• Final Exam Information <- Read this

    Posted by Adam Tanana Sunday 22 August 2021, 04:00:46 PM.

    hey everyone! This email contains all the information for your upcoming final exam! Please read it all in detail, and reply back with any clarifying questions as soon as possible.

    The Final exam will be hosted on . You will need to login with your UNSW credentials when you visit this website. The exam is on Thursday 26 August 13:00 2021 Sydney Time for 3 hours. It ends at 16:00 (4pm).

    On the exam site there is an info page . Please make sure you read this in detail before the exam . It has details on the specific instructions for doing and submitting the exam. Not reading this and then not following the instructions is not a good enough reason to failing to complete the exam. On this page you can also download the Binary challenges (a password protected zip) now. The password will be released on this page when the exam starts. Make sure you download these before exam starts in-case of any issues with your internet on the day of the exam.

    If there are any issues during the exam. Follow the instructions under Troubleshooting on the info page linked above.

    Good luck!

    Note: Attempting to attack course infrastructure, especially during the exam, such as the website, login page or enumerating challenge ports before the exam starts will get you a 0 in the course.

  • Assignment marks released

    Posted by Adam Tanana Friday 20 August 2021, 02:42:43 PM.

    Hey everyone, You should have hopefully received an email from me with assignment feedback and marks. If there are any issues please let me know!

  • Wargames marks and Exam Tips/Instructions

    Posted by Adam Tanana Sunday 15 August 2021, 08:38:25 PM.

    Hey folks.

    All wargames have been marked, please check both the marks and comments make sense. I've left comments on peoples reversing and source auditing questions.

    Just a reminder that the exam skeleton is available at .
    Please make sure to read every page and the instructions on each page to ensure you don't lose marks for not following the instructions.

    A few notes from marking the last few reversing and source auditing questions, tips for the questions in the exam.

    Source Auditing

    • Bugs / Warnings / Memory Leaks are not exploitable vulnerabilities.
    • Each question has only one vulnerability that is exploitable. Listing a bunch of non-issue bugs (like variable is unused, char casted to integer implicitly, malloc return not checked) will get you no marks (unless you can show how they are exploitable).


    • Make sure to provide meaningful variable names to show you understand what the program is doing
    • Don't forget return values and function signatures (type of arguments and return)

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