• Final Lecture + Final Exam Detail

    Posted by Wen Hu Wednesday 21 April 2021, 10:54:08 AM.

    • Tomorrow is our final lecture . I will wrap up the remainder of the content on link, recap what we have learnt in the course and discuss about the final exam (content coverage, logistics, type of questions, how to prepare, etc.). Come and say good bye.
    • The final exam will be held on 2:00 pm - 4:05pm, 07/05/2021, Friday Sydney time . It will be an online Moodle quiz in two parts. Part 1 will run from 2pm to 3:05pm. There will be a 5 minute break. Part 2 will run from 3:05pm to 4:05pm . Further details about the final exam including a link to a practice exam (in two parts) are available on the final exam page . Please make sure that you read all information on the page carefully.
    • There is a masterclass on the InterPlanetary File System (a protocol of peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system, e.g., blockchain), which may be of interest to some of you. Registration is free and a Certificate of Completion is available upon completion of the course.

  • Week 10: Final Week of Lectures, Lab 6 and Assignment deadlines, Extra Assignment Consultations, Tutorials replace Labs

    Posted by Wen Hu Monday 19 April 2021, 09:38:17 AM.

    A few important announcements for this week:

    • This is our final week of lectures . We will wrap up Link Layer (and the course) this week, and will discuss about the final exam on Thursday. Come and say good bye !!
    • Due to the CSE server outage last week, the deadlines for Lab 6 and Assignment have been extended for 2 days respectively. Lab 6 is due by 11:00 am Thu 22 April 2021, and the assignment is due by 11:59am Sun 25 April 202 1 . Upon many requests, we also arranged extra assignment consultations this week. Please attend them if you need help. If you have created additional files (beyond the base server.* and client.*), please feel free to group them under two sub-directories ( server and client ) in your archive. This will be helpful for us while marking.
    • There will be a tutorial replacing the lab (in your usual Zoom/Teams meeting) this week. This will serve as useful practice for the final exam. Please look through the questions beforehand and try to solve them by yourself. All questions on the tutorial are from past exams. So effectively, it is a sample exam.
    • Please complete the myExperience surveys . The response rate so far is rather poor (less than Faculty and School averages). We would appreciate your feedback.
    • The final exam will be held on 2:00 pm - 4:05pm, 07/05/2021, Friday Sydney time online (Moodle) . Later this week I will make available several resources for the final exam including a practice exam. Stay tuned for further details.
    • I know this is a busy week for everyone but make sure to not overwhelm yourself. Good luck with everything.

  • Extra Assignment Consultation in Week 10.

    Posted by Wen Hu Sunday 18 April 2021, 09:51:58 PM.

    Upon many requests, we have arranged new assignment consultations in Week 10. The schedule is available here

  • CSE servers encountered some issues for the past day or so

    Posted by Wen Hu Friday 16 April 2021, 06:10:48 PM.

    Hi all,

    We understand that the CSE servers encountered some issues, which have been fixed. It is unfortunately possible that some students have lost all their files in their home directories and will only discover this when they next log in.

    If you have lost all your files, you can try restoring them following these instructions. If this doesn't work, or you need help, please email . Please be patient, it may be well into Monday before System Support can help everyone.

    As such, the deadlines of Lab 6 and Assignment will be extended for two days.

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