• 🐡 Mid-week 10 Update - Iter3 Automarks

    Posted by Hayden Smith Wednesday 21 April 2021, 11:53:44 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Some updates for you mid-week 10 :) Short story is that people overall did really well in iteration 3 automarking.


    33% of people have completed MyExperience for COMP1531 already! That's amazing - you've done better than any cohort I've ever taught. But there are still two thirds of people who haven't filled it out. Please fill it out sometime in this next week! :)

    Peer Review

    Please complete your final peer review on Moodle now. Once you log into Moodle and go to COMP1531, click on End-of term Peer Review (COMPULSORY). This must be completed by Monday 26th of April at 12pm. Failure to complete the peer review may result in penalties to your marks.

    It should only take ~5 minutes :)

    Iteration 3 Automarking - Released

    Iteration 3 automarking is complete, and we've released the marks! YOU CAN FIND MORE INFORMATION HERE .

    Please note that for fixes to improve your iteration 3 automark, we will generally be less lenient, and fixes are to be sent to instead of your tutor (more instructions in the link above).

    Overall the marks were genuinely quite impressive - a tonne of groups improved between iteration 2 and iteration 3 and I think many of you should be absolutely proud of yourselves. Great work.

    Iteration 3 Manual Marking

    Your tutors are obviously marking iteration 3 right now, and will need a week to consolidate marks. You will get an update at the end of week 11 (another notice) with info about the iteration 3 manual marks as well as your final and overall project mark.

    Exam Information

    Exam information can be found on this page , and more discussion on the exam can be found in lecture 10.3.

    Lab10 - Due Sunday

    Please note that Lab10 is due on SUNDAY 5PM THIS WEEK . This is earlier than the usual time. UNSW does not like things being due in week 11. In fact, technically I shouldn't be allowed to make it due after this Friday. However, I'm sure most of you would appreciate the extra two days. But just be cautious that it's due on Sunday @ 5pm .

  • 🐸 End of week 9 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith Friday 16 April 2021, 07:25:36 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Please take the time to read this. If you read it to the bottom you'll find two extensions.

    What a week! Feels like we're hitting the business end of term and everyone is certainly under the pump. Not long to go until your major COMP1531 assessments are all finished and complete. Myself & some tutors will support you through the next days to get everything together.

    While things have overall run pretty smoothly the last couple of weeks, I'd also like to thank everyone for being patient amidst the odd little hiccup that some of you have encountered. Whenever we run into little issues we do our best to compensate for things wherever possible :) And honestly, having an engaged and mature group of students like yourself helps a tonne.

    CSE Account Issues

    If you've checked your Inbox, you will have seen an email from Andrew Taylor about some account issues. A very small number of CSE students experienced a large issue in the last 24 hours where their account files went missing on VLAB. In some of these cases, they can be restored, and in some rare cases, they haven't been.

    From Andrew:
    If you have lost all your files, you can try restoring them following these instructions.
    If this doesn't work, or you need help, please email

    If you experience any major file losses you can always email AFTER you've completed the steps above. Remember that I cannot fix any of your file issues!! (I wish I could).

    Because of this there are some minor extensions (keep reading) . Sadly, we can't extend anything any later than Tuesday 1pm in week 10 because that's when your classes are! :( But that's OK, the impacts were quite small and because many of you work in groups if you have some file losses in one afternoon your group can help make up the difference :)

    MyExperience is open

    MyExperience is now ready to be completed! I will send you a couple of reminders over the next week or two :) Some comments I'll make are: Please distinguish between myself & the course when providing feedback. Don't be negative about the course if your issue is with my teaching style, and don't be negative about my teaching style if your issue is with the course. I really do read the comments and feedback so don't feel it's wasted effort!

    You can complete it here!

    Week 9 Labs - Updates & Extension

    Due to the CSE account issues people were facing, I am extending the due date of all lab09 activities from Monday @ 10am to Tuesday @ 1pm (27 hour extension).

    This has been reflected on the lab page .

    A reminder that:

    • The history lab had issues - so we're basically skipping that lab.
    • If you had any issues with merge requests, these have been resolved now so check for any open merge requests :) Particularly for deploy and decorator

    Project - Iteration 2 Manual Marking

    Your iteration2_manual mark (/50) is now available on the grades page .

    If you want to discuss this with your tutor, chat about it with them in your last project check-in next week (though in general, most of you should have already gotten feedback from them!).

    If your mark is ~0, it's likely an input error from the tutor so just email them :)

    Project - Iteration 2 Auto Marking

    By 10am tomorrow we will have re-run the grouptest_courseserver and coursetest_groupserver tests for your iteration 2. When we release these I will update the text at the top of this page to specify when the latest update was .

    Largely speaking, the iteration 2 course server & course tests were fairly accurate. However, students have pointed out a couple of issues with our testing and our server (pertaining to owner permissions, stats calls, logout returns). We've fixed some tests/features and removed some others.

    If your NEW mark is LOWER (for god knows what reason) than your current mark, we will not reduce your mark. In most cases student's marks will stay in the same, and in some cases this may improve it. It will only improve if your marks were.

    Another key update: For students that made the mistake of NOT using `request.args.get()` for GET requests, we have established a course wide penalty of only 10% of the automarks (rather than 33%!)

    Project - Iteration 3 Updates & Extension

    Because of the CSE issues, we are extending the iteration 3 due date back 3 hours so that the new due date is Tuesday April 20th @ 1pm .

    Iteration 3 has had very few changes to the spec (woohoo!), however, there is one subtle and critical change we had to push yesterday - please check out your merge requests.

    "16/04: Removed duplicates of user and messages data type. To be clear, in iteration 2 user has had properties reacts and is_pinned added to it, and messages has had properties profile_img_url added to it."

    I am confident that many of you noticed this duplication in the data types table and didn't have any issue - though for those that didn't or are confused, you will want to make the small and necessary changes to add those extra elements.

    See you next week :)

  • 🦙 End of week 8 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith Saturday 10 April 2021, 05:36:55 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Congrats to people for making it through iteration 2 last week! Only 2 more weeks to go! And in less than 2 weeks you'll have basically finished 70% of your coursework. COMP1531 can feel a little bit heavy at times, but thankfully that makes the tail end of the course a little bit lighter.

    Iteration 2 Frontend

    There appears to have been some confusion about whether getting your backend working with the frontend was required for iteration 2. The simple truth is - we originally planned to have it required for iteration 2, but it wasn't communicated well enough to you in the specification and in lectures.

    For this reason, whether or not you got it working for iteration 2 will have no impact on your iteration 2 mark.

    For those who did invest the time getting it working, don't fret! That's just less time you'll have to spend on it now :)

    Iteration 2 Marking Update

    • Iteration 2 auto-marking will be released on Monday night of week 9. For more information, check back later here .
      • We won't post a separate announcement, just check back on Monday night (or Tuesday morning).
      • You will be able to discuss this with your tutor during your week 9 project check-in, as the same iteration 1 remarking the auto-ark policies will apply to iteration 1.
    • Iteration 2 manual marking will be released on Saturday morning on the 17th of April (1 week from today)
      • Yes, it's a week from now. However! Most of the time we need is to finalise. Within a couple of days virtually all of your tutors will at least have draft-marked your work, and therefore during your week 9 project check-in you can ask them for feedback on iteration 2. While you might not get a hard mark yet, the areas you've lost marks will be more than available to you through discussion with them.

    Bonus Lecture Rescheduled (and not compulsory)

    The original front-end bonus lecture was meant to happen on Tuesday afternoon in week 8 - but only 2 people turned up! So I have instead reschedule the lecture to be for the hour before the Monday lecture. The new bonus lecture time is:

    • Monday 11am-12pm, 12th April (Week 9)

    See you on Monday!!

Upcoming Due Dates

There is nothing due!

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