• Supplementary Exams

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Wednesday 15 December 2021, 03:34:51 PM.

    The Supplementary COMP3222 Exams will be held on the afternoon of 10 January from 1:00pm - 5:20pm . These are only available to students who have been granted a supplementary exam by the university.

    An 80-minute long Supplementary Theory exam will be made available on Moodle from 1:00pm - 2:30pm. A link to the exam will be made available in the Exams section of the course website on WebCMS3 at 1:00pm on the day of the exam.

    A 140-minute long Supplementary Practical exam will be made available on WebCMS3 from 3:00pm - 5:20pm. A link to the exam will be made available in the Exams section of the course website on WebCMS3 at 3:00pm on the day of the exam.

    Practice theory and practical exams are available from links on the Exams section of the course website. Please take note of the instructions as these are largely identical to those for the supplementary exams.

    I will be available on a Teams channel called Supps from 1pm on 10 January, 2022.

  • Lab marks finalised

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Tuesday 30 November 2021, 05:15:02 PM.

    lab11 marks and feedback have been released - apologies for delays, as we received a number of late submissions.

    The Lab field shows your total lab mark excluding the bonus, which is currently only recorded as lab09bonus.

  • Returning lab kits

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 29 November 2021, 06:14:17 PM, last modified Tuesday 30 November 2021, 05:17:15 PM.

    If you were sent a lab kit by us, you will have received a REPLY PAID envelope with the kit when we sent it to you.

    Would you please place your kit and its contents into the postal bag and drop it off at a convenient post office? We would dearly like our kits returned to us.


    Thank you!

  • Exams today!

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 29 November 2021, 10:30:41 AM.

    Good morning. Just in case you had missed the announcements, your COMP3222/9222 exams are on this afternoon from 1:00PM - 5:20PM. Refer to the Exams menu item of the course WebCMS pages for access to the exams.

    You have been invited to join a meeting from 12:00PM - 6:30PM on a COMP3222/9222 Teams channel called "Exams" for the sake of receiving announcements and asking questions. I will be available all afternoon on that channel. Please nots that a few people will start the exam early and finish late. To that extent, please don't discuss answers to exam questions in this meeting!

    Thanks to all of you and best of luck!

  • lab09 results released

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 15 November 2021, 04:36:42 PM.

    These can be viewed on WebCMS or SMS....

  • quiz 4 results released

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Friday 12 November 2021, 04:03:14 PM.

    These can be retrieved from WebCMS/SMS. The Quizzes field shows your overall quiz score.

  • lab07, Quiz 4 and Wednesday lecture this week

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 08 November 2021, 03:59:53 PM.

    Hi all - the lab07 marks and feedback are available.

    Please be advised that Quiz 4, which is on the lecture content covered in weeks 1-8 is available on Moodle for 24 hours from 1 minute past midnight this Thursday, 11 November.

    Wednesday's lecture is an opportunity to ask about any problems you've encountered during the course that you have not yet been able to solve. Time permitting, we will then develop the ASM charts for the blackjack player linked to the Week 9 lecture section.

  • Quiz 3 results available on WebCMS/SMS

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Friday 29 October 2021, 10:16:02 AM.

    The results have been copied across from Moodle.

    The average mark for Quiz 3 was 2.8/5.

  • Final exam schedule

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Wednesday 27 October 2021, 06:16:29 PM.

    The provisional timetable has the COMP3222/9222 exams on the afternoon of 29/11.

    Please check whether you have any morning or evening exam scheduled that day and let me know ASAP if you do because we need more time than the 1-5 pm time period nominally allocated.


  • lab04 results released

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 25 October 2021, 06:16:50 PM.

    These are now available...

  • Week 7 activities (Quiz & lectures)

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 25 October 2021, 10:14:31 AM, last modified Monday 25 October 2021, 10:15:19 AM.

    My timeline for working through the lectures and relevant exercises has slipped - we are about one week behind where I had anticipated we would be before the start of 21T3. As such, there is insufficient new material to make a new quiz meaningful this week. I therefore propose to make this week's quiz (Week 7 Quiz) on Thursday OPTIONAL in so far as you may choose to take it or not. The Week 7 Quiz will be on the same material as the Week 5 Quiz and if you do decide to take it, I will use the better of your Week 5 and Week 7 Quiz results in determining your overall Quiz score in the course. If you decide not to take this week's quiz on Thursday, I will simply use your Week 5 Quiz result to calculate your final Quiz score in the course.

    This week's live lecture periods will be used for working through exercises on topic 6. Synchronous Sequential Circuits - we will move onto working on topic 8. Digital Systems Design next week. This week's exercises are relevant to the lab due next Monday.

  • lab03 marks released

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 18 October 2021, 03:41:37 PM.

    Marks and feedback have been released for lab 03.

  • Quiz 2 results available

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Friday 15 October 2021, 04:14:21 PM.

    The quiz results have been loaded into SMS. The average mark was 2.7. This compares with an average of 3.7 for Quiz 1.

  • Week 5 lecture recordings

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Wednesday 13 October 2021, 07:31:39 PM.

    These recordings, including Monday's lecture on the Week 4 material and today's problem solving session on exercises arising from recent lectures are now available in the Week 5 lecture section of the course website.

  • Better use of live lecture time

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Tuesday 12 October 2021, 04:50:27 PM, last modified Wednesday 13 October 2021, 10:24:59 AM.

    Hi all - I have created a short poll in Teams to find out how you think we could better use the time available for live lectures in COMP3222. Your views are important to me. The poll can be found here .

    If you have not yet managed to respond to the poll, please do so as soon as you can for your voice to be heard. I am concerned that the low participation in lectures could impact on learning outcomes and pass rates in the course. I think finding a way to improve participation is really improtant.

  • lab02 & Week 5 Quiz

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 11 October 2021, 05:43:50 PM.

    The lab02 marks have been released. Please check the feedback you have received and contact the demonstrator who has marked your submission in the first instance if you have any queries. Please remember that you are expected to submit your own work. You may discuss the lab problems and solution approaches with other students, but copying code and paper designs, whether from previous or current students, is cheating.

    Note that the Week 5 Quiz will be held from 12:01 am on Thursday until 12:01 am on Friday this week. The material from all lectures including today's lecture are covered in this week's quiz. The style of the quiz is the same as for the first quiz.

  • lab01 feedback and marks available

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Tuesday 05 October 2021, 04:02:11 PM, last modified Tuesday 05 October 2021, 04:15:24 PM.

    lab01 has been marked. If you have any questions regarding the feedback or the marking, please contact the demonstrator who marked your lab01 submission in the first instance.

    Please remember to email me if you need extra time to submit your lab before it is due.

  • Quiz 1 results available

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Friday 01 October 2021, 12:23:39 PM.

    The results of yesterday's quiz have been uploaded to SMS.

    You should be able to view your grade by clicking on the bar chart icon at the bottom of the WebCMS course menu.

  • Is it OK to share code in COMP3222/9222?

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Tuesday 28 September 2021, 11:12:56 AM.

    While discussing potential solutions and working together at the pre-coding stage on lab exercises in COMP3222/9222 is perfectly fine, it is not OK in this course, as it is in general, to copy code - the work of others - without attribution. To avoid any perception of plagiarism in your work, do not provide your code to others or refer to the code written by current or prior students while writing your own code.

    Working through lab exercises and creating your own solutions to problems is an essential step in developing design skills, learning how to describe hardware and learning about the CAD tools used to implement digital systems.

    You may think you are doing the right thing by sharing your code with mates who ask for it, but you are denying them learning opportunities and may inadvertently contribute to the proliferation of bugs. Refer your friends to the teaching staff if they need help with coding.

    If one of your friends does you the honour of asking you to help check some code or help with debugging, that is OK, but it is your responsibility then to help without using any of the code that you have observed. Similarly, don't offer to help without being prepared to stick to this rule.

    If you can't resist using someone else's code, then mark the code section you have copied and provide a reference to its source. Please note that such sections of code may not be awarded marks. But your professional approach will protect you from accusations of cheating.

  • Practice for Week 3 Quiz

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Wednesday 22 September 2021, 06:55:03 PM.

    There will be a 15-minute quiz assessing your understanding of the content of the theory covered during the first two weeks of COMP3222/9222 next Thursday (30 September). The quiz comprises 5 multiple choice questions. You will have 15 minutes to answer the quiz questions. You may take the quiz on Moodle at any time in the 24-hour period from just after midnight (12:01 AM) on 30/09. The four quizzes we will have in Weeks 3, 5, 7 and 9 will contribute a total of 15 marks to your final grade in the course.

    To help you prepare for the quiz, I have made a practice quiz available on Moodle . I suggest you study the theory we have covered to date before attempting the practice quiz. The conditions for the practice quiz are identical to those for the actual quiz that will be held on Thursday, but your score in the practice quiz is not counted towards your mark in the course. You may take the practice quiz at any time.

    Good luck!

  • Week 2 lectures

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 20 September 2021, 09:51:05 AM.

    We'll be reviewing the content of lecture 3 on arithmetic circuits today. Come prepared by viewing the video before coming along.

    I plan to work on some of the problems I've posted during last week's lectures and that crop up this week during the lecture period this Wednesday. So let me know in the forum if there are any specific ones you'd like me to cover.

  • Change to the supplementary policy for COMP3222/9222

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 13 September 2021, 05:59:46 PM, last modified Monday 13 September 2021, 06:01:56 PM.

    I have been informed the university no longer allows lecturers to award supplementary exams.

    I have therefore amended the Supplementary Examination section of the Course Outline .

    Please be aware of the impact on the supplementary policy for COMP3222/9222.

  • Welcome to COMP3222/9222

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Friday 10 September 2021, 10:31:40 AM.

    Hello, and welcome to COMP3222/9222!

    I look forward to meeting you next Monday (13 September) at 2pm on Teams for our first live lecture session.

    You should be enrolled in the COMP3222/9222 21T3 Team and have received an invite for the live lecture and lab drop-in sessions. (Check your Outlook calendar and let me know if you haven't received an invite.)

    Prior to the first lecture, I would like you to view the video for the first lecture . It would also be a good idea to review the Course Outline before we start, so that you know what to expect in the course. If you have spare time left after you've reviewed the lecture, you may wish to get a head start on the lab for Week 1 .

    I have to admit, I'm running behind schedule, so there are a few changes I still plan to make to the videos and materials, so I'll update the references to the course website links as I post revised materials.

    That's quite enough for now! See you Monday...

  • Purchasing a DE0 lab kit

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Tuesday 07 September 2021, 12:29:28 PM.

    Students based overseas will need to purchase a lab kit from the supplier. The kit you should order is the DE0 board from Terasic.

    The educational price for the board is USD 96. Terasic ship their orders at a shipping cost of USD 40.18. The purchaser is also liable for import duties and taxes where applicable.

    Terasic have suggested China based students contact their Wuhan office at: Tel +86-27-8774-5390~92 to place their order.

    To help verify your academic status, please use your UNSW email address when you register your Terasic membership.

    You should place your order without delay so as to receive your board before lab classes commence in Week 2.

  • Mailing out lab kits....

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Thursday 02 September 2021, 02:03:14 PM.

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