• End of Week 3

    Posted by Braedon Wooding Saturday 19 June 2021, 12:27:48 PM.

    Hi all, good work for getting through Week 3!

    • The assignment is due soon on Tuesday, I would recommend testing out a submission during the weekend to make sure the dryrun works for your code since that's very similar to how the real tests run.
    • Tutorial solutions have been added to the Content Repository for Weeks 1 - 3 under the folder name solutions, we'll add them every Friday night from this point onwards.
    • Lab04 + Tute04 will be released Sunday at 5 pm as per last week.

  • ​Assignment Tips + Lab03

    Posted by Braedon Wooding Friday 11 June 2021, 12:34:13 PM.

    Hi Everyone, just a few quick things:

    • Lab03 will be released over the weekend.
    • Assignment Submission is open and should be working (raise any issues via emailing course account or through ED post).
    • Some useful links to help understand some of the more complicated parts of the assignment:
        • This one has also been included as a unit test in Task2ExtraTests which has been merged into everyone's repos!
    • Make sure you keep the 'presumptions' you can make in mind, these are listed under 6. Other Requirements 🔭 these will make your life a lot easier. Feel free to raise questions/queries on ED!
    • Make sure you actually write your own tests! They are worth some marks (and a lot more in terms of making sure your solution is correct).
      • You can either write unit tests in a similar format to the ones given...
      • Or you can supply an output world state file (i.e. myTest.expected.json) and a text file that explains what the test is testing, as well as what the input CLI commands are.

    Finally, we just want to say thank you to you all :D. It's been an absolute joy to see people interact on forums and help each other out (and ask some very good questions). Over the last 2 weeks over 200 questions and 400 comments have been raised! For this reason, it can be hard to track old posts; if we miss anything, just email the course account or add another comment to the chain!

    COMP2511 Admin Team

  • Week-2 Demo files and Week-3 lecture slides

    Posted by Ashesh Mahidadia Wednesday 09 June 2021, 01:05:25 PM.

    Week-2 Demo files (from today's lecture) and Week-3 lecture slides are now avalable.

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