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    Posted by Aaron Quigley Monday 20 December 2021, 07:58:41 AM.

    Hi all (sorry for the long message but thanks for all your myExperience comments)

    For COMP4511 - Comparison of results for "Overall I was satisfied with the quality of the course" 96.6%

    vs SCHOOL: School of Computer Sci & Eng 89 vs FACULTY: Faculty of Engineering 89

    My feedback is in [AJQ] below...

    What your said on "What could be improved?"

    Table for What could be improved?.
    1. The criteria given to students were quite vague or heavily dependent on the fact that students should still have resources from 4511. For instance for usability tests there was an expectation on what would be included but it was not until we asked the tutor for an outline that we got it.

    Like for the usability test summary, there was no clear outine of what to do similar with the demo etc.

    Also,I think peer/team feedback would be great.

    [AJQ] - I'll make a note to include a resources link in 2022 but actually things which encourage tutor discussion are invaluable

    – Starting laboratories in Week 1. The first group deliverable was quite a lot of work.
    – Having more RN help session times. If people can't make the Wednesday time slot then they can't get any support.

    [AJQ] - Wk1 might be tricky given material might be delivered unto 2pm and then a tutorial might start a hour of two later.
    [AJQ] - we will look at more help sessions but the ones this year were not well attended

    Labs were interesting, like don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the extra time given to us to work on our group project deliverables but besides that I don't feel like I really met people in my tute outside of those in my group

    [AJQ] - we might try some inter-group peer feedback in 2022 so more people can meet

    I felt that the lectures were mostly a repeat of everything we already learnt in 3511.

    [AJQ] -
    I did review 3511 (as I've taught a similar course before) so I did try to steer to the UX more than the HCI fundamentals but I'll ask Nadine to take a pass on 4511 for suggestions

    N/A can't think of any other way for this course to be improved

    [AJQ] - thanks for the feedback

    Maybe the tutorials could be a tad more focused on specific activities so there's more learning and memorising of content?

    [AJQ] - that could be tricky as we already provide a lot of guidance and I wouldn't want to make it so formulaic that you wouldn't get to experience the ownership you need for such projects. I will think about your feedback.

    – i didn't like using the webcms forums. i understand that keeping everything in one place was good but for the forums, webcms was a terrible choice. it's so hard to navigate and the notification system is non–existent.

    a better forum would be ed– better UI, easy to navigate AND since other courses use ed as well, mostly all of our forums would be in the same place.

    [AJQ] - I'm trying to get everyone in CSE to align around a few LMS which is why I choose this. I'd like to improve WebCMS rather than drag more and more tools in

    learning react native was quite difficult– dennis' lectures were helpful but it was really quite demanding that we learn to code up such a complex app in such a short amount of time– maybe some short pre–recorded videos with short react native tutorials would be nice if we want to get ahead and start coding as soon as possible when we reach that stage of the design process. i felt like i wasted sooooo much time just trying to scavenge documentation. help sessions were somewhat helpful but it was scheduled at such an inconvenient time

    [AJQ] - I'll try to front load more react native deliverables in '22

    something else that was tedious was the need to compress our deliverables into smaller pdf files but i can't think of any ways that you can improve that + lots of gateway errors that added a bit of stress when submitting

    [AJQ] - I'll work on that for '22

    also, for the group project, it would be nice if the marking criteria was a bit less vague. ie our team lost marks as our tutor was specifically looking for an issues table when we analysed the results from our usability tests but we didn't know that until after we got our marks and feedback as it wasn't really specified in the criteria

    [AJQ] - I'll look at this but I will say the marking sheet we have in 4511 is the most specific I've had in my career! Where I worked last 16/20 was a *good* mark and to get 18 or 20 you had to be exceptional in ways you defined for yourself. I worry about making everything counted down to the last mark as the "lost marks" is deeply worrying for me as it's not about losing marks at all. (this is a longer discussion but I'll consider what you raised)

    other than that, i really enjoyed this course
    [AJQ] - thanks

    The React native lectures I found were really difficult to follow along with. Sometimes, the demos moved really slowly and focued on theoretical concepts that weren't really necessary to the assignments. Other times, the demos moved so fast that I just had to give up and carry out the demos in my own time with the lecture recording – ultimately doubling the time spent.
    [AJQ] - I'll feedback to Dennis

    I felt that the final React Native deliverable was out of the blue. We just focused on design and iterations all throughout the term, and then "boom!" a react native deliverable. It was stressful and we barely had enough time to complete core features in our beta app. If I was to fix this, I'd still keep the react native beta deliverable but only ask students to built out 1–2 core features rather than the whole thing – its simply unrealistic.

    [AJQ] - I'm going to get something on this earlier in the term to awaken the build work early

    The course had many deadlines which made it difficult to keep up with at times. In particular, having to code an entire app's interface is a huge task to do within two weeks in addition to the coursework we have to complete for other courses as well. In addition, the tutorials did not really teach concepts or react native from lectures which made the coding of the interface a bit more difficult (though it was appreciated that there were react native sessions every Wednesday that were optional to attend which I unfortunately did not attend). Overall, the course provided a great experience and the dedication and enthusiasm the staff showed for the course and design was greatly appreciated.

    [AJQ] - yep, ongoing assessment vs exams are very tricky. Like you I felt under pressure but honestly, without all these deadlines and pieces of work we know people backload the work and it's a bigger mess. In industry weekly deadlines are the norm and this pace is realistic. What's hard for you to judge is that you ideally want a fully polished thing at the end but in 10 weeks all you can do is learn this process once and improve in the future. I was genuinely very impressed with what you all managed to iterate and produce at the end so kudos for that.

    [AJQ] - I thought long and hard about reducing the deliverables but each time I did I knew there would anther cost

    Too many lecture exercises
    [AJQ] - Wow! I thought we had too few!

    A better system of tracking individual contributions to group work, clearer explanations of what is required of each deliverable
    [AJQ] - We will look at some sort of peer grade and reflection in '22 I think

    Timeframe between submitting an assignment and receiving marks/feedback. E.g. receiving feedback for the first diary submission in Week 9 was not very helpful.

    [AJQ] - we will look at that for '22

    For a 50% group project with a large weighting on the coding part, there is very little time given to this compared to the other deliverables. Would be nice to start the deliverables earlier on to make more time for this, considering we have an individual report to hand in as well.

    [AJQ] - YUP! We will start earlier in '22

    the timing of the individual presentation was kind of strange, having something extra be due in week 8, probably something left over from semesters. I felt that I did learn a lot from doing it though

    [AJQ] - curious.. I'll chat to the demonstrators. I'd not heard this issue before....

    In 3511 we broke down the design thinking process in substantial detail, so I would have preferred this course to be an extension, and draw on new concepts that we hadn't gone through previously with a bigger focus on mobile design and using react native. This carries across to the group assignment, too much of the checkpoints consisted of tasks I have done repeatedly in other comp and seng courses, I would've liked to have had more time to develop a react native prototype rather than 2–3 rounds of prototyping and testing. Whilst I understand these are critical parts of the design process, due to the limited time of trimesters, it would have been more beneficial to be able to apply the react–native concepts earlier on in the course.

    [AJQ] - Yup, I have an idea for micro-components early on which and assembled into molecules etc. as we go so you touch the react native in week 3 in a lab...

    Thanks for all the feedback.

    What were the best things about this course?

    Table for What were the best things about this course?.
    – Both Denis and Aaron were great lecturers.
    – Having full ability to make whatever application we want is great.
    – Having not too many deliverables. Splitting up the design diary into 2 submissions instead of weekly submissions relieved a lot of stress.
    liked how passionate Aaron was
    interesting content, especially liked colour theory
    Think watching vids during lectures were really insightful because at the end of the day, our design thinking is user–centric and we are gaining greater perspectives (I'm referring to that little people design video as I am writing this)
    The community because its small.
    The main assignment was basically one big project over the term so it felt good to keep building on it.
    Really loved the group work and iteration aspect. Creating a full user interface over the course of 10 weeks and seeing it develop from low–fidelity to beta prototype was extremely fulfilling.
    The staff!! Aaron, Dennis and my tutor Lavanya were all incredibly supportive and equally amazing at teaching.
    Group project gave us lots of freedom which is great and sorta rare in Computer Science courses! :)
    I really loved the lectures and the iteration involved with the group project – really opened my eyes to the entire design process and how valuable it is to iterate and test regularly.

    I also really liked how the class was relatively small. This meant that I could get really detailed feedback and feel more like I was in a tight–knit learning community.
    I think the react native lectures were quite good. They weren't focused on too much theory but really focused on explaining how to code in react native. The lecturer delivered the content in an engaging and interactive manner which was greatly appreciated. The tutor was engaging and supportive and was always willing to help.
    Able to build an app using React Native
    Lectures were well taught and clear, content was well organised
    The content is very helpful and can be easily applied to work and side projects.
    Content was really informative and I really enjoyed the code demos with Dennis. Definitely learnt a lot in the course with the self–directed learning + the lecture content :)
    pretty well paced and they gave us time to work on our assignments in the labs, tutors and lecturers have human empathy for students and are generally nice which I love seeing in comp courses
    Passionate lecturers and tutors

  • myExperience now at 72.97%

    Posted by Aaron Quigley Monday 22 November 2021, 09:54:12 AM.

    Thank you to the 27 of you who have completed this. I would really appreciate hearing for the last 10 who haven’t completed this survey.

    Your opinion is important for me to hear and for future students



  • myExperience - now at 54.05%

    Posted by Aaron Quigley Wednesday 17 November 2021, 04:42:10 PM.


    Thank you to the 20 people who have completed the myExperience survey. I would honestly really appreciate if the remaining 17 people could complete this survey today.

    I will promise to post a response message to the issues you all raise here before the end of the year!



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