• Thanks for 20T3!

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Tuesday 12 January 2021, 12:50:45 PM.

    Hi everyone (don't panic),

    I was going to send this notice after exam marks were released, but UNSW shut down very quickly and then it was Christmas and I didn't want to fill your inbox over the peak of the holidays.

    I wanted to take an opportunity just to say thanks for a wonderful term and thanks for being such a great bunch of students in helping get the initial offering of this course off the ground. I personally feel happy that we got a lot of the big things right, and got a number of the smaller things not-so-right, but that was always OK because everyone was happy to give respectful feedback and trust is to steer the ship in the right direction (as much as we could). You were all very kind in the MyExperience survey (I think 6080 scored as one of the highest 5-10 courses in CSE - which is great for a new course). For those of you who were focused on a lot of constructive feedback, rest assured its all been collated and taken on board and is now part of the process of improvement.

    Exciting to see so many of you graduating - good luck on the adventures you have ahead, I am confident you'll all be exceptional in whatever obstacle lies ahead.

    I'd also like to take a chance to appreciate our high performing students:

    • Top 5 overall performing students (in order):
      • 1) Luka Karr
      • 2) Wai Lam Yip
      • 3) Soorriamoorthy Saurva
      • 4) Michael Gribben
      • 5) Gary Bai
    • Highest Exam mark:
      • Luka Kerr
    • Highest Ass3 mark (all getting full marks):
      • Wai Lam Yip
      • Subrat Shrestha
    • Highest Ass2 marks (all getting full marks):
      • Xavier Poon
      • Nathan Ellis
      • Thien-An Pham
      • Mariya Shmalko
      • Luka Kerr
    • Highest Ass1 marks (all getting full marks):
      • Angela Yao
      • Alli Murray
      • Nathan Ellis
      • Kiran Gupta

    Have a great 2021 :)

  • Check your email - not using webcms3 for notices

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Friday 04 December 2020, 09:58:33 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    For the exam, we will not be using Webcms3 notices to communicate. I will instead be emailing you all directly via email for updates. This will prevent any issues if Webcms3 has issues.

    An email should have been sent to all currently enrolled COMP6080 students titled " [6080 Exam] Do not be alarmed - this is a test email ".

    Please check your inbox (or junk folder) to ensure that you've received this email. If you haven't, please email me directly with your zid.

    You will be emailed at 2pm with instructions for the exam.

    Finally, a warning that applies to all students completing the COMP6080 20T3 exam on Saturday the 5th of December.

    • This exam is an individual assessment. Any attempt to communicate with other people (both other students in this course and outside persons) about the contents of this exam will be treated as academic misconduct and may result in you failing this course. This applies to everyone during the exam time, as well as any communication between the end of your exam and Monday the 7th of December. To avoid any doubt about your behaviour during the exam, cease all communication with other students for that time.
    • From Monday the 7th of December onward, you are only allowed to discuss the exam with students who have themselves also completed the exam, and it's your responsibility to check if they have.
    • Your zpass should not be disclosed to any other person. If you have disclosed your zpass, you should change it immediately.
    • Do not place your exam work in any location accessible to any other person. This includes services such as Dropbox and Github.
    • If another student in the course makes any sort of contact with you during the exam, or you’re aware of any instances of other students breaching the conditions above, you are required to email with details of the interaction.
    A reminder that all students sitting the supplementary exam for this course (in January) are required to have no interaction with gitlab at all during the weekend of the 5th and 6th of December 2020.

  • Fill out MyExperience ASAP!

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 23 November 2020, 09:35:04 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Congrats on making it through assignment 3... I hope there are a lot of relieved students who can take a breath finally! Just some updates for you:

    MyExperience must be filled out right away!!!


    Only 29% people have filled it out :( That's more than two thirds of studentsPlease please fill it out! It has a positive impact for you, me, and our entire community. Even if you just do the ratings and then leave no comments (or dots for comments), that's better than nothing.

    It takes a few minutes - so maybe just fill it out as you're reading this email - then you have nothing to remember later!

    It would mean a lot :)

    Sample Exam

    A sample exam has been released and can be found on the exam page .

    Assignment 2 Demonstrations

    A few students have asked to see "other students' ass2". Well last night I put together a short 20 minute video just showcasing 4 different assignment 2 submissions. You can check it out here!

    Assignment 3 Partner Feedback

    About two thirds of students did assignment 3 in pairs. I know that in the majority of those situations there was a relatively similar contribution between team members. However, if you were in a pair situation where you feel you were unreasonably or unfairly let down by your team member, and it's had an impact on you, please reach out to me at in the next few days.

    Assignment 3 Marks

    Due to the lateness of assignment 3 submissions, and the time it takes to mark, I think it's unlikely that you'll receive your assignment 3 marks prior to your final exam. We'll continue to do our best toward that goal, but just be prepared :)

  • Welcome to Week 10

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 16 November 2020, 10:34:09 AM.

    Hey everyone,

    Welcome to the last teaching week of T3 (and the year!). The updates this week are:

    Opportunities at Google/Canva lecture tonight (Monday)

    Tonight's 6pm-8pm lecture slot is being used so that people from Canva & Google can come and talk about opportunities at those companies. Canva will be talking at 6pm, and Google will be talking at 7pm. If you want to learn more about opportunities at these companies, or just ask some questions, then please come along! Of course, it will be record.

    Link is on the lectures page.

    Final lecture on Thursday

    Our final lecture will be on Thursday. It will cover topics around the exam, and any final questions/revisions that people want discussed.

    Remaining content release

    A CSS lecture for week 10 has been released.

    Tut10 and Lab10 will be released this evening - and lab10 won't be overly difficult.

    For the last week 9 lecture (accessibility part 3), given constraints of people's time at Canva, it looks like I'll have to do a quick recording hopefully sometime today - so keep an eye out for the recording. The slides have been there for a while, and they're somewhat self explanatory, but I'll put some commentary on it regardless.

    More opportunities

    A few students have been asking me about other opportunities for work. One area I'd point people to is in the startup space. UNSW has one of the most extensive startup networks in Australia, and if you subscribe to their newsletter you might hear about companies looking for tech talent.

    Assignment 3

    Good luck with assignment 3 this week. Remember not to leave everything until the weekend, and remember it's due at 8pm on Sunday night.


    It's the time of term again to fill out MyExperience ! If you get bored and get a chance to fill it out this week, then please go ahead :) If things are crazy at the moment I'll give you another bump on Monday. We love your feedback, and love to hear how you have foudn the course.

  • A comment on assignment 2 marks

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Wednesday 11 November 2020, 01:16:31 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    It seems that there have been some people unsettled by the assignment 2 marks being released. Given the tension that a few feel around this topic I thought I'd take the time to give a bit more explanation about the marking by the tutors and outline some processes you can follow if you feel something unfair has happened.

    Firstly, I would implore everyone to always feel empowered and supported to raise issues that you feel, and I would also implore people to be respectful to your tutors (who are also students), and understand that education-at-scale has imperfections. Sometimes tutors miss something, sometimes there are judgement errors, sometimes there are clerical errors, and sometimes students miss-understand their own work or the criteria. I think courses function well when teaching staff trust and respect that students concerns are genuine, and when students trust and respect that teaching staff are motivated to ensure that fairness exists in the running of the course.

    The marking criteria for this assessment has been clearly laid out - and is available to both you and the tutors. There isn't any hidden information people are working off. Nonetheless, questions still arise for some of you.

    1. A comment on milestone marking & mobile responsiveness marking

    Some people have already asked why do I only get a "milestone x" (e.g. milestone 2) mark and not a granulated, multi-part breakdown of each milestone? That's easy to answer - because an overall milestone mark is exactly how we assess you. We said you get "10%" for a milestone, not "0.8%" for implementing a particular aspect of a feature. While tutors use scaffolds and rubrics to tick particular boxes (like a tally), it wouldn't be meaningful to provide a "1/1" and "0/1" for each individual feature. The reason for that is because sometimes a "1/1" might be a "1/1... BARELY" and sometimes a "0/1" might be "0/1... RELUCTANTLY". So a milestone is made up of many aspects, and a tutor has the license to look at your features and efforts and build a bit of a holistic picture across that set of features.

    2. A comment on code quality, usability, and accessibility

    These topics are hard to get right - because there are 1000 different approaches students can take that both warrant the gain and loss of marks. For these sections the main issue many of you might face is feeling like your own assessment of satisfying the criteria does not match the mark you were given. And then you will look at the feedback comments the tutor gave you, and they might not be detailed enough to understand. In these cases you will want to reach out for clarity.

    3. Process to follow seeking clarification / resolution

    If you feel something may be unfair about the mark awarded, you should email the tutor who marked your work - email them directly. In the email, please specify:

    • Your personal details :
      • Name & zID
    • Information about your concerns of the appropriateness or clarity of your marks .
      • For each "milestone" section you're concerned with:
        • Mention the milestone number.
        • Highlight which features you think you implemented successfully, and which ones you know you didn't.
        • Explain what mark you would have assumed is more appropriate and why.
      • If you're concerned about your "mobile responsiveness" mark:
        • Explain which, or all of the 3, responsiveness types (desktop, mobile, tablet) you felt you made the site usable for.
        • Explain what mark you would have assumed is more appropriate and why.
      • If you're concerned about either your "code quality" or "usability / accessibility" mark:
        • For this one, you'll just have to explain simply why you think your mark is too low - e.g. the tutor didn't give enough evidence/explanation to justify it, or that perhaps the evidence they gave isn't true etc.

    Sometime within the next 7 days the tutor will respond with information explaining the mark further, and in some cases with an adjustment of the mark (either increasing it or decreasing it). Mark adjustments take up to 72 hours to be reflected in Webcms3.

    Once your tutor responds, if you feel their response isn't fair, you can forward that email exchange to where I will personally review your mark within a week of receiving the email. At that point I will either support the tutor's assessment, or I will increase or decrease your mark.

    Anyway, things are all good!! Keep up the good work and I've seen so many people doing such a good job with ass3. I'll talk to you all on Thursday, and any subsequent updates you receive will be in the Thursday lecture.

  • Welcome to Week 9

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 09 November 2020, 10:48:09 PM.

    Hi everyone! Week 9 updates. Please read!

    Check your marks for lab01-lab07

    Please check your marks on Webcms3 for your labs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. If your lab mark has been awarded to you incorrectly, or it hasn't been rewarded to you at all, you MUST start the conversation about this via email with a teaching staff member no later than 10pm Friday 13th November . We will not be adjusting any previous lab marks past this date - so it's up to you to check this now and not in a month.

    If there is an issue with your mark, please email the tutor who marked that particular lab, and resolve the matter with them. If there is an issue with that process, you can email me at

    Questions about Canva/Google opportunities

    During week 10 we will have reps from both Canva and Google join the live lectures to talk about opportunities at these companies and answer any questions you have. If you have questions for them, it would be great if you could fill in the feedback form with category " Questions for industry recruiters ". This will help them prepare appropriate material.

    These industry lectures will occur during the 6pm-8pm live slots on either Monday or Thursday. This will be confirmed late this coming weekend.

    Assignment 2 Mark Update

    Your assignment 2 mark will be made public on your grades page by 10pm tomorrow night - Tuesday 10th November (it may appear sooner).

    A page has been created to provide detail about assignment 2 marks. It will show you some common mistakes made, and how to receive both your marks and feedback.

    If there are further questions you can post on Piazza.

    Course Content Update

    Week 9 tutorial and lab have been released. Week 9 lectures are all released except for the recording of one lecture. We're still chasing this up, but I would expect to see it by Thursday at the latest.

    In week 10, due to the assignment being due at the end of week, and the time spent on industry opportunities, we will likely only release a single "Advanced CSS" lecture next week. So a light lecture load in week 1.

    I also intend to make lab10 a very straightforward lab next week so that people don't feel under too much pressure.

    Assignment 3 Requirements

    Because we've released the 3 "testing" lectures in the course since the last notice, we've also updated the assignment 3 specification to clearly state what is required in terms of testing.

    Front-end testing is a very new topic, and with the late release of the lectures, we've kept the criteria VERY light (compared to our original intentions).

    Section 6 of the marking criteria has been updated, as well as section 2.7. Expect that we'll have to adjust the wording over the coming days as people ask good and interesting questions that may require us to elaborate more. But we've kept it pretty straightforward.

    If for some reason your assignment 3 repo has unmerged code, that you don't want to merge yet, you can check out the "master" copy of the assignment here for the spec updates.

    See you on Thursday!

  • Welcome to Week 8

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 02 November 2020, 10:04:45 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to week 8 :) Thanks for being such great students this term and being very supportive of a new course with completely new content - it's been great having such a patient student body. Updates below:

    Assignment 3 - Group Formation Deadline

    Originally the deadline for assignment 3 group formation was 5pm today. However, we wanted to confirm some things before sending out the notice today - and therefore everyone missed their last reminder.

    If you are working in a pair for assignment 3, and haven't registered the group as per instructions in the spec, please do so no later than 5pm tomorrow (3rd November) , as we won't count registrations past this date, which means sharing code between two students may potentially count as plagiarism - so fill in the form if you haven't !!.

    Final Exam

    We've put together some early information to share with you about your final exam . We're likely to add more information this over the coming weeks and discuss it more in lectures, with a final schema of the exam being discussed during a lecture in week 10

    Assignment 2 Marking

    Assignment 2 marking is still being completed. They're large assignments and take a while to get through. We're hoping to get the marks to you by end of week / start of next week in the next notice. Your tutors themselves are mostly students, so it's becoming a busier time of term. We appreciate your understanding.

    Week 8 Lectures

    Some week 8 lectures are out. We've had some lectures dropped from industry due to competing time commitments, so I'll be recording a few of the smaller lectures over the next couple of days. We will also be releasing some major testing lectures around Wed/Thu. Thanks for your patience as we consolidate all of this. One of the reasons

    Week 9 Content

    Because week 8 lectures have been delayed, its delayed our week 9 Tutes & Labs release. For the last 2 weeks of the course we're going to operate under the assumption that:

    • Week 9 content (lectures, tutes, labs) is released at the start of week 9
    • Week 10 content (lectures, tutes, labs) is released at the start of week 10.
    Re-calibrating these expectations based on these delays will be helpful for all.

    Also, Zain (Google) is doing part of the live lecture on Thursday to talk about dev tools & networking.

    I'll see you on Thursday!

  • Assignment 3 Release

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Thursday 29 October 2020, 09:49:31 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Assignment 3 is being deployed to your repos currently (or more specifically, a merge request). The lecture tonight was primarily covering background material for the assignment, with the last 20~ minutes talking specifically about the specification.

    I would strongly encourage you watch today's lecture, or at absolute minimum the last 20 minutes, prior to digging into the assignment or dwelling on questions you have. Anything that remains, post on the forum (after searching it).

    Week 7 lecture code from tonight's lecture is up, too .

    More updates to come on Sunday!

    Thanks for being patient with a slower response time the last couple of days.

  • Welcome to Week 7

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 26 October 2020, 04:31:41 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Some updates below! :)

    1. Week 7 & 8 Content Update

    I'm sure many of you have noticed the limited lecture content for week 7! It's a bit of a knock-on effect right now, and I'll take the time to elaborate:

    1.1. The background

    Weeks 7-9 lectures consist of 3 major topics: Testing, UI/UX, And Accessibility . They also consist of a number of smaller "one-off" topics (like the local storage lecture, for instance).

    Of these 3 major topics, UI/UX and Accessibility have had some delays in their content production on our industry partner side, so they're just delayed slightly, nothing horrible. For the testing side, the person in industry who was preparing those lectures has had some circumstances that have meant we've had to change hands for this work, which has created a fairly notable delay. It's a lot to ask of our partners so if we can't make headway in the next day or two, I'll take it over to produce some things later in the week.

    We're getting things on track, so it will be fine, and we also have two very handy things working in our favour at the moment:

    1. We already release content quite early, so we have some breathing room.
    2. Week 7 is probably the one week of term, because of assignment 2 being due, that most of you aren't eager beavers to jump into more content, since you're probably a bit fatigued after the second assignment.
    3. Thankfully we've actually covered a lot of the CORE things that are critical for assignment 3. I mean, we've actually covered most of the "how to do stuff" in the course already, as these last 3 major topics are more about " how to do stuff even better ". So for those of you who want to start on the 3rd assignment in the next few days, I don't actually think it will slow anyone down at all - and all I care about is making sure you're not really worse off.

    1.2. What's happening now..

    Quick summary:

    • Week 7 Lectures - some will be released later today, and more will trickle in throughout the week. I'll give you a much more concrete update of this on Thursday during our lecture
    • Week 8 Lectures - we'll start putting these up as we produce them, but formally I'll push the release of these back 5 days from today to Saturday.
    • Tut08/Lab08 release is going to be pushed back 3 days (from today to Thursday), as we like to plan tuts/labs around lecture content, some of which has been delayed, therefore delaying the release of these activities.

    2. Assignment 2 Due

    Assignment 2 is due at 8pm tonight. We will take the latest commit on master as the submitted code. See assignment spec for late penalties.

    Congrats to so many that have dug deep and gotten through this assignment - while it's not the hardest thing in the world, for many people it's the first time they've had to write this much javascript to all work together as a cohesive package, and that can be quite a climb.

    3. Assignment 1 Solutions

    I've released assignment 1 solutions for 4 of the 6 questions . I omitted two just on account of them not really being that different, and it's better to spend time focusing elsewhere. We included task 1, 3, 5, 6 as they seemed to be the really critical and key ones.

    These solutions are not "perfect", as there are many good ways to solve these problems. Some of you will have equally high quality (maybe better!) solutions that just are different in approach. Just consider these solutions "a" good example, not "the" good example.

    4. Assignment 3 Draft Released Soon

    "Oh god please stop" - yes, I know you just finished assignment 2. It's not being draft released because I hate you, it's just because I don't see a point in releasing it a week from now and giving you 2 weeks to look at it, when I can give you 3 instead. Reality is again that most people won't even look at it until the weekend, and that's totally OK. Releasing it early can also be helpful as the keener-students tend to find problems with it that can get fixed prior to masses looking at it.

    Assignment 3 intends to be released late tonight, for most of you to look at by tomorrow morning.

    It will be in "DRAFT" mode until our lecture on Thursday, where we'll hopefully get passed all the low-level confusion and clarifications, and can formally discuss it in the Thursday lecture.

    5. Tuesday 1pm Tute-Lab

    Dennis runs the Tuesday 1pm lab, and it's actually not a very full class. If you're a student with flexible timetabling and you want to get your lab marked off with potentially less stress of the packed labs, I would recommend attempting to drop into the 2pm-4pm lab on Tuesdays. Of course, if too many people take up this offer then it will also be full - so go in with an open mind.

    Have a great week, and I'll talk to you on Thursday :)

  • Welcome to Week 6

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Tuesday 20 October 2020, 03:34:27 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    Assignment 1 Marks

    Assignment 1 marks have been released. You can see them in the grades section .

    • There are 18 components for your marks - 3 for each of the 6 tasks. "_vc" means visual compliance (out of 3), "_cc" means code quality (out of 3), "_mm" means modern methods (out of 1). Examples are "ass1q3_vc"
    • These components add up to a mark /100 for each "task". So "ass1q2" is out of 100.
    • The real mark that matters is "ass1", which is your overall mark for the entire assessment. It's out of 20 (because the assessment itself is worth 20% of your entire course).

    In many cases, feedback has been left in an unmerged merge request that has been opened in your repo on gitlab. Sometimes feedback wasn't left because it was a common mistake, so for efficiency these are listed here .

    Once you understand your mark, if you want to discuss anything further you can contact the tutor. You can see the tutor that marked you in the `ass1_tutor` field in the grades section.


    • Week 7 material will trickle out over this week. Chasing up some content has been a little slower than expected, but as I get more I will put more up :) Thanks for your understanding.
    • Remember that we still have help session this week!
    • A tutor had to pull out last minute for a help session on Monday at 10am. This has been moved to Tuesday (today) at 10am instead.
    • Good luck with assignment 2!

  • Welcome to Week 5 ( + week 4 lab extension)

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Sunday 11 October 2020, 08:16:30 PM.

    Hi everyone! Updates for week 5.

    Key points are: Week 4 lab extended slightly; short lecture on Monday night; and use feedback form to provide suggestions for Thursday.

    1. Week 4 lab extension

    tl;dr - CSE servers went boom, lab extended slightly

    We will be extending the week 4 lab due date until 10am tomorrow (12th October). This is due to a technical error that has arisen late this afternoon. I have no control over this issue or when it's resolved, therefore can't tell when it's going to be resolved, however, I would be confident it will be resolved before 10am tomorrow so extending it until then.

    2. Monday Lecture Assignment Consultation

    tl;dr - Short Monday lecture for assignment 2 consultation

    I will be using the first hour (6pm-7pm) to have a recorded lecture that is essentially a Q&A / help session / consultation about assignment 2. Doing this tomorrow so that we can potentially give some more breathing room on Thursday. The zoom link is on the timetable page, and the recording will be posted up after.

    3. Week 5 Lecture Suggestions

    tl;dr - please help me provide the best content for the week 5 live lecture

    It's very difficult for us to run lectures in week 6 that will introduce new ideas or methods - mainly because of UNSW Engineering's strict policies around lecturers "teaching" things in week 6. Because of that, it's going to be important that we make the best use of week 5!!

    If you have questions about pre-recorded content that you want us to go into further, or questions about the assignment that you want us to go into further, PLEASE just submit them in our feedback form . Please include your name too - as if I don't understand your request and I can't follow you up we can't do anything with the request.

    Also please note, due to an industry member not having time to complete it, the testing lecture has been moved from week 5 to week 7 to give some more time.

    4. Lectures - Upvoting / Downvoting Youtube Videos

    tl;dr - vote & comment on youtube videos for feedback

    At the end of 20T3 we would love to know which pre-recorded lectures you liked, and which ones you didn't - as well as WHY that is the case! So for any youtube recorded lectures it would be great if on the youtube videos themselves (on you could:

    • Thumbs up or Thumbs down a video depending on if you overall liked it or overall didn't
    • Made a comment on the video with a sentence explaining what you liked, or a sentence explaining what you didn't (in a polite way, e.g. what was missing).

    If a video isn't on Youtube, but you'd still like to leave feedback, you're more than welcome to email instead

    5. Ass2 - Flask & HTTP Lectures from COMP1531

    tl;dr - if you didn't do COMP1531 we have provided some lectures to help understand a backend (not required)

    There are a small handful of students in the course who feel very out of their depth understanding HTTP and what a "Flask" server even is (i.e. the backend for assignment 2). While assignment 2 does not require you "understand" the backend, because you can treat it like a black-box, I know that understanding some of the fundamental computer science behind it can be very useful.

    There is a course I also run called COMP1531, where it's kind of the opposite (we get first years to build a BACKEND for a provided front-end). As part of that we get them to build a flask server which is similar to the one you've been provided. The following are lectures we give them to build their own backend flask servers - you may find them insightful. This isn't required watching:

    6. Reminder of updated course outline for lab marks

    tl;dr - if you're a realllly behind student you may want to check the course outline again

    A followup PSA for any students who didn't watch the week 2 lecture, but in week 2 we adjusted the marking guidelines for labs. Specifically, we made a more generous conversation of "grades" (e.g. 'A') to "marks" (e.g. 2.0). This is well explained in the course outline, and if you haven't seen it yet, you should check it out .

    7. Reminder to start assignment

    This assignment will sneak up on you if you're not careful - so keep an eye on it.

    The only lectures in week 5 that have direct relevance to assignment 2 would be:

    • CSS - Frameworks(on lectures page)
    • UI/UX - Part 2 (on lectures page)

  • Welcome to Week 4

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 05 October 2020, 07:52:22 PM.

    Hi everyone! Welcome to week 4 :)

    Assignment 1

    Congratulations for finishing your first assignment.

    We aim to get assignment 1 marking by the end of week 5. We'll update you at the start of next week with how it's going. You will absolutely get it back with days to spare before your second assignment is due. We're opting to have fewer tutors marking more assignments to ensure there is better and more consistent feedback (a good thing).

    Assignment 2

    Assignment 2 will be released tomorrow (6th October) by 9:30pm. We intended to get it out today, but the long weekend / public holiday threw a few spanners in the mix. Once released ,it will be visible on gitlab, or via the link in Webcms3 assignments section. The assignment is a lot of DOM manipulation via Javascript - nothing to do with React.

    We will discuss the assignment in the Thursday lecture this week. Please read it before the lecture, so that you can get more out of the lecture.

    Week 5 Content

    Similarly, the long weekend has hampered the attempts to get some content out today. There are some last things I'm chasing up our external parties about that I won't hear back until tomorrow (the first business day of the week). Expect to see Week 5 tute & Lab & Lectures trickle in throughout the evening and throughout tomorrow. In some worst cases if our external parties get overloaded, one or two week 5 lectures may come out later this week - we'll see how it goes!

    Please note we have also released the final week 4 lecture on ReactJS Components & Props.

    Lab Marking

    For week 4 and onward, I'm going to ask that everyone please attend their lab that they are enrolled in to get marked off. Please! Last week we had only half the class on Tuesday night and that meant there were several dozen students appearing in the Thursday lab time. This meant that people who have their class on Thursday really struggled to get marked off in the time... please only attend another lab if you have permission from me in writing via email. I know it's not the most fun, and if it was just a few people it wouldn't be an issue, but with so many doing it we have to be more rigid about it.

    I'll see you all on Thursday. Excited to start seeing you all building real dynamic websites over the coming weeks.

    I hope you had a great long weekend!!

  • Welcome to Week 3

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 28 September 2020, 04:53:52 PM.

    Hello everyone!

    We're 20% through the term already, and congrats for making it this for, and a continued thanks to all the students who remain engaged and helping out on the forum and in labs/tutorials generally.

    New content

    The week 4 lectures have mostly been released. There is a big ReactJS lecture and another CSS lecture that Canva didn't end up having the time to complete, so I'll be recording and releasing those instead before the end of Wednesday. The week 4 tutorial & lab will be released late this evening.

    Assignment 1

    Remember that assignment 1 is due at the end of this week. You don't need to formally submit anything, you just need to make sure your master branch on gitlab is what you want to be marked. We will automatically pull from your master branch on gitlab at the submission deadline.

    Our team is ready for you on the forums, help sessions, and labs like always.

    Have a great week. I'll see you all on Thursday for our lecture :)

  • Welcome to Week 2

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Monday 21 September 2020, 02:41:00 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to week 2 of COMP6080. Congratulations on making it through the first week. I hope everyone got their labs completed and pushed to master by 8pm on Sunday, but if you didn't, that's OK! Labs aren't going to make or break your mark in this course, especially if you struggle with one or two.

    Some general updates below:

    Week 2


    We have 2 hours of pre-recorded lectures for week 2. These lectures cover Javascript (both NodeJS on command line, and in the web browser), as well as an introduction to NPM + ReactJS (very light, just to get the ideas in your head). Thanks for being patient while we chased up industry for the NodeJS lectures.

    For live lectures, as per timetable :

    • No to Monday lecture this week (the new normal)
    • Yes to Thursday lecture - I'll see you there! As usual, lectures slides are released late because content is developed mid-week in response to ongoing feedback and learnings from how students find the pre-recorded material.

    Tute & Lab

    Week 2 Tute & Lab were put up last week, and can be accessed and worked on just like week 1 . Most of the focus of the week 2 tutorial and lab is still HTML/CSS. It will be the last time we spend so much time on those two topics explicitly.

    A reminder that if you didn't get lab01 marked off last week, your lab01 mark is given to you during your week 2 tutorial when a tutor marks it.

    Help Sessions

    Don't forget that help sessions start this week, and you can find the schedule here . They are carried out over Zoom.

    Assignment 1

    Assignment 1 is due at the end of week 3, so you still have plenty of time. However, I'd definitely recommend you make at least a start by the middle of this week. Even if it's just tackling the first exercise.

    Keep an eye out for merge requests that we push to your repository as we make clarifications to the assignment (this includes labs too). If you ever feel you need more help with git or gitlab, pop into a help session.

    Week 3

    Week 3 content is mostly complete. For lectures most are there, I'm just chasing up two more pre-recorded lectures. Tutorials and labs for week 3 will be up before the end of today (Monday).

  • Welcome to Week 1

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Sunday 13 September 2020, 12:58:03 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to week 1 of COMP6080. I'll keep this notice short as we're going to be covering a lot of details in our first lecture tomorrow, but I'll give you the quick summary to help you understand what's going on :)


    Short story: First lecture is a live one tomorrow from 6pm-8pm. I doubt we'll take the full 2 hours, and it will simply be an overview of the course and how it's run. I would recommend you come to this, or watch the recording shortly after, before doing much else with the course!

    Remember that there are two types of lectures in this course (that make up an average of 4 hours per week):

    1. Pre-recorded lectures delivered predominately by industry (watch at your own pace)
    2. Live lectures delivered predominately by UNSW (Always in a Thursday, but sometimes on a Monday as well)

    Pre-recorded lectures for weeks 1 & 2 will be released tomorrow (14th September). We'll also release the Monday live lecture slides tomorrow as well.

    Schedule and links to lecture calls are found on the schedule page , and the recordings and PDFs are found on the course work page .

    Tutorials & Labs

    Tutorials and labs for weeks 1 and 2 have been released. You can find them on the course work page . For information about your tutorial/lab and how to join it, see the schedule page .

    Assignment 1

    Assignment 1 has been released . It is due on Sunday of week 3 (so more than 3 weeks from now). We're just releasing it early because it's ready so.. why not give you more flexibility! We would expect a normal student who hasn't spent any time doing web development before would start it toward the end of week 1, so don't let it stress you out!

    Thanks everyone, looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting many many new ones! If you have any questions please post on the Piazza forum.

  • Welcome to COMP6080

    Posted by Hayden Smith πŸŽ‰ Sunday 06 September 2020, 01:19:40 AM, last modified Thursday 10 September 2020, 01:13:08 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Hayden and I'll be your primary lecturer and course convenor for 20T3. As you all know, COMP6080 is a brand new course tackling web-based front-ends, and that means it's going to be a very exciting term ahead! Even for myself, web-based applications have formed the basis of my professional life, so I feel equally as excited as you that we finally have a course for these topics! I'm really looking forward to getting to know many of you, and even more excited to learn as we go about how we can make this course the best it can be for you.

    Most of anything else I would have to say is written in the course outline that you should really take the time to read , and if you have any questions or concerns you're welcome to post in the forum (Piazza) that we've invited you to .

    We'll be updating you later this week (week 0) toward the weekend with a bit more of an overview of the early content and how to get stuck into the course!

    In the meantime, enjoy what precious holidays you have left, try and take a break, and you'll hear from me later this week.

    Stay safe!


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