• Provisional grades now available

    Posted by Paul Hunter Wednesday 22 May 2019, 12:59:33 PM.

    Provisional COMP2111 marks are now available through webCMS or by running 2111 classrun -sturec

    The field CourseResult contains what I expect will be your final mark for COMP2111.

    Hopefully CourseResult contains a mark >= 50 and a grade of PS, CR, DN or HD. If so (provisionally) you have met all hurdles and other requirements and have passed COMP2111.

    Provisional marks can change, for example when calculation errors are discovered, or grade boundaries are adjusted, but it is not usual to change a provisional PS to a FL.

    If your CourseResult field contains the grade FL, UF, or AF unfortunately you have not passed COMP2111 and are not being offered further assessment. A grade of UF indicates that you failed to meet the exam barrier for this course, and have not passed, even if your overall mark is above 50.

    If your CourseR esult field contains the grade WD or WC this indicates your mark and grade are yet to be determined, most likely through a supplementary exam. There are two possible reasons for these grades:

    1) You were absent from the final exam due to illness etc - the supplementary exam will be used in place of the final exam to calculate your final mark.

    2) You have not met the requirements to pass COMP2111, but only narrowly. You are being given another opportunity to prove that you deserve to pass the course. If you do not take this opportunity you will not pass COMP2111.

    Please contact me if you believe there have been any gross omissions or wish to discuss the COMP2111 assessment further. Arrangements can be made if you wish to inspect your marking, however note that it is faculty policy that, for example, falling 1 mark short of a HD/DN/CR, is not sufficient reason to review a student's assessment. Unfortunately, with around 180 students there are going to be students that fall one mark short of the next grade.

  • Assignment 3 marking complete

    Posted by Paul Hunter Thursday 16 May 2019, 03:49:21 AM.

    Hi all,

    I hope there were not too many bad surprises in today's exam.

    The marking for Assignment 3 is complete - if you haven't received a mark, then we didn't receive a submission. Please let me know if you believe there were any gross omissions in your marks and I will review your assessment.



  • Assignment 2 marking complete

    Posted by Paul Hunter Tuesday 14 May 2019, 01:14:21 PM.

    Hi all,

    Assignment 2 marking is now complete apologies to those who had a delay in receiving their results. If you do not have a mark then your assignment was not successfully submitted.

    If you have any issues with the marks, let me know - all marks will be finalized next week, so there is ample opportunity for corrections. Issues with understanding concepts may be better addressed to the forum; as assignment corrections may not be completed until after the exam.

    Assignment 3 is being marked, results for that are available as soon as they have been marked; but hopefully everyone's marks (possibly without comments) will be available by tonight.

    See you tomorrow...


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