• 🐙 Welcome to COMP1531! + IMPORTANT Group Preference

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Sunday 22 May 2022, 11:26:38 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to COMP1531 for 22T2! A more "full" introduction with information and summaries will be sent out next week, but for now we need to get you ready for term. So please do the following this coming week:

    1. 😽 Go and read the course outline
    2. 🐼 (Read below) Complete the group preference form for the major project* (DUE IN 5 DAYS!!)
    3. 👀 Watch the welcome video that quickly explains the course structure
    4. 🙊 Join the forum and introduce yourself ! (you were invited on your email

    ❗️*(IMPORTANT) Group Preference for Major Project

    As specified in the course outline , COMP1531 has a major project component that is a 5 person, 9 week group project that constitutes 70% of the course assessment. The successful and equitable formation of amazing groups of students for this major project is a priority for us. And we need to finalise these groups before week 1.

    For us to form groups effectively, you are required to complete the preference form .

    This form asks you to:

    • Optionally preference 1 other student to be in your group of 5.
      • If you preference someone, to avoid us disregarding the preference, they must:
        • (1) Be enrolled in the same class at the same time (i.e. same code on MyUNSW)
        • (2) Fill out the form preferencing you as well
    • Answer a few further questions that help us form groups, regardless of whether you have a person-preference

    Click here to the fill the form out (just in case you missed the other 2 links )

    The form is due on Friday 27th of May at 10pm!! That's a little under 5 days from now.

    We sadly aren't in a position to accept late preferences, so please fill it in prior to then. Preferences are not guarantees that you will be in a group with that person, however, in nearly all cases we make it work.

    If you don't have anyone to preference, or only have one preference, don't even worry! That's very normal. You might hear murmurs from other students that you could end up with a "horror group" for COMP1531. Believe it or not, typically about 50% of student's don't provide preferences, and we just randomly match students in the same class.

    We can assure you that while groups that struggle do exist, they only make up a small numbers of groups. We have structured the course and assessment very intentionally to have processes in place to ensure that if you work hard and follow the rules, that your accomplishments should reflect your mark, even if you end up with a difficult group

    Lastly, a reminder that we can't manually enrol you in a class that is full, and we aren't accepting more than 1 preference per person as this ensures equitable group formation.

    We'll reach out again next info with much more information about getting started and first classes!

    🎃 Until then, enjoy your week and stay safe. The entire team can't wait to meet you.

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