• Thesis Marks

    Posted by John Shepherd Thursday 02 September 2021, 10:08:30 AM.

    You have probably all noticed that you got LE for thesis in your 21T2 Thesis marks.

    Don't panic. It simply means that the thesis marks haven't been finalised. We are still waiting for some recalcitrant academics to do their marking.

    Hopefully they'll be sorted out by early next week.

  • CSE Research Thesis Talk: "How to Write a Good Thesis" by Prof. Gernot Heiser

    Posted by Jing Hsu Thursday 19 August 2021, 10:45:05 AM, last modified Thursday 19 August 2021, 12:39:41 PM.

    Dear Thesis A students,

    Thesis writing is one of the most important tasks. To help you write a good thesis, Scientia Prof Gernot Heiser will give a talk "how to write a good thesis report".

    Prof. Gernot Heiser is an award-winning professor from CSE and his research work on microkernel has been deployed on billions of mobile devices.

    The talk will take place at 12 noon on Friday 10 Sept (Week 0 of Term 3) on Zoom.

    Please add the time ( Please click here for Zoom meeting details ) to your calendar.

    Best Regards,


  • Report Submission reminder

    Posted by Jing Hsu Tuesday 10 August 2021, 07:04:47 PM.

    Please submit your Thesis A report before due time 10pm 11th Aug .

    If your project is registered in, then please submit there.

    If you're doing your project via Moodle, submit on Moodle.

    Thesis Plagiarism Check must be summitted to Moodle.

    Thanks, Jing

  • Thesis A Report submission

    Posted by Jing Hsu Monday 02 August 2021, 04:04:02 PM.

    Dear Thesis A Students,

    Hope your thesis is going well.

    In Week 11, you are required to submit your Thesis A report.

    The word and latex templates can be found under the week 3 category. Topic ID is not required in the latex template.

    Key facts about your report:

    • Worth 75% of your thesis A total result.
    • Only a PDF file is accepted.
    • Submit the report by 10pm 11th Aug Wednesday Week 11 (firm). If you cannot submit it by the deadline due to some valid reasons, contact me for an extension (Supervisor approval email required).

    IMPORTANT things to note:

    • Submit Thesis A report:
    • The Thesis Plagiarism Check is setup on Moodle, you need to submit the report whatever the project is managed by TSM or Moodle. The similarity rate must be equal or below 20%. You have three chances to get immediate result, then the following modified submission needs to wait for 24 hours to get the result.

    If you have further information to be included, please let me know. Thanks.


    Dr. Jing Hsu, CSE Thesis Administrator

  • Presentation Slides

    Posted by John Shepherd Friday 23 July 2021, 04:27:15 PM.

    Please submit the slides for your Thesis A presentation as soon as you finish the presentation.

    I can see a few people in TMS who've given their talks, but haven't submitted their slides.

    If your project is registered in, then please submit there.

    If you're still doing your project via Moodle, submit on Moodle.

    Thanks, jas

  • Thesis A Presentation

    Posted by Jing Hsu Wednesday 07 July 2021, 10:56:18 AM, last modified Wednesday 07 July 2021, 11:13:05 AM.

    Dear Thesis A Students,

    In Week 8, you are required to give a presentation about your thesis project. Please schedule a time in Week 8 for the presentation with your supervisor and assessor. Although no other attendees are required, it is good to have relevant people who are interested in your project, to attend your presentation so that you can get more feedback.

    Due to Covid-19, you need to do the presentation online. We recommend Microsoft Teams which is included in UNSW office 365 and can be login by using your zpass.

    You can also discuss with you supervisor and assessor to choose another online meeting software, such as skype, google meeting, and zoom…

    Key facts about your presentation:

    • Worth 25% of your Thesis A final result.
    • Follow the Marking Criteria and Assessment Components to prepare your presentation .
    • Organise the time/date yourself with supervisor and assessor
    • A 45-minute demonstration about your Thesis A topic and the plan (including talk/demo, Q&A, debrief with supervisor/assessor)
    • Submit the presentation slides by 10pm 25th July Sunday Week 8 (firm) . If you cannot submit it by the deadline due to some valid reasons, contact me for an extension (supervisor approval must be provided).

    One IMPORTANT thing to note:

    If you cannot find a suitable time to do the presentation in week 8, you can do it later, but you MUST submit your slides by the due date. Otherwise, you will get the late penalty.

    If you have further information to be included, please let me know. Thanks.

    Good luck with the presentation.

    Dr. Jing Hsu, CSE Thesis Admin

  • Get Cracking!

    Posted by John Shepherd Sunday 13 June 2021, 11:54:08 AM.

    Week 3 is about to start. If you haven't yet had a meeting with your supervisor, do it this week.

    Email them if they haven't emailed you.

    What you should be doing now ...

    • clarifying/refining your topic
    • looking at related prior work (i.e. literature review)
    • working out precisely where your work fits in context
    • planning how you're going to run your project

    You'll need to discuss all of the above (and more) in your Week 8 presentation.

  • Thesis A 21T2

    Posted by John Shepherd Monday 31 May 2021, 03:03:53 PM.

    Things are changing in Thesis-land ...

    We are starting to transition away from Moodle. The thesis information that you can find on the Moodle site is now also available on (and possibly easier to access). Similarly, the management/marking of thesis projects will (slowly) transition to a new system, built by a thesis student ( Not all of the topics are on this system yet.

    John Shepherd ( will be Thesis Coordinator in 21T2. Don't send mail to Hui Wu; he just bounces it to me, adding one extra level of indirection and delay.

    I will put up the recording of the intro lecture in the next day or two. The slides are already available under the Lectures link from the sidebar.

    As I mentioned in the Intro Lecture, I plan to make a series of short videos on various topics: bibliographic search, structure of a literature review, structure of a thesis, managing the relationship with your supervisor and assessor, etc. etc. Coming in the next week or two (also under Lectures).

    One thing that hasn't changed is that Jing Hsu ( is still doing admin for Theses.

  • Thesis Intro Lecture

    Posted by Jing Hsu Thursday 27 May 2021, 02:30:06 PM.

    Dr. John Shepherd will give an introduction lecture at 10am Friday 28th May.

    Please join the meeting on time.

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