• 🐕 End of week 1 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Saturday 18 September 2021, 06:14:44 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Now that we're wrapping up week 1, it's a great time to summarise the key things that happened this week and give you some pointers for week 2.

    If you found week 1 a lot to take in, we've got a helpful getting started guide you can find here .

    Week 1 recap

    The key things that happened in week 1 are:

    • Week 1 lecture slides and recordings can be found on this page .
    • Week 1 tutorial and lab content links can be found on this page .
      • Week 1 tutorial solutions have been released (always released on Friday night)
      • Week 1 lab solutions will be released shortly after the deadline (checkout the "solutions" branch on the repos)
    • Your project groups were formed during class and the project specification was released on Friday night.

    Project groups

    During your week 1 class your tutor will have finalised your project groups in your lab time.

    Your tutor should have also added you to a Microsoft teams channel just for your group. Whilst you aren't required to communicate via the Microsoft teams channel we make for you, it's important to note that if teamwork disputes arise or you make claims about other team members contributions later in the course - the only places we will look to for evidence of how you interact with your group are:

    1. The project check-ins and iteration demonstrations
    2. Gitlab contributions (code you push)
    3. Peer reviews at the end of the iteration
    4. Any UNSW emails sent between group members
    5. Conversations that occur on Microsoft teams

    If we need to analyse group communication, we simply won't be able to look at things like Facebook, Discord, Slack, etc, as these are out of our control and are open to tampering etc that make it unfair to consider reasonable evidence. However, anything in your Microsoft teams chat we'll happily take into account. If you're uncertain about anything here or aren't agreeing in your group how to communicate, talk to your tutor in week 2 and they will help you figure it all out! :)

    If you don't have your group sorted, or weren't added to your groups Microsoft teams chat, please email your tutor ASAP.

    Project release

    As of last night a group project repository was created for each group. The repository is called " project-backend ". You can find your group repository (if you haven't already) on the homepage of . If you can't find your repository, please post on the forum. If you can find the repo, but you're in the wrong group, please email your tutor ASAP.

    Please watch the introductory videos from the project specification - they can also be found here and here .

    The most important thing to do right now is to start messaging or emailing your group members and to start reading through the project specification. During your class time this week you can sync up about it and start some early planning, and I would strongly encourage you to organise times to meet later this week or early next week. From week 3 onwards we will be expecting groups to follow a more rigid meeting.

    Over the coming days, t here may continue to be slight changes to your group primarily due to students potentially dropping the course before census date. This usually has any material impact on less than 5% of groups. Your tutors will always support you and find solutions that will make things OK :)

    Things to keep an eye on for week 2

    • Your week 1 lab exercises are due 5pm on Monday 20th September - no late submissions
    • Your week 2 tutorial + lab is critical for you to spend time with your group and tutor to get stuck into the project
    • Help Sessions continue to run in week 2.
    • Our next lecture is Wednesday morning, where we'll cover more important content for the project :)

    Other than that, have a great weekend everyone! Look after yourselves in these uncertain times.

  • (Correction) Welcome to COMP1531 21T3 🎉🎉🎉

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Sunday 12 September 2021, 03:00:41 PM, last modified Sunday 12 September 2021, 03:56:59 PM.

    The previous notice incorrectly said the first lecture is Tuesday 14th September. As per timetable & the lectures page it's Wednesday 15th September.

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to COMP1531 21T3 :) The fundamental aim of COMP1531 is help you on your transition from being a solo programmer into being a collaborative software engineer . We have a teaching staff team of about 35 and we're all super excited to get to know you. The term will be over in a flash but we're here to help you through it and have a great time.

    Key Points

    If you don't lack the time or attention span right now, let us share the most important things:

    1. First lecture is Wednesday 15th September 10am-12pm, streamed on YouTube - link will be ON THIS PAGE just before the lecture. We will cover the basics of the course in this lecture.
    2. Join our Forum (on EdStem) if you haven't already joined it. Introduce yourself, and ask any questions you have.
    3. Pay attention to your tutorial time and location . All online tutorials & labs use Zoom (from our research students find zoom to be the most reliable of a few choices we have). For many of you, your first tutorial will be before the first lecture. Don't worry! That's totally normal and we've planned for that.
    4. In terms of notes/coursework, tutorials and labs are already up, though lectures will be made available from tomorrow.

    About the course

    We would encourage you all to take a moment to read the COURSE OUTLINE , because it highlights virtually everything. We will also go through this a little bit in the first lecture.

    In terms of assessment, the course has 3 major components:

    • 50% major project (9 week assignment in groups of 4-5)
    • 15% class mark (made up about half/half by your lab marks along with tutorial attendance & participation)
    • 35% exam (mostly practical, some theoretical)

    Major Project Groups

    A reminder that preferences for major project groups will close at 8pm on the 13th of September (tomorrow!). You can fill out THIS FORM to preference to be in groups with other people. We don't accept late submissions to the form.

    Groups will be finalised and passed onto your tutor on Tuesday morning - they will let you know what group you're in during your first lab session.

    On Friday evening this week, we will create a Microsoft Teams chat for your group as well as your project repository where you can complete work. So if you haven't already, we would suggest downloading or logging in to Microsoft Teams .

    For other questions about your group, we will talk about this in lectures and tutorials this week.

    Please remember - it's extremely normal to be slotted into groups with people you don't know, and things have a very high chance of going fine. And for those that inevitably have some difficulties with groupwork, we've spent a lot of time structuring and designing 1531 to be both supportive and fair.

    See you soon!

    To those studying remotely or trapped overseas, our aim is to make sure you feel no less connected and involved with things.

    We'll see you on Wednesday morning!

    🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

  • Group Preferences by Major Project - due Mon 8pm, 13th Sep

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Tuesday 07 September 2021, 11:16:39 AM, last modified Tuesday 07 September 2021, 12:22:21 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    We will spare you the more formal welcome and information for later in the week - for now we are hoping to leave you mostly alone to enjoy your last week of holidays :)

    We do need to talk about one thing early, though!... group preferences.

    As specified in the course outline , COMP1531 has a major project component that is a 4-5 person 9 week group project that constitutes 50% of the course assessment.

    It's a requirement that your group will consist of only people enrolled in your tute-lab (i.e. you are all enrolled in the same class on MyUNSW - not just at the same time, but in the same class). If classes are already full, we also can't over-enrol you (sorry!).

    Because we understand many people do this course with people they know, we want to give you an opportunity to preference who you want to be in a group with . To do that, please fill out the form for each person you want to preference . You must make the preference by Monday 13th September @ 8pm . You can preference 1-4 people. You can also preference no people.

    We sadly aren't in a position to accept late preferences, so please fill it in prior to then! Preferences are not guarantees that you will be in a group with those people, however, in nearly all cases we make it work with at least 1 of the preferences.

    Click here to fill out the form.

    If you don't have anyone to preference, or only have one preference, don't even worry! That's very normal. You might hear murmurs from other students that you could end up with a "horror group" for COMP1531. Believe it or not, about 50% of student's don't provide preferences, and we just randomly match students in the same class.

    We can assure you that while groups that struggle do exist, they only make up a small numbers of groups. We have structured the course and assessment very intentionally to have processes in place to ensure that if you work hard and follow the rules, that your accomplishments should reflect your mark, even if you end up with a difficult group .

    We'll email you all later in the week :) You can also pop on the forum and say hi too, if you want. Until then, enjoy your week!

    - COMP1531 Team

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