• Group project presentation and demo in Week 10 and report submission

    Posted by Hui Guo Friday 16 April 2021, 02:10:29 PM, last modified Friday 16 April 2021, 02:14:51 PM.

    Please be informed that the group project presentation is postponed to your TLB class.

    In your TLB class next week (Week 10), each project group will present your project work in the first two hours to the class and then demonstrate your design to your lab tutors.

    For the presentation, each group is given 25 mins (including 5 mins for Q&A) to present your work in the following four areas:

    1. overall desgin idea that includes ISA, assembly code, and processor organization

    2. implementation that covers HDL model and performance analysis

    3. testing that covers testing strategies and simulation results

    4. conclusions that covers project outcomes and reflection on the project development

    Note: for groups with less than 4 members, a member is allowed to present their work in more than one area.

    The sample peer assessment form is available on the Assignment page.

    Also, the SMS is ready to receive your report submission via the course website. The deadline for the submission is 18:00:00, Friday April 23.

  • Quiz 6

    Posted by Hui Guo Monday 29 March 2021, 10:44:37 AM.

    For Quiz 6 this week, there are some changes. Please read the quiz instructions before attempting the quiz.

  • Quiz 1 and Lab 1 marks available

    Posted by Hui Guo Friday 26 February 2021, 02:18:38 PM.

    The lab and quiz marks have been uploaded to SMS. To find your marks, login to your CSE account and type the following command.

    3211 classrun -sturec

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