• Course Results

    Posted by Lachlan Jones Friday 06 September 2019, 10:16:44 AM, last modified Friday 06 September 2019, 11:33:52 AM.

    Hi All,
    I believe grades are being released through UNSW in the next 24hrs. Unfortunately final grades for this course have not yet been finalised - this will happen over the weekend, and I'm hoping to get your grade to you on Monday.

    If you're desperate for your provisional grade (before any scaling occurs), please email and I'll do my best to get back to you in the next few days (still marking 6441, sorry!). Please do NOT ping anyone on slack about this.

    If you have any concerns about this, please email the class account and we'll see what we can do to help you.


  • Update on exam binaries

    Posted by Adam Tanana Tuesday 27 August 2019, 07:55:09 PM.

    Hey I've just updated the exam binaries, please redownload them from the same link as the previous announcement :)

  • Exam tomorrow

    Posted by Adam Tanana Tuesday 27 August 2019, 06:39:12 PM.

    Exam time is coming soon...

    Good luck in the exam tomorrow, Please make sure you bring your laptop + charger (if you are using your own computer) and please be on time. (Arrive at 8:45 am )

    The binaries are available for downloaded as an encrypted tarball at:

    The password will be released during the exam, please make sure you know how to (and are capable of) extracting files from a gpg encrypted tarball, (there's an example one on the skeleton website.


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