• Final Result

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Tuesday 21 May 2019, 12:43:27 PM, last modified Tuesday 21 May 2019, 06:34:18 PM.

    Dear COMP9020 Student,

    Your result in the exam, grade and rank in the course are now available on WebCMS3 or from your CSE account using

    9020 classrun -sturec
    • Exam: Your mark for the exam.
    • Grade: This is your final mark and grade for this course.
    • Rank: Your relative rank in the class.
    • Score: Your overall score calculated from the marks for your quizzes, midterm and final exam in accordance with the formula from the course outline.

    To pass the course, your exam mark must be ≥25 and your final score must be ≥50.

    You can obtain detailed feedback on your marks for the final exam on WebCMS3 (by clicking on the little arrow next to "N/A" in the row labelled "exam") or from your CSE account using

    9020 classrun -collect exam

    If you did not pass but achieved a Score ≥47, then you are eligible to sit the supplementary exam, in which you have to score ≥50 ≥50% to pass with a final mark of 50. The supplementary exam will be held in the week 27 - 31 May, on Monday 27 May ; if you are eligible, the exact time and location will be emailed to you shortly.

    If you wish to further discuss your marks with me, you can come and see me on Friday, 24 May, from 2-4pm. In this case please email me your zID no later than on Thursday (23 May) so that I can get your exam paper ready beforehand.

    Congratulations to the following students for scoring 95 or higher:

    Weikang Xu
    Con Tieu-Vinh
    Di Wu
    Ce Song
    Andre Susanto
    Yangbo Yu

    Well done!

    Have a great - if short - term break, everyone, and best of luck with your future studies.


  • Pre-exam tutorial and consultation

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 06 May 2019, 11:54:20 AM.

    A reminder about the extra tutorial (today) and consultation (Wednesday):

    Monday, 6 May 17:00 18:00 Room G31, K15 (Old Main) Sahil Punchhi
    Wednesday, 8 May 13:00 14:00 Room 401K, Bldg K17 Michael Thielscher

  • Quiz marks

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Tuesday 30 April 2019, 03:14:37 PM.

    A few quiz marks weren't properly transmitted to WebCMS (to be precise, this concerned quiz 7 in case you did not close the attempt but let the system submit automatically). Thanks to everyone who pointed this out to us. This has now been corrected.

    If there is still a discrepancy between your actual quiz marks and those reported on WebCMS, just let me know.

  • Mid-session test result

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Thursday 04 April 2019, 01:21:49 PM.

    Your result in the mid-session test is now available on WebCMS.

    On Moodle you can find the correct answers, together with some explanations, for all your questions. Unfortunately Moodle does not allow us to upload grades or detailed feedback on the marking of open questions. The course admin is therefore preparing individual electronic feedback through WebCMS tonight, which you will then be able to access by clicking on the little arrow next to the field "midterm", or by using

    9020 classrun -collect midterm

    Please continue to respect UNSW's policy to not discuss, copy, record, or photograph any of the questions of the test. If you wish to further discuss your marks with me, please come to one of my next consultation sessions. You should also come and see me in case you genuinely attempted the test and your overall score is below 10.

    Congratulations to the 4 students who scored a perfect 20/20, well done!

  • Lecture today but no tutorial

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 01 April 2019, 11:58:15 AM.

    Please note that there won't be a tutorial help session today (1 April -- don't take it as a joke please!).

    We will instead be offering an extra pre-exam tutorial before the final exam. Details will be posted once we know the date of the exam.

    There will of course be a lecture today at 2pm as usual.

    We are in the process of marking the midterm test, and we will try to have the results ready by Wednesday.

  • Mid-session test

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Wednesday 27 March 2019, 02:17:04 PM.

    A reminder that the mid-session test will start shortly.

    Logon to Moodle to access the test:

  • Tutorial Session

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 04 March 2019, 12:02:36 PM.

    A reminder about the weekly tutorial session on Mondays. If you have any questions on the weekly problem set or the feedback for your quiz answers, please come to room G31 in K15 (Old Main Building) from 1pm to 2pm. The session is run by our tutor Sahil Punchhi.

  • Practice Quiz

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Wednesday 20 February 2019, 04:23:38 PM.

    The practice quiz is now open.

    Your answers are automatically saved, which means you can always go back later, but once you have pressed "Submit all and finish" you cannot change your answers anymore. The quiz closes on Monday at 11am, and then you will find your result and feedback on the quiz webpage. Note that this first quiz is for you to get familiar with the quiz environment and will not count towards your final mark.

    Please be mindful of the following quiz rules (see also slide 62 week 1 ):

    Do ...

    • use your own best judgement to understand & solve a question
    • discuss quizzes on the forum only after the deadline on Monday

    Do not ...

    • post specific questions about the quiz before the Monday deadline
    • agonise too much about a question that you find too difficult

    Have fun!

  • Welcome to COMP9020: Foundations of Computer Science

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Thursday 14 February 2019, 10:27:34 AM.

    Dear COMP9020 Student,

    Welcome to this year's course.

    This is a reminder that the course will begin in week 1 on Monday (18 February) from 2-4pm for everyone in Keith Burrows Theatre (Building J14).

    Meanwhile, have a look at the course webpage . Read through the "Course Outline" to learn more about the contents of the course, the assessment and recommended textbook.

    See you next week,


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