Jashank Jeremy Staff

student at UNSW; tutor at UNSW Computing.
programmer. sysadmin, *nix wizard.
occasional musician, photographer, typesetter.
puns. loud opinions. sometimes, I even have free time.

Do you have a question about your code?
I will happily accept your emails if so, but
please attach your source files in their entirety;
don't pick and choose, don't send an image,
and don't paste code into your email client.

20t2 : course admin, COMP1521 ; course admin, COMP2041
20t1: course admin, COMP3231
19t3: course admin, COMP1521
19t2: course admin, COMP1521
19t1: course admin, COMP2521; troublemaker, COMP1511
19t0: lecturer, COMP2521
18s2: tutor, COMP1521; course admin, COMP9315; troublemaker, COMP1511
18s1: tutor, COMP1521; occasional lecturer, COMP1511; troublemaker, HS1511
18x1: tutor/admin, COMP2521 -- looking after assignment two, and occasional lecturer
17s2: tutor/admin, COMP1511 -- in charge of Autotest, activities, and occasional lecturer
17s1: tutor, COMP1911; course admin COMP6[48]43
17x1: tutor/admin, COMP1927
16s2: tutor, COMP1927
16s1: tutor, COMP1917
16x1: tutor, COMP1927
15s1: tutor, COMP1927
15x1: lab assistant, COMP1927

Office K17 L3
Office Number N/A


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