• Week 6 of COMP1511 (Flexibility Week)

    Posted by Marc Chee Sunday 05 July 2020, 10:12:03 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    Welcome to Week 6, which is also known as Flexibility Week. I have a few things to keep you up to speed on this evening:

    • Flexibility Week. What's on and what isn't?
    • Bonus video from Carroll Morgan (a good friend of COMP1511)
    • Assignment 1 autotest changes and Help Sessions

    Flexibility Week
    This week, things are a little different from a normal teaching week.

    • There are no Tutorials or Labs in Week 6
    • The Weekly Test released in Week 5 is due in Week 7
    • The only deadline in Week 6 is the Assignment due at the end of the week on Sunday
    • There will be some lectures, but they will be optional lectures that don't introduce any new assessable content
    Optional Lectures

    There will be two lectures this week. They'll be at similar (but not exactly the same!) times as our normal lectures and on the following topics:

    • Tuesday, 7th July, 10-12am - A Code demo of using structs and strings etc
    • Thursday 9th July 4-6pm - Professionalism. Outside of raw coding, what's important for a Computer Scientist?

    The Week 6 Lectures section will have all the relevant live stream links

    Bonus Video
    Carroll Morgan is a friend of COMP1511 who lectures other courses you may be interested in later in a Computing degree. He has put together a bonus video that follows on from some of the commenting style you may have seen in COMP1511 lectures and tutorials. The link for the video is here .

    Assignment 1
    Assignment 1, Freefall is going into its final week. To butcher an old proverb . . . "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now." If you haven't started the assignment yet, I'd suggest now is a good time to start :P

    Even though Tutorials and Labs wont be running this week, Help Sessions will be! The Course Forum is also a good place to look for help if you need it!

    Autotest Changes
    There has been a change to one of the autotests for Assignment 1, the third test known as "01_place_stone_invalid" that was testing a situation that the Assignment spec said would never happen (all stone placements were invalid, leaving an empty map). This autotest had to be changed. We've gone through all the submissions that have been affected by this (if the autotest result changed after the test change) and have emailed all students that this affects. Please check your email for this message because it could mean you need to change your assignment code based on the new test.

    Marc Chee (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching team)

  • Week 5 of COMP1511

    Posted by Marc Chee Sunday 28 June 2020, 10:08:13 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    Some things that are happening at the moment:

    • Network outage tonight (28/6/2020)
    • Weekly Tests are running
    • More Help Sessions this week and next for assignment support
    • Next Week is Flexibility Week

    Network Outage tonight, 28/6/2020 from 23:45 to 02:00 Monday 29/6/2020
    Between these times, UNSW's User Database will be under maintenance so it is unlikely we'll be able to log in to our CSE accounts. Outside of these times, access should be fine.

    Weekly Tests
    A quick reminder to everyone that the second weekly test is still running and will be until Thursday evening. If you haven't had a chance to look at it, it's nice to spend an hour on it if you can find some uninterrupted time to test yourself. Here's a link for the current Weekly Test .

    Help Sessions
    We've increased the amount of Help Sessions that will be running in the next two weeks for assignment support. You can check the Help Sessions Timetable to see when you can get some one on one help. Bear in mind that we expect these to get very busy by the end of the assignment, so going earlier is better!

    Flexibility Week
    A reminder in advance that Week 6 (6th - 10th July) is Flexibility Week. This is a week where there will be no new assessable content from COMP1511. There will be no Tutorials or Labs, but I will still be doing some Live Streaming potentially as a review of the first half of the course as well as some content that's not specifically for 1511, but advice on future studies and the long term view of Computer Science.

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • Week 4 Weekly Test Changes

    Posted by Marc Chee Thursday 25 June 2020, 11:14:45 PM.

    Hi all!

    A quick notice to let you know that the Weekly test released today was definitely released too early with some serious issues, so I've had to make some changes and rerelease.

    Apologies if you'd already started the test (you still have a week to complete it!) . . . here are the issues and changes:

    • Test only had two of the three questions. A third question has been added.
    • Test due date was set to Monday Week 6 when it should have been 8pm, Thursday Week 5.

    Marc (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

Upcoming Due Dates

There is nothing due!

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