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    Posted by Tom Kunc Saturday 19 September 2020, 10:32:05 AM, last modified Saturday 19 September 2020, 10:32:28 AM.

    This is the course page for COMP1511's 20T2 offering.

    The web page for COMP1511 20T3 is located at:

  • COMP1511 Results are Available

    Posted by Marc Chee Wednesday 02 September 2020, 07:59:20 PM.

    Hi there COMP1511!

    As you may have noticed, UNSW is in the process of releasing the results for term 2, which includes your COMP1511 mark.We've also collated the majority of the results for COMP1511.

    If you want to check them and see a detailed breakdown of how you went, you can use the View Autotest/Submissions/Marking link from the course website. These are the marks that have been submitted to UNSW, but if there is an administration error in them, they can still be changed.

    Note that UNSW has a policy that marks will not be adjusted if someone is close but not at a particular category like Pass or Distinction etc. We can check if there has been an obvious clerical error like adding up is incorrect etc and we will definitely correct marks that have any issues like that.

    Some students will see a mark code of LE, which stands for Late Entry. If this is the case for you, it means that something has not been finalised and you will be contacted shortly to explain why. Some of this is not being handled directly by COMP1511 staff, so you might be contacted by someone outside of the course.

    In a closing (personal) note, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who took part in COMP1511 this term. I know that right now your thoughts are on your marks and what they mean for your progression through your degree etc, but I hope that you can also think back to what you may have learnt and what you'd like to take with you into the future. Remember that while your mark might matter a lot to you right now, in the future, it will mean nothing in comparison to your commitment to learning and working with programming and computing.

    Marc Chee (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Team)

  • COMP1511 Mark Info

    Posted by Tom Kunc Thursday 27 August 2020, 01:41:29 PM.

    Hi COMP1511!

    Some of you have noticed that marks have slowly been getting added over the last week. At this point, I believe that the following marks have all been added:

    • Assignment 1 Marks (and feedback)
    • Assignment 2 Marks (and feedback!)
    • Lab Marks
    • Test Marks

    Please check your marks and let us know via the course email ( if anything is seriously wrong.

    Exam Marks are still being finalized.

    We expect that the majority of the course's marks will be provisionally released early next week (and we'll send out a notice when this happens). UNSW should formally notify you of your mark in the course on Thursday 3rd of September. Some of you may receive an "LE" mark, which means that your mark has not been finalized. In this case, you'll be contacted directly to explain why you haven't got the mark yet (usually this is due to investigation of suspected plagiarism, a supp exam, or work with long extensions applied).

    Thanks so much for a great term,

    ~Tom (on behalf of the COMP1511 Teaching Staff)

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