• Project

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Monday 20 March 2023, 06:36:03 AM.

    The project is now available. To view it, go to the course website and look for the Project link on the menu.

    The project is on discrete event simulation. We have completed our lectures on discrete event simulation so you are ready to work on the project.

    Please note that Week 6 is Flexibility Week and there won't be any lectures. Consultation will continue to take place at the usual time. Lectures will resume in Week 7.

  • Assignment

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Monday 27 February 2023, 11:33:16 AM.

    The assignment is now available. To view it, go to the course website and look for the Assignment link on the menu.

    You should be able to attempt Question 1 of the assignment now, and work on Questions 2 and 3 after this week's lectures.

  • Lecture recording / Revision problems

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Thursday 16 February 2023, 06:06:42 PM.

    Please note that I've added the link to this afternoon's lecture on the Lectures page on the course website. Further recordings will be provided in the same way.

    As I mentioned in Tuesday's lecture, an important part of learning is to solve problems. I'd encourage you to attempt the revision problems that I've posted. I will make the solutions available early next week.

  • Additional lecture recordings for Tue's lecture / consultation / forum

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Wednesday 15 February 2023, 08:28:30 AM.

    I've recorded the missing parts of Tuesday's lecture. There are two new recordings. One for Slides 1-8 and the other for Slides 24-27. You can find them in the course website under Week 1's lecture.

    I will be running consultations from this week. One consultation is in-person and the other is online. You can see the schedule by navigating to the Timetable section of the course website.

    An alternative method to ask questions is ask on the forum. Please note that you can ask anonymously on the forum if you wish. If necessary you can also mark the message private so that only I will see.

  • Lecture recording (Week 1, Tue)

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Tuesday 14 February 2023, 06:55:07 PM.

    The recording for this afternoon's lecture is now available. Go to the Lectures page on the course website and you will find it under Week 1.

    Please note that I forgot to start the recording so Slides 1-8 were missing in the recoding. Also, I skipped over a few Slides 24-27 so the lecture would not overrun. I will record these missing parts and put them on the course website tomorrow.

  • Lecture recording / forum

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Tuesday 14 February 2023, 09:51:56 AM, last modified Tuesday 14 February 2023, 09:52:05 AM.

    I am writing to you regarding two aspects of the course.

    Lecture recording : I will be recording the lectures using Zoom and make the recording links available to you on the course website. The implication of this is that you may only see the recording link a few hours after the end of the lectures. This is an advance notice so that you are aware of the possible time delay. Please also note that due to certain technology limitations, lecture recordings will not be available on echo360.

    Forum : We will be using the Ed forum for course discussion. If you head to the course website ( ) and click on the link "Forum", you will find instructions to enrol yourselves in the forum.

    See you in-person or online this afternoon for the first lecture.

  • Welcome to COMP9334

    Posted by Chun Tung Chou Monday 13 February 2023, 06:03:44 AM, last modified Monday 13 February 2023, 06:03:56 AM.

    Dear All,

    Welcome to COMP9334! I would like to draw your attention to the following:

    1. The course website is located at: . I suggest that you bookmark the page. You will need to login using your zID to view the course materials.
    2. The course outline is now available. You can access it by going to the course website and then look for "Course Outline" on the menu on the left.
    3. Both the in-person and online lectures will run at the same time: Tue and Thur 2-4pm. The in-person lectures are at Colombo Theatre C. The online lectures will use Zoom; you can find the Zoom log-in detail by going to the "Lectures" page on the course website. Lectures will be recorded and made available.
    4. The lecture materials for Week 1 have been posted. See Lectures page on the course website.

    I look forward to exploring capacity planning with you this term. See you in-person or online on Tuesday.

    Chun Tung Chou, Lecturer-in-charge

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