• Assignment 1 Bonus Game Voting is open now.

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Thursday 21 September 2017, 02:23:05 PM.

    Here is the poll

    You can check out the games here

  • Assignment 2 Groups and Demos

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Sunday 17 September 2017, 03:00:02 PM.

    Please join a group for assignment 2. The group you join will determine the time-slot you will be presenting in in week 13. You must make sure you do not join a group unless it is empty or is the group that other members of your actual group have joined.

    The group names that you can select from identify the tutorial you are from and the time you will be presenting your demo in week 13.

    For example: H17 A_1640 means you are from tutorial H17A with Brady and are presenting your demo at 1640. We will also add some extra slots if the slots for your tutorial fill up. So let me know if this happens.

    You should attend your own tutorial time unless your partner is from another tutorial then you can choose either. We would prefer partners to be from the same tutorial though.

    Even if you are doing the assignment individually you need to join a group as this registers you for your demo.

    Make sure you get in early to get the best time and that all your group members will be free and able to attend the time in week 13.

  • Robs Tuesday 17A Tutorial for this coming week (Week 7)

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Saturday 02 September 2017, 05:22:31 PM.

    Rob is away and so for this week only if you are in his Tuesday 17A tutorial, please go to the room RedC 4034 instead where you will join Thomas Moffet's class.

  • Extra consultation hours this week

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Monday 28 August 2017, 01:07:56 PM.

    There are consultations tomorrow and friday as well as the usual thursday ones this week. See times and locations

  • Welcome to week 2!

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Monday 31 July 2017, 02:22:39 PM, last modified Monday 31 July 2017, 02:31:17 PM.

    Hi everyone. Don't forget tutorials start this week and the tutorial questions for this week are up.

    This week we also have one more help lab. So if you are still having issues getting your laptop or cse account running with jogl and/or if you have had any issues doing the lab exercise from last week and want help come along as well.

    Time: Thursday 17:30-18:30

    Location: Strings Lab (viola, cello) J17 Level 3

    Tutor: Thomas Moffet

  • Welcome to COMP3421

    Posted by Angela Finlayson Thursday 20 July 2017, 02:14:38 PM.

    Welcome to COMP3421.

    In week 1 we will be running one off optional labs to get you started with setting up jogl with eclipse on your cse account and/or your laptops. You can also get help working through a jogl programming lab exercise (to be released soon).

    The labs will take place on the thursday of week 1 at 3pm and 4pm in the following J17 level 3 labs:

    strings (viola/cello)



    brass (bugle/horn)

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