• Update: When to expect things

    Posted by Sim Mautner Tuesday 06 September 2022, 02:44:36 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry it is taking so long to get your grades sorted out.

    If you got a PS, CR, DN, or HD in the course then you should be able to see your grade now and it includes your exam.

    If you got a WD you should see that there and I'll e-mail you in the coming days to deal with signs of plagiarism.

    If you got a WC I've marked your supp exam but it still needs to be entered into the system. Hopefully in the next day or two.

    If you got a LE still and reattempted the exam, I've marked it but need to update the grades in the system. Hopefully you'll see those changes in the next day or two.

    Once I've done all this I'll go through my e-mails and check that everyone's situation should've been addressed.



  • Supplementary Exam Information

    Posted by Sim Mautner Thursday 01 September 2022, 08:29:30 PM.

    If you have been granted a supplementary exam for COMP1010, below are the details of the exam:

    • Date: Monday 5 th of September
    • Time: 1pm-4pm
    • Location: (Join the zoom room just before 1pm to get a copy of the exam. This will also be where you can ask any questions/clarifications during the time allocated.)

  • Grades of LE

    Posted by Sim Mautner Thursday 01 September 2022, 12:05:11 PM.

    Hi Everyone,

    At this point everyone's grade says LE. I need to sort something out and hopefully you'll get your actual grade by tomorrow. (I'll post another notice here when you can check your grades.)

    Once your grades are released, here are some of the less common results some students might see:

    • WC: granted a supplementary exam (being held on Monday afternoon)
    • LE (after the marks are sorted out): granted a second chance to demonstrate competency (being held on Monday afternoon) (check your email for more details)
    • WD: under investigation for plagiarism (check your email for details)

    Sorry for all the stress and confusion.


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