who attended the lecture, will post the code we wrote during the lecture in the student-compiled notes. That should be enough to cover the topic.

    I'm looking forward to a more smoothly-run lecture on Tuesday and I'm working on having things set up better for Friday too.

    Have a great weekend!



  • Friday Lecture Technical Issues

    Posted by Sim Mautner Friday 02 June 2023, 02:33:26 PM, last modified Friday 02 June 2023, 02:39:57 PM.

    The Problem:

    • Today there were a surprising amount of technical issues ( some issues are expected, but this was the most I've experienced so far).
    • Everyone who was physically in the lecture had access to what I taught.
    • Everyone watching YouTube has very limited access to what I taught.
    • Echo360 (I just checked) only showed the computer monitor, not the document projector, and so has very limited access to what I taught.

    The Solution:

    • This week's work (the Recursion topic): I will record a couple videos or release a past term's videos so this topic is accessible to everyone.
    • Future weeks:
      • I am trying to get my laptop/ipad/streaming and laptop/ipad/projecting to work better for next week.
      • At the very least, I need to project the main thing I'm wanting recorded to the projector on stage left right.
      • If everything is technologically terrible again next week, I will consider making the Friday lecture online like the Tuesday one.

  • First Lecture Starting Now

    Posted by Sim Mautner Tuesday 30 May 2023, 09:01:15 AM.

    Hi everyone,

    In case people are having trouble finding the link to today's lecture, it can be found here: (in the Week 1 Tuesday Streaming and Recording Link).

    See you soon :)

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