• Exam Morning Session : delayed start at 09:35am

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Friday 23 August 2019, 09:16:06 AM.

    Due to the train delays, we will start the morning session 15 mins late, at 09:35am, 10 min reading time, exam starts at 09:45am. If you arrive late, you have two options: apply for the Supplementary exam OR take the exam today with reduced time. Unfortunately we cannot extend time due to another session in the afternoon. If you have any queries, see me on Level 3, J17 Building.

  • Exam Tomorrow!

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Thursday 22 August 2019, 11:15:45 AM.

    As you may expect! you should know all the design patterns we covered in the course, in particular the intents, possible solutions and implementations. Please also read through all the other topics covered in the lecture notes. All the best for your exam tomorrow!

  • Sample exam answers

    Posted by Robert Clifton-Everest Tuesday 20 August 2019, 02:10:51 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Answers to the sample exam questions are available here:

    Note that the solutions to the programming questions are in the 'solution' branch of the sample-exam repo. This is so that people who are still working on the sample exam can avoid spoilers.

    If you've not already gone through the sample exam, we recommend you do so before you look at the solutions.


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