• Assignment + LabTotal Marks

    Posted by Wei Song Sunday 20 August 2023, 01:33:47 PM.

    Dear Students,

    Your assignment and lab total marks are released. You can check them via webcms -> grades (the button beside your name) -> give (login with your zID), and then you will see the "assign" and "LabTotal" fields.

    If you have any issues with those marks, please email our course email ( or directly email your allocated tutor.

    Good luck!

  • Good luck with final exam

    Posted by Mahbub Hassan Saturday 19 August 2023, 04:21:22 PM.

    The final exam is only 2 days away. It will start at 1:45pm on Monday 21 August within the Inspera platform .

    An important reminder: please be aware that you won't have the opportunity to engage with your lecturer or tutor throughout the examination period. Should any concerns arise during the exam, it will be necessary for you to reach out to the designated exam authority using the contact information provided to you on Inspera on the respective day.

    The Ed forum will be switched to the Read Only mode from Monday.

    Here are a few pieces of advice, even if they may seem rather obvious:

    • Get a good night's sleep before the exam day.
    • Have something to eat before the start of the exam (don't let the hunger distract you during the precious exam time).
    • Keep a water bottle handy.
    • Find a quiet and comfortable location where you are unlikely to be interrupted for the duration of the exam.
    • Make sure your computer is charged and connect it to a power outlet.
    • If you are on a shared network, make sure others using the network will not engage in heavy usage.
    • Download all lecture notes and homework questions/answers to your computer to avoid potential bottlenecks with the WebCMS server.
    • Don't panic if you cannot answer a question, move on and return to it later.
    • Remember to answer all questions.
    • Remember to breathe !!
    • May the Force be with you all !!

    Good luck, everyone!

  • MyExperience survey ends in 48 hours! Please complete them ASAP.

    Posted by Mahbub Hassan Tuesday 08 August 2023, 05:59:51 PM.

    The current rate of completion is only 40%. Thank you very much to those who have completed the survey.

    Those who are yet to complete the survey, please spare a few minutes and complete them ASAP before it closes in 48 hours (10 August is the last day to complete). Your input is highly valued and appreciated.


    Your Lecturer

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