• Assignment-1 (reduced late penalty)

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Tuesday 19 September 2017, 05:20:05 PM.

    • Assignment-1 due date: 5pm, Friday 22 September (week 9) .
    • Late submissions will be penalised at the rate of 5% per day upto 27 September , and later 15% per day .
    • The penalty applies to the maximum available mark. For example, if you submit on 27 September, maximum available marks is 75% of the assignment marks.
    • Submissions will not be accepted after 29 September.

  • Help Sessions Forum

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Tuesday 19 September 2017, 11:47:52 AM, last modified Tuesday 19 September 2017, 11:48:18 AM.

    If you want to post a message to request help during a "Help Session", please use the following forum (and not Assignment-1 forum):

    If you have a question regarding Assignment-1 outside a help session , you can use the following forum :

  • Assignment-1 (Submission instructions)

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Thursday 14 September 2017, 02:40:58 PM.

    Instructions on how to submit your ENGG1811 Assignment-1 is now added to the specification.

  • Assignment-1 (Style Assessor - available now)

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Friday 08 September 2017, 12:49:46 PM.

    You can now use the Style Assessor for Assignment-1 to check and improve your style.

  • Week-07 Example : PDF and video

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Friday 08 September 2017, 07:53:37 AM.

    Additional slides and video for week-07 lecture are now available:

  • Lab08 and Matlab videos

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Friday 08 September 2017, 07:45:08 AM, last modified Friday 08 September 2017, 07:46:37 AM.

    Week-08 lab is now available. At the start of the lab specifications, you will find help videos on Matlab. Please watch the help videos (no audio) before attempting the exercises. They provide comprehensive introduction to the Matlab topics required for the lab exercises. If you are familiar with a topic(s), you can increase display speed (speed upto 2.0X , button located at the bottom right corner) to quickly glanced through the topics covered in the videos.

  • Assignment-1 available now

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Monday 04 September 2017, 02:43:49 PM.

    Assignment-1 is now available, see " Assignment 1 " in the left panel. Please read the specifications before tomorrow's lecture, we will discuss it in the lecture.

  • Assignment-1 (available tomorrow)

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Monday 04 September 2017, 06:38:46 AM.

    I will release Assignment-1 in tomorrow's lecture (Tuesday, 05 September).

  • Computing and Transport Engineering (video)

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Thursday 31 August 2017, 11:32:00 AM, last modified Thursday 31 August 2017, 11:33:15 AM.

    The following video explains how computer programming and computation thinking are used to solve problems in transport engineering.

    ENGG1811: Computing in transport engineering (video)

  • Marks (not available) on Webcms3

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Wednesday 30 August 2017, 01:54:42 PM.

    One of the links from the database to webcms3 is not working at this point, it should be fixed in a day or two. Meanwhile, you can check your marks using the following link:

  • Student Experience Survey (SES)

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Tuesday 29 August 2017, 06:43:18 AM, last modified Tuesday 29 August 2017, 06:45:14 AM.

    UNSW is participating in the Student Experience Survey (SES). All undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in Australia are invited to participate in this survey.

    The earlier you complete the survey, the more chances you have to win the major weekly prize of $1,000 prepaid VISA gift card! There are heaps of other prizes to be won each week as well! Terms and conditions are here (<wbr>sestcs ).

    The survey is now open and can be accessed at this link:

    Login details should have been sent to your UNSW email address.

    About SES

    The Student Experience Survey (SES) provides current higher education students with the opportunity to talk about their experience of the institution they are enrolled in. The results of this research are used to help UNSW and the government gain insight into students' experiences, and to monitor and improve teaching and learning in Australia.

    The SES is an Australian Government Department of Education and Training initiative which is carried out by The Social Research Centre (<wbr>ses ), forming part of the suite of higher education surveys under Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT;<wbr>au/about-this-site/student-<wbr>experience ). The SES takes place in August of each year.

    The Social Research Centre respects your privacy. Read their full privacy terms (<wbr>research-participants/privacy )<wbr>.

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Social Research Centre:
    • From within Australia phone: 1800 055 818
    • From outside Australia phone: +61 3 8327 1951
    • Email contact:

  • Solutions to Mid Session test

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Thursday 17 August 2017, 11:11:51 PM.

    The solutions to the sample mid session test are available at:

  • Error: " ... file ... protected with a password ..."

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Monday 14 August 2017, 11:49:43 AM.

    Please read the following reply from Andrew Lem in case you see an error message like - "this file has been protected with a password and cannot be opened":

  • Sample Mid Session Test

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Thursday 10 August 2017, 09:21:09 PM.

    Your ENGG1811 Mid-Session Exam will be conducted during the first part of your week 5 lab . You can use use OpenOffice Calc only, no web access, however Documentation will be provided. Answer questions in spreadsheet and submit the file.

    ENGG1811 Sample Mid Session Test is now available at:

    Solutions for the above sample test will be available on Thursday Week-04.

  • Help Sessions are available

    Posted by Mei Cheng Whale Monday 07 August 2017, 02:19:29 PM.

    Mondays and Fridays 12 -2. Check the Help Sessions page for further details.

    These are not compulsory. You may attend them to prepare for your lab or to catch up etc.

  • Week-2 Lab

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Thursday 27 July 2017, 01:58:35 PM.

    Week-2 Lab is now available, please see " Labs " in the left panel on the ENGG1811 course web site .

  • Lecture Recordings

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Tuesday 25 July 2017, 07:03:34 PM.

    To access lecture recording, please following instructions available under " Lecture Recordings " in the left panel.

  • ENGG1811 Course Website (not on moodle)

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Sunday 23 July 2017, 09:55:47 AM, last modified Sunday 23 July 2017, 09:56:13 AM.

    ENGG1811 course website is available at:

    Please note that ENGG1811 course website is not on the moodle.

  • Welcome to ENGG1811 (Computing for Engineers)!

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Tuesday 18 July 2017, 09:19:13 PM.

    Welcome to ENGG1811 (Computing for Engineers)!

    The first meeting (lecture) is at 2pm Tuesday 25 July 2017 , in Sir John Clancy Auditorium (K-C24-G17). The course outline is now available, please see the link " Course Outline " in the left panel . Please read it all, and ask questions in the first lecture on anything that's not clear. The course material will be available on this website, so you may want to bookmark this page.

    Labs start in Week-2 , so there are no labs in Week-1.

    See you on Tuesday!

    -- Ashesh

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