• 🦄 Welcome to Week 10

    Posted by Hayden Smith Saturday 17 April 2021, 03:49:49 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    Week 10 is upon us soon! With assignment 3 being due in 5 days, that means in less than a week you will have completed 75% of this course!

    And the best part? Since the exam is also a ReactJS App (albeit smaller) that means you're basically already studying for the final exam. So we're on the home stretch :)

    MyExperience is open

    MyExperience is now ready to be completed! I will send you a couple of reminders over the next week or two :) Some comments I'll make are: Please distinguish between myself & the course when providing feedback. Don't be negative about the course if your issue is with my teaching style, and don't be negative about my teaching style if your issue is with the course. I really do read the comments and feedback so don't feel it's wasted effort!

    You can complete it here!

    Assignment 2 Marks

    Assignment 2 marks will be released on Sunday the 18th of April @ 10pm .

    You can find more information about how to interpret your grades here .

    Assignment 3 Due Date

    A reminder that assignment 3 is due on Thursday 22nd April (week 10) @ 8pm!

    Week 10 Lectures

    During week 10 we will have two lectures:

    • Monday 6pm-8pm :
      • First hour is a guest lecture from a Canva recruiter
      • Second hour is a help lecture from me for assignment 3
    • Thursday 6pm-8pm :
      • Lecture from me talking about the final exam

    I'll see you on Monday!

  • 🦏 Welcome to Week 9

    Posted by Hayden Smith Saturday 10 April 2021, 06:09:11 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    An early welcome to our second last week. The lectures for week 9 form the very last pieces of content in the course. The only real challenging topic for you all to take on board is most likely the accessibility and testing lectures.

    We'll be here to help you through to the end :)

    Week 9 Guest Lecture

    For week 9, Zain Afzal (from Google) will deliver our first hour of lecture on Thursday 15th of April. It will mostly be a lecture about Web & Javascript, though you are welcome to ask him questions about Google as well!

    For the remainder of the lecture I will be fielding questions you have about assignment 3.

    Please note: The lecture may potentially be a zoom call depending on how I want to set it up :) But the link will be in the same place.

    Assignment 2 marking is ongoing

    We're hoping to get assignment 2 marks to you for next weekend. There is just still a lot to get through! Thanks for being patient.

    I'll see you all on Thursday!

  • 🥚 Welcome to Week 8

    Posted by Hayden Smith Sunday 04 April 2021, 12:12:05 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    An early welcome to week 8. We're on the home stretch in the course now! Just a few weeks of getting comfortable in ReactJS and submitting a last assignment. This course is very assignment heavy, so the harder parts are nearly over.

    I think it's exceptional seeing how well everyone has picked up the content and done their best with it overall. This really isn't the easiest course, and you've been rising to the challenges very well.

    Assignment 3 Release

    • Assignment 3 has been released and information can be found here.
    • It is due on Thursday evening (22nd April) of week 10. Details in the spec.
    • Before you ask any questions on the forum be sure to have watched the week 7 live lecture.

    Assignment 2 marking is ongoing

    • Our aim is to complete assignment 2 marking within a week. However, there is a chance it will slip into week 9 (there is a lot to mark, and your tutors are often latter year students who get busier toward the end of term too).
    • We guarantee you'll get your assignment 2 results back before you have to submit assignment 3 (which is the main thing that matters!)

    I'll see you all on Thursday! Next week we'll be basically doing a big assignment 3 help session during lectures.

    And Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny is bringing you all chocolate today ( :

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