• Thanks for 20T3!

    Posted by Hayden πŸŽ‰ Tuesday 12 January 2021, 12:50:45 PM.

    Hi everyone (don't panic),

    I was going to send this notice after exam marks were released, but UNSW shut down very quickly and then it was Christmas and I didn't want to fill your inbox over the peak of the holidays.

    I wanted to take an opportunity just to say thanks for a wonderful term and thanks for being such a great bunch of students in helping get the initial offering of this course off the ground. I personally feel happy that we got a lot of the big things right, and got a number of the smaller things not-so-right, but that was always OK because everyone was happy to give respectful feedback and trust is to steer the ship in the right direction (as much as we could). You were all very kind in the MyExperience survey (I think 6080 scored as one of the highest 5-10 courses in CSE - which is great for a new course). For those of you who were focused on a lot of constructive feedback, rest assured its all been collated and taken on board and is now part of the process of improvement.

    Exciting to see so many of you graduating - good luck on the adventures you have ahead, I am confident you'll all be exceptional in whatever obstacle lies ahead.

    I'd also like to take a chance to appreciate our high performing students:

    • Top 5 overall performing students (in order):
      • 1) Luka Karr
      • 2) Wai Lam Yip
      • 3) Soorriamoorthy Saurva
      • 4) Michael Gribben
      • 5) Gary Bai
    • Highest Exam mark:
      • Luka Kerr
    • Highest Ass3 mark (all getting full marks):
      • Wai Lam Yip
      • Subrat Shrestha
    • Highest Ass2 marks (all getting full marks):
      • Xavier Poon
      • Nathan Ellis
      • Thien-An Pham
      • Mariya Shmalko
      • Luka Kerr
    • Highest Ass1 marks (all getting full marks):
      • Angela Yao
      • Alli Murray
      • Nathan Ellis
      • Kiran Gupta

    Have a great 2021 :)

  • Check your email - not using webcms3 for notices

    Posted by Hayden πŸŽ‰ Friday 04 December 2020, 09:58:33 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    For the exam, we will not be using Webcms3 notices to communicate. I will instead be emailing you all directly via email for updates. This will prevent any issues if Webcms3 has issues.

    An email should have been sent to all currently enrolled COMP6080 students titled " [6080 Exam] Do not be alarmed - this is a test email ".

    Please check your inbox (or junk folder) to ensure that you've received this email. If you haven't, please email me directly with your zid.

    You will be emailed at 2pm with instructions for the exam.

    Finally, a warning that applies to all students completing the COMP6080 20T3 exam on Saturday the 5th of December.

    • This exam is an individual assessment. Any attempt to communicate with other people (both other students in this course and outside persons) about the contents of this exam will be treated as academic misconduct and may result in you failing this course. This applies to everyone during the exam time, as well as any communication between the end of your exam and Monday the 7th of December. To avoid any doubt about your behaviour during the exam, cease all communication with other students for that time.
    • From Monday the 7th of December onward, you are only allowed to discuss the exam with students who have themselves also completed the exam, and it's your responsibility to check if they have.
    • Your zpass should not be disclosed to any other person. If you have disclosed your zpass, you should change it immediately.
    • Do not place your exam work in any location accessible to any other person. This includes services such as Dropbox and Github.
    • If another student in the course makes any sort of contact with you during the exam, or you’re aware of any instances of other students breaching the conditions above, you are required to email with details of the interaction.
    A reminder that all students sitting the supplementary exam for this course (in January) are required to have no interaction with gitlab at all during the weekend of the 5th and 6th of December 2020.

  • Fill out MyExperience ASAP!

    Posted by Hayden πŸŽ‰ Monday 23 November 2020, 09:35:04 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Congrats on making it through assignment 3... I hope there are a lot of relieved students who can take a breath finally! Just some updates for you:

    MyExperience must be filled out right away!!!


    Only 29% people have filled it out :( That's more than two thirds of studentsPlease please fill it out! It has a positive impact for you, me, and our entire community. Even if you just do the ratings and then leave no comments (or dots for comments), that's better than nothing.

    It takes a few minutes - so maybe just fill it out as you're reading this email - then you have nothing to remember later!

    It would mean a lot :)

    Sample Exam

    A sample exam has been released and can be found on the exam page .

    Assignment 2 Demonstrations

    A few students have asked to see "other students' ass2". Well last night I put together a short 20 minute video just showcasing 4 different assignment 2 submissions. You can check it out here!

    Assignment 3 Partner Feedback

    About two thirds of students did assignment 3 in pairs. I know that in the majority of those situations there was a relatively similar contribution between team members. However, if you were in a pair situation where you feel you were unreasonably or unfairly let down by your team member, and it's had an impact on you, please reach out to me at in the next few days.

    Assignment 3 Marks

    Due to the lateness of assignment 3 submissions, and the time it takes to mark, I think it's unlikely that you'll receive your assignment 3 marks prior to your final exam. We'll continue to do our best toward that goal, but just be prepared :)

Upcoming Due Dates

There is nothing due!

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