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  • ❄️ End of week 6 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Friday 22 October 2021, 11:40:04 PM.

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you've had an OK flex week. No doubt many of you are still working hard.

    Assignment 2

    Don't forget that assignment 2 is due on Monday 25th October (week 7) at 8pm!

    Please remember that you need to:

    • Ensure your master branch on gitlab has your most up to date code on it, then
    • Submit via the "6080 submit ass2" command to confirm your submission

    Remember that nearly all students won't complete everything - so balance your ambitions whilst also not putting unrealistic expectations on yourself. I believe in you!

    Assignment 3

    Assignment 3 has been released. It's due in 4 weeks.

    Because some of you are working solo and others are working in pairs, I've basically set up "groups" for this assignment. Some groups have 1 person in it (solo) and some groups have 2 people in it (pair).

    A list of all student's (by zid) and your groups can be found HERE .

    For those of you who requested to be in a pair with a stranger, I've allocated you a stranger :) You can email them with their zID.

    Because of this it's difficult to automatically link you to your repo, though if you go to the homepage of gitlab you should see a repo there you have access to.

    Informal Hangout

    I've been running a monthly informal hangout where I invite students in courses I teach to come and hangout to chat for an hour on the last Thursday of every month. It's just a zoom call with no agenda other than to breakup the monotony people have felt during COVID.

    The next one is 8pm-9pm on Thursday the 28th October.

    Zoom link:

    If you want to come say hi, ask me any questions, have me ask you questions, talk about CSE, degrees, or really anything random. Anyone is welcome, including people who aren't doing this course.

    Last time we had about 30~ people there, a bunch of which were chatty and others just wanted to hang out quietly and listen in :)

    Don't forget to go outside for a few minutes a day.

    See you on Wednesday! In week 7 we'll be doing something similar to week 3 where we build a little web page together - except this time it will be with ReactJS instead of vanilla JS.


  • Assignment 1 Marks Released

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Monday 18 October 2021, 11:40:42 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Your assignment 1 marks have been released. Click here to view them in your grades section. Your mark comes in a total ass1 (/100) and also shows the 4 questions broken up into marks out of 25.

    There should also be 4 "grades" that are comments your tutor has left for respective questions to provide high level comments in relation to the mark you were awarded.

    Congratulations to everyone! I had a look at a number of random assignment submissions and it's incredible to see the work you all produced within a few weeks of starting the course. And if you didn't do so well, just remember that assignment 1 is only 15%. it was made lighter to take the stress off the first assignment.

    If there has been any errors in your marks (e.g. extension not taken into account, mark of 0, etc, please email me

    Enjoy the rest of your flex week!! :)


  • 🎩 End of week 5 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith 🎉 Saturday 16 October 2021, 12:11:50 AM.

    Most important: For assignment 3, you can work as a pair (there is slightly more work) - either someone you find or we can find one for you. If you do want to work as a pair, you HAVE to preference that pair no later than Friday the 22nd of October @ 12pm via this URL . See below for more info.

    Hi everyone!

    Flex week is upon us next week. I know you have a big assignment due shortly after, but I hope you can at least use the time to enjoy the lack of class and focus in on some deeper work or a few moments of taking a breath.

    Help sessions continue to run in week 6, and we'll continue to have support on the forums. So we'll be here, don't worry!

    Jamie Domingo (teaching staff) has produced a useful 30 minute lecture that we've thought would be really useful to give you some practical tips on how to improve your UI & UX in your applications. It's a great supplement to other lectures, and you can find it on the lectures page .

    If you need help with assignment 2, remember that the week 4 & 5 live lecture were completely devoted to practical tips to get into it!

    Please read - assignment 3 release & pairs

    For assignment 3, you have the option to work alone or to work in a pair. If you work in a pair, you'll have to do a little bit more work (it will be described in the spec).

    Due date : 63% of voters said that they want assignment 3 to be due on Friday of week 10 (19th Nov). So that's when it shall be!

    Release date : We'll be pushing you a copy of assignment 3 to your repository (for you to work on) on Friday the 22nd of October in the evening (4 weeks before it's due). I'll update you about this in next week's notice.

    Pair/solo preferences : If you want to work as a pair for assignment 3, you need to fill in this preference form no later than 12pm on Friday the 22nd of October . We won't accept late submissions. You can fill in the form even if you don't have someone to pair with (we will find them for you!). If you want to work solo, we don't mind whether you fill in the form or not.

    If you're wondering "gosh, how much extra work for pairs?? I need that info to decide" I've released a draft master copy of the specification you can read here . It's subject to change, but the workload difference is ballpark within 20%, and will give you a sense of what it's about so you can decide if you want to work alone or in pairs. The main challenge with the pair isn't actually so much that there is a tonne more work, the bigger challenge is that we expect to see even contributes to git so you're actually required to focus on distributing work and coordinating that (typically far less flexible working environment).

    I don't normally like putting small "todos" (even just a 5 minute form) in flex week - but - I can't deploy your repos until I confirm groups, and I figure you'd rather have the assignment for 4 weeks instead of 3!

    See you in week 7! :)

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