• Commencing Week-2: Starting with the Application Layer

    Posted by Wen Hu Monday 18 September 2023, 11:55:31 AM.

    We hope that you had a great weekend. We are about to start Week 2 and would like to remind you of few things:

    • Labs ( Lab 1 ) will start from this week. Make sure you attend the correct lab, the lab slot you are enrolled in, and establish a line of communication with your tutor. Stay in touch with your tutor throughout the term regarding all your labs.
    • In Week 2 lectures, we will learn the famous layering concept and the layering architecture that underpin computer networking and the Internet. We will make a start with the Application Layer and try to cover HTTP and Email in this week.
    • You are highly encouraged to attend the lectures in-person and shape the interactions and engagements that go on in such face-to-face teaching. In case you miss the in-person lectures, video recordings of lectures are available from Echo360 but you will have to be logged into Moodle to access them.
    • We are developing the assignment specs for you, which is expected to be released later next week.
    • It's great to see that many of you are already using the Ed forum . Those not sure how to access the forum, please remember that must join the forum first via the following link:
    • Homework questions for Week 2 is available. We have also released the sample solutions for Homework questions for Week 1.
    • Looking forward to see you in the lecture tomorrow.

  • Welcome to 2023 Term 3 Offering of COMP3331/9331 Computer Networks and Application

    Posted by Wen Hu Thursday 07 September 2023, 11:33:46 AM.

    Welcome to COMP3331/9331, Term 3, 2023 . The course webpage is at

    The course is being offered in a hybrid mode, i.e., a mix of in-person and on-line activities. All lectures will be in-person, face-to-face. Most labs are in-person, supplemented with a few online labs. The exams will be held online and shall use the Inspera exam environment.

    Please check your enrolment and attend the appropriate lab class. If you have enrolment issues, then please get in touch with the Nucleus Student Hub . The course staff do not have access to the enrolment system.

    Please read the course outline carefully .

    Our first lecture will be held on Tuesday 12 September, from 11:00-13:00 in Colombo Theatre A (UNSW Kensington Campus).

    All content for Week 1 is now available on the Lectures page.

    Labs will commence in Week 2, even if your timetable indicates that they start in Week 1. Details are on the Labs page.

    We will be using Ed Discussions for the course forum. Please join via this link , or via the QR code below. The forums on both WebCMS and Moodle are disabled.

    We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Upcoming Due Dates

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