• Final Exam

    Posted by John Shepherd Sunday 03 December 2023, 05:09:30 PM.

    The final exam is tomorrow!

    Before the exam:

    • Get a good night's sleep
    • Make sure you know your assigned time and location
    • Remember to bring your photo ID (student ID preferred)
      • Driver's licence/passport is a tolerable substitute
    • Aim to arrive early

    During the exam:

    • Use your reading time well
      • Decide what questions you want to tackle first
    • Submit as you complete each question
    • Keep an eye on how long you're spending on each question
      • Move to another question if spending too long

    For the SQL/PLpgSQL/Python questions, you may find it useful to re-use views and functions from earlier questions in answering later questions. Keep in mind that we expect the code for each question to be self-contained. If you want to re-use, copy and paste.

    When marking, we create a new database from scratch, load the code for the question, and then run the tests. In the exam, the check script loads the code for the question into the existing database. Not quite the same.

    Good Luck.

  • Exam Database

    Posted by John Shepherd Friday 01 December 2023, 04:00:52 PM.

    The database for the exam is now available.

    Download and explore before Monday to save time in the exam.

  • Supp Exams

    Posted by John Shepherd Saturday 25 November 2023, 12:08:40 PM, last modified Monday 27 November 2023, 01:08:26 PM.

    Messages from UNSW about Supp Exams will tell you that Supps are held in the week of Jan 8-12.

    CSE lab-based Supp Exams will not be held then. They will be held on Monday 5 Feb 2024 (which is the start of O-week). This includes the COMP3311 Supp Exam. If you have a COMP3311 Supp, you are required to be available to sit the Supp in-person in the CSE Labs in Sydney on that day (Feb 5).

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