• Week 4: Getting Busy (Transport Layer, Lab on DN & TCP Socket Programming, Assignment to be released)

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Friday 18 June 2021, 01:09:55 PM.

    A number of announcements for Week 4. Read carefully:

    • Lab 2 deadline is 4 pm, Tuesday, 22nd June .
    • Lab 3 is released and will require you to get into the nitty-gritty of DNS and gain experience with TCP socket programming.
    • In the lectures this week we will begin our journey into the Transport Layer. Lecture notes are available.
    • The assignment specification is ready and will be released on Tuesday, 22nd June . An announcement will follow with details.
    • The mid-term exam which is worth 20% of the course mark, will be held on Monday, 12th July (Week 7) during regular lecture hours ( 1-3 pm ). The exam will be held online on the Inspera assessment platform. Further information and a sample online exam will be available in Week 5.
    • The solutions to Lab 1 and your marks for the same will be released by Tue/Wed next week . Please cross-check the solutions to find out why marks were deducted (if any). If you have questions about marking, ask your tutor. The easiest way to access your marks is through the WebCMS interface. Click on the marks icon located beside your name at the bottom of the left frame.
    • Everybody is strongly encouraged to discuss solutions to all homework problems on the course forum. Several questions are from past exams and will you prepare for the mid-term and final exams.
    • Many web services (banks, airlines, Aus Post) in Australia experienced an outage yesterday due to a routing error in the CDN (Akamai) provider. I thought it worth posting as we discussed CDN's this week. You can read about the issue here .

    Have a great weekend and see you in lectures next week.

  • Public Holiday: Monday 14th June

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Monday 14 June 2021, 07:30:25 AM.

    A reminder that today, 14th June, Monday is a public holiday . There will be no live lectures or consultations today.

    A pre-recorded video covering E-mail, P2P, CDN and Socket Programming is available for your viewing in the Youtube and Echo360 video playlists.

    The lab 1 deadline is 4 pm , Tuesday, 15th June.

    See you in the live lecture tomorrow (15th June, Tuesday).

  • Week 3: Wrapping up Applications + Lab2

    Posted by Salil Kanhere Friday 11 June 2021, 12:04:51 PM.

    The Lab 1 report is due by 4 pm , Tuesday, 15th June . Submission instructions are in the lab spec. Submissions received via email will NOT be entertained. Do also note the requirement to submit a TAR archive. It is easy to create one using the command line tar utility in Linux (VLAB) or on Mac OS. On Windows, you can use 7-zip and on Mac OS you can alternately use Unarchiver .

    Monday, 14th June is a public holiday. I have thus pre-recorded a lecture's worth of content covering E-mail, P2P, CDN and Socket Programming. The recording is available on the Youtube and Echo360 playlists. We will have our usual live lecture on Tuesday @ 4 pm where I will cover DNS and answer any questions you may have on the pre-recorded lecture content.

    In Lab 2 , we will explore HTTP and learn to use a new tool called Wireshark, a protocol analyzer. We strongly encourage you to install Wireshark on your machine (instead of running it through VLAB). It is free and works on all operating systems. Download it here . You will also get your first exposure to socket programming. Sample working client/server programs in C/Java/Python are available under the Week 1 lecture content.

    Very few students appear to be attempting the homework questions . We strongly encourage everyone to work through these questions on their own. We will post answers for the collated questions (e.g. Introduction Questions). However, the questions marked with " Students to Discuss Solutions " are exclusively left for you to work on. Please post your solutions on Ed . We are happy to provide feedback on your attempts, but will not provide ready solutions. This should serve as excellent practice for the exams.

    Have a great long weekend and see you in the lecture on Tuesday !!

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