• Past Exam Papers

    Posted by Jingling Xue Friday 12 April 2024, 02:59:40 PM.

    Dear COMP3131/9102 Students,

    You can download a few past exam papers from our course page by clicking the "Exam" button on the left.

  • A clarification for .limit stack size

    Posted by Jingling Xue Friday 12 April 2024, 01:35:36 PM, last modified Friday 12 April 2024, 01:41:07 PM.

    Dear COMP3131/9102 Students,

    When translating a method in a VC program, your compiler will be required to generate a directive:

    `.limit stack XXX`

    Here, XXX indicates the size of the operand stack allocated by the JVM during the execution of the method.

    Given that our VC compilers might produce a range of code sequences without focusing on optimisation, the stack size you calculate may differ from that determined by our reference solution.

    This implies that you may select a different stack size as long as it meets the minimum requirements for your code sequence. Specifically, if the minimum required stack size for your code sequence is 10, any value for XXX less than 10 will cause your code to crash. On the other hand, setting XXX larger than 10 means your compiler is utilizing more memory than necessary. When marking this assignment, we will be lenient and not impose any penalties if XXX exceeds 10 by, for example, 1 or 2.

  • This Thursday's tutorials changed to be online

    Posted by Jingling Xue Wednesday 10 April 2024, 07:24:50 PM.

    Dear COMP3131/9102 Students,

    The tutorials we have tomorrow (11 April) will have to be done online. See below. Thanks for your understanding. --- Jingling

    Hi Jingling,

    I'm still having difficulty walking properly. Could you please inform the students that tomorrow's tutorials will also be conducted online?

    They can use the same links as last week, which are provided below for your convenience:



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