Yue Zhuo 🤖

Some facts:

  • Graduated!
  • I research in NLP and related areas :P
  • Did a big project led by Yoshua Bengio :)
  • Currently teaching COMP1531, COMP2511, COMP9021, COMP9024, COMP9311, COMP3121/9101


  • 20T1 : ENGG1000, demo; ELEC2134, tutor.
  • 20T3 : ENGG1000, demo; ELEC2134, tutor.
  • 21T1 : ENGG1000, demo; ELEC2134, tutor; COMP1531, lab assistant; COMP2521, lab assistant; COMP9020, grader; COMP9021, tutor; COMP9024, course admin.
  • 21T2 : COMP2521, tutor; COMP9021, tutor; COMP9024, tutor.
  • 21T3 : COMP1531, lab assistant; COMP2511, lab assistant; COMP3121/9101, designer; COMP9021, tutor; COMP9024, grader; COMP9311, admin and grader.
  • 22T1 : COMP1531, lab assistant; COMP3121/9101, designer; COMP9021, tutor.

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