• Final marks

    Posted by Jingling Xue Thursday 20 May 2021, 10:10:47 AM.

    Dear COMP3131/9102,

    I believe the system may have emailed you (or some of you) wrong final marks, since the system assumes the arithmetic means is used for computing the final mark from both the assignment marks and the exam marks.

  • Final Exam is Over

    Posted by Jingling Xue Saturday 01 May 2021, 12:03:40 PM.

    Dear COMP3131/9102 Student.
    The deadline has passed. I assume you have all submitted your answers.
    If you haven't submitted your declaration as per the instructions for this exam, please do it asap.
    Unless we have your declaration, we cannot mark your paper.


  • Q5

    Posted by Jingling Xue Saturday 01 May 2021, 09:47:18 AM.

    For Q5, can you draw the AST in ASCII? All we care is that the labels must be correct.
    You have been given plenty of time to draw such a tree in ASCII, as a physical exam in the past of this level of complexity was done in 2 hours only.

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