• Project Presentations

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Monday 28 May 2018, 03:05:30 PM, last modified Monday 28 May 2018, 04:40:39 PM.

    I suggest you prepare 5 slides or so, on the following topics:

    1. Project overview

    •Aims & results

    2. Problem statement


    3. Design

    •Solution approach

    •HW/SW architecture

    4. Results

    •Performance evaluation


    5. Conclusion

    •What worked; what didn’t

    •Future work: what you would do, given more time

  • Week 13 activities

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Friday 25 May 2018, 11:54:39 AM.

    Dear COMP4601 class members,

    Next week is the final assessment week for COMP4601.

    As indicated in the Introductory lecture, we will have

    • 10 minute presentations by each project group during the usual Tuesday lecture period - let us start at 10am
    • Project demos on Wednesday in the Strings lab commencing at 3pm - demos are expected to take 20-30 mins per group
    • Final reports due Friday 1 June - see Submit a final report for more details of the requirements

    All up, these assessments contribute 15% to your course mark - the team will be assessed as a whole on these assessments, thus all members will obtain the same team mark.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    I would appreciate your feedback on the course using the myExperience survey at as soon as you can manage it.



  • Revised schedule & Seminar evaluation form

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Tuesday 10 April 2018, 08:04:47 PM.

    Contrary to the warning given in the previous notice (see below) I will be away in Week 11, not Week 9.

    The original project schedule of having project progress demos in Week 9 will therefore go ahead as originally scheduled.

    Seminars will proceed in Weeks 7-10 & Week 12. (Rather than skipping Week 9, we will skip Week 11.)

    I have drafted a Seminar Evaluation form , which can be downloaded from

    Thanks for your understanding of these changes to the schedule.

  • Project Reports & schedule update

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Wednesday 21 March 2018, 04:31:41 PM, last modified Tuesday 10 April 2018, 07:45:43 PM.

    I have prepared slightly more detailed lists of expected/anticipated contents for the 3 project reports and linked these to the project listing .

    The expanded list can be found here .

    Also, I have foreshadowed a slight change in schedule. I am likely to be away during Week 9. We will therefore not have any seminars that week, and the previously scheduled demonstration as part of the progress review will be held during Week 10 instead. The Week 9 Progress Report is still due on 4 May.

  • Week 2 updates

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Wednesday 07 March 2018, 04:20:35 PM.

    The lab resources, including the virtual machine, have now been updated for Vivado 2017.2

    Seminar paper allocations have been updated. Please email me if you have not yet selected a paper for presentation.

    Project allocations are complete.

    Next week's lecture on Tuesday 13 March will commence at 9:30 am.

  • Week 1 updates

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Tuesday 27 February 2018, 02:56:32 PM.

    Hi all,

    The following has been done:

    1. The Introductory lecture has been posted.
    2. A Doodle poll has been created for you to select your preferred paper to present. The poll may be accessed at
    3. Some project groups have already made selections for their preferred project. Refer to the Project List for a current list of selections. Please clear your browser cache and refresh the list in a separate browser tab/window to ensure that you load the current list.
    4. The COMP4601_16s1 vmWare image is now available in strings lab.

    Please discuss your project aspirations with friends and peers to form a group and decide upon a project topic. It would be good to be organized this week.

    See you in the lab at 4pm tomorrow.


  • A belated welcome

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Friday 23 February 2018, 07:51:05 PM.

    Welcome to COMP4601 for 18s1!

    As you may have noticed, I'm running a little behind on getting organised. Partly that is because Alex and I have a number of changes that we would like to put in place for this semester. However, I plan to have everything ready for you by our first lecture so that I can tell you all about them.

    In the meantime, enjoy your last weekend of freedom, and check back when you have time for updates.


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