• End of Week 5 Updates 🍰

    Posted by Sienna Archer 🦔 Friday 17 March 2023, 08:22:37 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to the end of Week 5 - we hope you're looking forward to a well-deserved break next week. Catch up on sleep, do something fun, go outside and see people - have a rest and recharge before we head into the second half of term :)

    Before we head into flexibility week, we just want to give you a few updates.

    Assignment I

    Well done if you have submitted assignment-i!! During your lab time in week 7 or 8 you will have a short (~ 5 minute) interview with your tutor regarding the design of your assignment. Further information can be found in the Assignment I spec .

    If you are unable to attend your lab in either Week 7 or Week 8, please let your tutor know so they can interview you on the other week. If you are unable to attend your lab in both Week 7 and Week 8, please email explaining your situation and we will arrange a substitute interview at an alternative time.

    We will aim to have Assignment I returned to you with marks and feedback by the end of Week 7.

    Assignment II

    Well done to all the pairs that have gotten straight into Assignment II - this assignment is something that you will need to chip away at and complete in small increments over the next few weeks in order to succeed as a team.

    • The specification is available on Confluence ;
    • We have lots of help sessions over the next few weeks to support you in completing the assignment;
    • Remember to communicate proactively about any teamwork issues as they arise - with each other and your tutor so that they can be resolved.


    Lab05 is due Monday of week 7 not week 6 but I suggest you get started on it because the labs are bite-sized versions of the assignment, so if you understand the labs you will probably find the assignment easier .

    Make sure to also check out the Lab Retrospectives if you want to go back and have a look at a solution at previous lab exercises.

    We'll see you on Monday of Week 7 - where start to move into the next phase of the course, discussing more Design Patterns and Generic Programming.

    Have a fantastic flexi week!

  • Release of assignment ii

    Posted by Sienna Archer 🦔 Wednesday 15 March 2023, 09:14:05 PM.

    The spec for assignment-ii can be found here
    You repository can be found under COMP2511/23T1/teams/<your pair name>/assignment-ii

    We will go over it in the lecture tomorrow, see you then!

  • End of Week 4 Updates 🎸

    Posted by Sienna Archer 🦔 Friday 10 March 2023, 07:00:04 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Well done on making it to the end of Week 4!


    Lab 04 is due Week 5, Monday 1 pm

    Lab 05 is due Week 7, Monday 1 pm . Lab 05 was rewritten this term so hopefully you all find it interesting! Any feedback is appreciated, you can either put it on the forum or but filling out the feedback form .

    Assignment I

    Assignment I is due next Friday (Week 5) at 5pm. Less than a week to go . Make sure to mark your submission with a tag and push it to GitLab. Any commits on master after the deadline will be taken as a late submission , so push everything before 5 pm.

    Make sure to push your code to the master branch of your repository as well as the submission tag . The tag is just a marker on the commit, not a branch of its own.

    We have lots of Help Sessions over the next week up until the deadline to support you in completing the assignment, plus asynchronous help via the Course Forum! Though be warned they will be much busier as the week goes on and there isn't one on Friday as it is normally after the assignment deadline.

    Assignment II

    The Assignment II specification will be released Thursday morning on Confluence.

    If you are not sure who your partner is for Assignment II please contact your tutor so they can help you out - it'll be really important that you can hit the ground running and get started with your partner.

    We'll be going through the assignment during the lecture.

    Advanced Software Engineering Elective

    From Nick:

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you're enjoying COMP2511 so far.

    This term I'm teaching SENG3011 - Advanced Software Engineering Workshop which is currently offered only to students enrolled in a SE degree.

    We are looking to find out whether non-Software Engineering students in CSE would be interested in taking an elective with a similar focus if it was offered. The course teaches students modern software engineering techniques and toolchains including AWS, Docker, GitHub, Jira/Confluence, Feature Flags and Observability, and advanced teamwork and leadership in a software engineering environment.

    You can access the course outline here and the course lecture schedule here .

    Please fill out this short survey: ❓ :)

    Thanks for your time!

    Have a good weekend!

Upcoming Due Dates

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