• SENG2011 marking

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Wednesday 14 November 2018, 08:16:27 AM.

    You should be able to use 'classrun' to see your marks for the course to date (not the project report yet as marking is still underway). You can 'collect' feedback on Assignment 2 from the course website.

  • Final exam, myExperience and marking

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Tuesday 30 October 2018, 02:15:12 PM.

    I have added a new link to the website called Exam that contains the first page of the final exam and some notes about the paper. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

    Not many have yet responded to the myExperience survey. To encourage a better response rate, if at least 70% of you respond to the survey then I will give every student that has passed the course and is just one mark off the next grade a bonus mark. So someone with a raw mark of 64 will get a final mark of 65. Similarly for 74 and 84. Last year a surprising 13 students went up to the next grade as a result (I've never had so many students on the grade edges before).

    I am about 1/2 way in marking Assignment 2. It's a lot of work as I am running all 6 Dafny solutions that each of you submitted (that totals to about 400 programs!).

  • Initial Project Report marking

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Friday 19 October 2018, 11:56:56 PM.

    Everyone should be aware of their group mark for the Initial Project Report. You may like to know that there were 3 groups in the top tier (marks 18 to 20), 7 groups in the middle tier (marks 12.5 to 16.5) and 4 in the low tier (marks 12 and below). It was marked out of 25 of course. Every group has received feedback on their initial report. There is also a blurb called ' Initial-Final Project Report comments' on the Project page that is the result of interactions I have had with the mentors. You should read this as you prepare your final report. It is quite short.

  • Week 12 lecture

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Monday 15 October 2018, 10:34:15 PM.

    Reminder that it is cancelled.

  • SENG2011 lectures, final exam and project reports

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Wednesday 10 October 2018, 04:58:25 PM.

    No more lectures . There will be no lecture in week 12 or 13. In week 11 I started the final topic in the course, quicksort. The lecture notes are self-explanatory and detailed. I want to improve them some more before making them public.

    Final exam. I was intending to talk about the final exam in the last lecture, but I can better do that in written form as well. I will make this public in the final week.

    Final Project Report. You should now be able to submit the final project report. The deadline is 1am on the Saturday at the end of Week 13, which is the latest that I am permitted. There is a 3Mb limit on the pdf file: please check the file size well before the deadline to make sure you comply. Remember as well, all Dafny files should be submitted as separate files with extension .dfy

    Initial Project Report . I will be finished marking very soon.

  • Postmortem on assignment 1

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Tuesday 02 October 2018, 08:56:01 AM, last modified Tuesday 02 October 2018, 08:59:33 AM.

    The stats on assignment 1 are the following (63 students submitted)

    14% received a 0< mark <=25/35

    24% 25< mark <=30/35

    44% 30< mark < 35

    18% mark =35

    Remember the mark gets scaled to a 'final' mark out of 10.

    Ex3 (skippy) had the greatest variation of marks as many had a too-weak invariant on the while loop.

    The most difficult exercise, Ex7 (just1), was done amazingly well, but many solutions were complex and almost unreadable. In assignment 2, succinctness and clarity (the judicious use of predicates) will be part of the assessment.

  • SENG2011 assignments

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Sunday 30 September 2018, 06:13:36 PM.

    Assignment 1 has been marked and you can 'collect' your submission to see your mark and my comments. I will give more general feedback about Assignment 1 at the Week10 lecture, and also make some general comments about Assignment 2. A full version of Assignment 2 can be now found on the website.

    As well, you may have noticed that the rise4fun website became operational again a few days ago.

  • SENG2011 Assignment 2

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Monday 24 September 2018, 10:29:19 PM.

    I have added another question to the Peek at Assignment 2 link under Assignments. You may have noticed that the website has been down for almost a week now. This has been hampering me and I am sure most of you as well.

  • SENG2011 Assignment 2

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Thursday 06 September 2018, 09:16:12 AM.

    You can take a peek at Assignment 2: two exercises on state models from the assignment are viewable under Assignments. The due date for this assignment will be the end of week 12.

  • SENG2011 use-cases and initial report

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Wednesday 05 September 2018, 03:35:50 PM.

    At the lecture in Week 7 I went through what makes a good use-case, based on a document that you can find linked to the lectures page.

    Regarding the initial project report, the requirements, use-cases and WBS are required, but not a schedule or anything related to a schedule such as a critical path analysis. Most important at this stage is getting the requirements and use-cases right, and knowing what the work-package structure is.

  • SENG2011 use-cases, user stories, requirements

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Wednesday 29 August 2018, 08:38:42 PM.

    There have been many questions floating about on use-cases and user stories and even requirements. I have placed a short blurb called "Use-cases vs user stories" under the Project link that you may find helpful.

  • SENG2011 project assessment, and the assignment

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Wednesday 22 August 2018, 02:48:31 PM.

    Assessment guidelines for the project reports have been placed on the website under Project. The submission procedure for the reports will be announced later (the initial report is due in week 8, the final report in the last week of session).

    For the sake of clarity in the assignment, Exercise 3 (skippy), 4 (incdec), 6 (isclean) and 7 (just1) each requires you to write a method, and this means code (in fact a while loop in each case), which needs to be verified of course. Question 5 (eosorted) you will notice requests a predicate. A test method (hence code) is also required in Exercises 4-7.

  • SENG2011 Project Report template

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Monday 20 August 2018, 10:33:23 AM.

    A template for the System Report has been placed under the Project button. Assessment guidelines for this document will be posted later this week.

  • SENG2011 Project PartyWhip

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Monday 06 August 2018, 12:48:54 PM.

    The project description can be found on the Project page. Happy reading. A mentor should contact your group in the next few days about your first project meeting. If you are in a group, and you feel the group is not the right one for you, there is still time to change. Just email me.

  • SENG2011 assignment 1

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Friday 03 August 2018, 08:36:22 PM, last modified Friday 03 August 2018, 08:42:31 PM.

    Assignment 1 is out. You should also be able to submit your solutions. I've also improved the lecture notes from week 2 and they are now readable.

  • SENG2011 group formation reminder

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Thursday 02 August 2018, 01:42:15 PM.

    There are 15 students in the course groupless. If you are one of those, and need help to find/form a group, please email me. If you are forming a group and need more people, please email me.

    Also, some groups still have to send me their available times.

  • SENG2011 group formation

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Tuesday 31 July 2018, 02:38:47 PM.

    Please do 2 things: 1) Register as a group on the Groups page. There is a list of possible group names on the Projects page (top link) from which you should choose. You obviously cannot use a name that is already in use so check the Groups page first. 2) Send me 3 available timeslots for the group (whole hours please e.g. Mon 10-12, Tue 2-3, Fri 9-12), but don't use the lecture timeslot please. Do this once your group is registered and complete. If you want my help to find a group, just email me. Good luck.

  • Screen videos and assignment peek

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Thursday 26 July 2018, 10:16:36 AM.

    There is a link at the top of the lectures page to Moodle, where you should find the Echo360 video of the first lecture (for what it is worth).

    Also, please say hello to Dafny. Just click on the "Dafny verifier/compiler" link on the Dafny page and a Hello,world program will appear. The program doesn't verify, but the reason should be obvious, and it's easy to fix. If you are curious to know more, I've provided a peek of the first assignment on the Assignments page (just the first 2 questions).

  • Welcome to the course

    Posted by Albert Nymeyer Monday 23 July 2018, 12:22:44 AM.

    There are lots of things that need to be set up. The course outline is finished, for now, so you can read all about the course. You'll notice that there is a group project so you may already like to think about who you'd like to work with. The groups size is 4 or 5, but only do 5 if you know each other reasonably well.

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