• Project presentations, demos and reports

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Wednesday 22 April 2020, 04:49:55 PM.

    An enhanced list of requirements for project presentations, demos and reports has been compiled and released at . The page was updated on 22 Apr @16:40; please refresh the page if you do not see this date recorded at the top of the page. Please read the requirements carefully and contact Oliver if you have any questions.

    Also, please send me your seminar evaluations if you have not done so already.

  • Lab and Project Plan marks uploaded; course grading; seminar evaluations

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Thursday 02 April 2020, 03:57:41 PM.

    The lab books and project plans have now been marked - you should be able to see these by clicking on the small bar chart icon bottom-left of the course web page.

    Also, I should mention that consistent with other project courses in the faculty, COMP4601 will continue to be graded with an actual mark.

    Finally, please forward your seminar evaluations as soon as you can after the seminar has been concluded.

  • Week 7 updates on Seminars and Projects

    Posted by Oliver Diessel Sunday 29 March 2020, 04:10:21 PM.

    Seminars start tomorrow at 3:00pm - please join the Team meeting for live streaming of the first two topics. Please read the instructions on the Seminars page of the course website . Executive summaries for tomorrow's seminars are overdue - please email these to me ASAP. Email a draft of your slides by midday tomorrow and a final version after your seminar tomorrow afternoon. I will post these on the Seminars page. Please note that students who are not presenting are expected to participate in the discussion of the seminar (use of the chat function in Teams for recording questions during the presentations is encouraged). These students are also expected to complete one Seminar Evaluation form [ PDF | Word ] for each topic presented. These should be emailed to me after tomorrow's presentations.

    Thanks again for all your hard work in preparing and presenting your Project Plans. Thanks also for posting these to the wiki. I will take a look at these before finalising the Project Plan marks. As foreshadowed, I don't think it is worthwhile asking you to prepare an update for next Friday. Instead, I will award the marks that were intended for the update to the project plans as well. Please don't work on an update for this Friday, but work on your projects instead. Tony and I will be available for consultation from 9-12 on Friday.

    I have read about half of your lab reports and intend finishing their marking this week as well.

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