This is a short post to give examples of some lab and test questions that are a similar difficulty and style to the exam. Please note that these aren't guarantees -- the exam will not be exactly like these questions (the best indication of the style of question in the exam is the prac_exam and week 10 weekly test). This is however a good list of questions to make sure you've done:

painterbot A very easy q3.
reverse_array A hard q3.
going_electric Similar to a q5, q5 will be more conceptually simple
array_sum_prod An easy q1
advanced_addition An easy q5.
largest_z_sum An easy q5.
list_contains A very easy q1.
list_insert_nth q4.
list_insert_tail q4.
list_reverse q6.
list_increasing q2
list_delete_first q4
count_bigger q1
secret_code Easy q3
list_length Easy q2
list_delete_second_last Q4
list_delete_ordered Q6

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