• COMP1927 Marks

    Posted by John Shepherd Thursday 01 December 2016, 10:11:50 PM, last modified Friday 02 December 2016, 05:29:28 AM.

    Obviously, the marks are out ... and, as usual, I'm being peppered with queries.

    First thing, congratulations to Stephen Roche, Wei Hong Chen and Adley Phu for scoring 100 for the course. Honourable mentions to Sahan Fernando, Madeleine Abed, Brittany Evat, Vintony Padmadiredja, and Emily Chen for scoring 98 or better.

    To hopefully avoid some emails, a couple of FAQs ...

    courseTot = labs + quizzes + ass1 + ass2
    finalMark = courseTot + examTot + blogBonus

    The conditions for receiving a Supp Prac are given on slide 23 of Week 13 lectures

    pracTot = q1mark + q2mark + q3mark  (out of 35)
    theoryTot = q4mark + ... + q9mark + q10mark (out of 30)
    examTot = pracTot + theoryTot  (out of 65)
    okExam = examTot >= 26/65  (i.e. better than 40%)
    eligibleForPracSupp = !okExam && theoryTot > 15/30

    i.e. what screwed up your mark was poooor performance in the Prac part of the exam.

    (And before you complain that the Prac questions were too hard, 100+ people score full marks on the Prac)

    Note that in the lecture I said (theoryTot >= 18/30), so some of you are very lucky.

    If you're eligible for a Supp, your grade would be WD and you would have got email from me already.

    The Prac Supp will be in the J17 Level 3 Labs at 9am on Wednesday 7 December.

    If you got WD and didn't get email from me yet, expect to receive an email about plagiarism early next week.

    P.S. I'm interstate from Friday to Monday (inclusive). Don't expect a reply to any email before Monday evening.

  • COMP1927 Marks and Supps

    Posted by John Shepherd Sunday 27 November 2016, 06:30:20 PM.

    The exams are all marked (and the results on the Prac were unimpressive) and we're in the last stages of finalising COMP1927 16s2 marks (need to clean up a few labs and ass2a's, and compute the ass2b marks).

    Once that's done, we'll be informing people who've got Supp Pracs and whole exam Supps (because they missed the final exam due to illness) that they have a(nother) chance.

    Note : all COMP1927 Supps are on Wednesday 7th December (I think the 9th was written wrongly somewhere).

    Also, people who plagiarised Assignment 1 will be receiving a "please explain" email soon.

    If you find a mark missing, it's updatable even after the "final" results are released on Friday.

  • COMP1927 Exam Details

    Posted by John Shepherd Tuesday 15 November 2016, 01:24:26 PM.

    The Exams Branch will not allow us to let anybody work beyond the end of the 3 hours (e.g. for people who have significant computer problems during the exam and warrant a few extra minutes to finish), so we've had to slightly adjust the way the exam is run. You still get 10 mins reading time at the start, but the time allowed to work on the exam is 2 hours and 50 minutes. I adjusted the questions to make this achievable. After 2 hours and 50 minutes everyone who does not have any extra time will need to sit quietly at their workstation while anyone who may need extra time can continue working for up to 10 mins.

    (This does not apply to SEADU students, who have their own lab and should have received instructions from Mei Cheng)

    Timing details:

    Activity Morning Afternoon
    enter lab, login, get settled 9:28 - 9:33 13:13 - 13:18
    reading time 9:33 - 9:45 13:18 - 13:30
    working time 9:45 - 12:35 13:30 - 16:20
    quiet contemplation 12:35 - 12:45 16:20 - 16:30

    Morning students should allow plenty of time to reach the lab before 9:25. Afternoon students are required to meet in their "corraling" area before 12:40.

    All you need to bring to the exam is your student card and a pen. There is a calculator app on the workstation if needed.

    Get a good night's sleep. Good luck.

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