• Final demos on Monday week 13

    Posted by Claude Sammut Friday 13 October 2017, 05:00:59 PM.

    To give you a little more time to finish the project, we'll have the final demo on Monday, week 13, 12-3pm.

    The report is still due on Friday. Please remember to follow the structure of a regular scientific paper, with sections, more or less like:

    1. Abstract
    2. Introduction
    3. Background and Related Work
    4. Theory or principles underlying your work
    5. Implementation
    6. Evaluation and experimental results
    7. Conclusion and future work
    8. References
    9. Appendices (if needed)

    Only number the section headings from the introduction to the conclusion. The others are unnumbered.

  • Lectures and labs back to nprmal

    Posted by Claude Sammut Monday 28 August 2017, 12:16:40 AM.

    This is a reminder that we are back to the normal schedule of lectures on Monday and labs on Wednesday

  • RoboCup Recruitment Talk

    Posted by Claude Sammut Wednesday 16 August 2017, 02:44:25 PM, last modified Wednesday 16 August 2017, 02:51:21 PM.

    There will be a presentation on RoboCup SPL soccer tomorrow (17 August) at 1pm in the CSE seminar room, K17-113. If anyone is interested in getting involved in the team, you are welcome to come along. The presentation will be given by 2017 team members, who will be happy to talk to you and answer questions.

  • Next Week's Lecture

    Posted by Claude Sammut Monday 14 August 2017, 11:16:16 AM.

    Because of a clash, we will have to rearrange the lecture and lab times next week. On Monday, you will have a three hour lab session on Monday and we will have the lecture in the two hour slot on Wednesday, in Civil 102. This may mean postponing the marking of assignment 1 to week 6.

  • Summary of reading material

    Posted by Claude Sammut Monday 14 August 2017, 11:14:34 AM.

    Don't forget to write a one paragraph summary of each of the papers we are reading this week. They will be checked during the lab on Wednesday.

  • Reminder to recharge the turtlebots

    Posted by David Rajaratnam Tuesday 08 August 2017, 10:12:20 AM, last modified Tuesday 08 August 2017, 10:13:45 AM.

    Just want to send a reminder to make sure that you leave the turtlebots plugged in and recharging when you leave the lab. When you plug the base in to recharge the light next to the on-off switch will pulse red. If it doesn't start pulsing red within a few seconds then try again (or try a different charging point). When the base is fully charged the light will turn green.



  • Assignment 1 Available

    Posted by David Rajaratnam Thursday 03 August 2017, 09:59:38 AM.

    Assignment 1 is now available. You can access it here

  • Wednesday Laboratory Reminder

    Posted by David Rajaratnam Tuesday 25 July 2017, 09:51:24 PM.

    As I mentioned in class on Monday, there won't be a lecture on Wednesday 10:00-12:00. Instead the focus will be on getting up an running on the robots so there will be a laboratory in the robotics lab (J17 level 5).

  • First Two Weeks

    Posted by Claude Sammut Friday 21 July 2017, 01:51:32 PM.

    The first two weeks of COMP3431 will get you familiarised with the ROS robot programming environment. The lectures will be presented by Dr. Dave Rajaratnam. Professor Sammut will take over when he returns from RoboCup.

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