• Assignment 2 now available

    Posted by Paul Hunter Sunday 19 June 2022, 07:53:32 PM.

    Hi all,

    The second assignment is now available. It is due on Friday 1 July at 17:00 (AEST).

    Note that content for the last part will be covered on Wednesday this week.

    Tuesday's lecture will be online as usual because we will be covering SPIN/Promela, and it is easier to do this in an online setting than f2f.


  • End of Lecture 4 & f2f lecture reminder

    Posted by Paul Hunter Friday 10 June 2022, 07:14:01 PM.

    Hi all,

    At the end of my slides for Lecture 4 I forgot to put in a bibliography and a link/reminder for the weekly feedback . I have now added these to the uploaded slides.

    Also a reminder that the lecture on Tuesday next week will be on campus in Ainsworth 202 at 11-1. It'd be great to meet as many of you as I can, and to encourage participation at the somewhat inconvenient time I'll be shouting [some form of] lunch for the attendees. To work out what sort of lunch, I've set up a poll:

    Please consider sharing your opinion, even if you are only a maybe. The poll will finish at 2pm tomorrow (Saturday) so that I have time to organise whatever option is most popular.

    Looking forward to meeting those of you who can make it,


  • Assignment 1 now available (really)

    Posted by Paul Hunter Saturday 04 June 2022, 06:25:05 PM.

    Apologies - I accidentally uploaded the wrong spec earlier on. The correct assignment spec is now available.

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