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  • Book your demonstration time ASAP!

    Posted by Sim Mautner Saturday 23 October 2021, 11:57:10 AM.

    1. If your name does not appear here please book a time using this form ASAP so I can finalise the demonstration timetable.

    2. If you have not filled in this form by the end of week 7 I will assume you are doing the project on your own (and not in a pair).

  • Week 6 Revision Lectures

    Posted by Sim Mautner Sunday 17 October 2021, 11:03:32 AM, last modified Tuesday 19 October 2021, 10:35:35 AM.

    Of the people who voted, most people wanted 2 or 4 hours of revision.

    Most people wanted new programming activities, some people wanted me to go through lab solutions.


    Tuesday Lecture: create new project (analysing Musk's tweets, generating our own ones to look like his, making a website where people can try tell the difference between real ones and fake ones)

    Friday Lecture: going through lab questions weeks 2-4, (and then continuing with Tuesday's project if there's time)

    Update: There will be no lecture on Friday. Instead, you may submit questions from the labs you'd like me to do video walkthroughs of, here . I'll also be available for consultations on Thursday this week. To book a time on Thursday or for another time (if Thursday doesn't suit you), post a comment here . (Remember that you can post these requests anonymously if you'd like. That way, I will see your name, but no other student will.)

    Reminder: Should anything we do in these lectures be 'new material', I will teach it officially in week 7.

  • Polls Open: Week 6 Revision Lecture

    Posted by Sim Mautner Tuesday 12 October 2021, 02:24:16 PM.

    I've posted polls asking:

    • If you want a week 6 revision lecture, and if so, how much lecture time you want: here
    • What content you'd like included in the revision lecture: here

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