Yue Zhuo

Some facts:

  • In my third year. Plan to graduate in Term 2 this year.
  • Did some ELEC, now doing COMP.
  • Co-developing a linear algebra library with emphasis on ease of use (similar to Matlab/Octave) in Python, PyArmadillo . Worth having a play!
  • Doing AI (NLP+CV) research, writing top conference papers.
  • Tutoring COMP2521, COMP9021 and COMP9024 in 21T2

Some courses I previously tutored:

  • 20T1 : ENGG1000, ELEC2134
  • 20T3 : ENGG1000, ELEC2134
  • 21T1 : ENGG1000, ELEC2134, COMP1531, COMP2521, COMP9020, COMP9021, COMP9024 (course admin)

My Co-developed Project:


An alternative approach to linear algebra in Python

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