• Exam mark

    Posted by Serge Gaspers Tuesday 20 November 2018, 04:21:54 PM.

    Your exam mark (and final mark) can be viewed on WebCMS3.

    If you would like to see the marked-up copy of your exam, I propose to see me in my office on Thursday, 2pm-3pm. If this time-slot does not suit you, please email me with 2-3 suggested times between Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

  • Exam

    Posted by Serge Gaspers Friday 02 November 2018, 06:46:48 PM.

    The 3-hour exam will be
    - on Wednesday, 7 November, starting from 9:15am,
    - in the Blockhouse, room G15 (K-G6-G15).

    Please bring your Student ID. You may also bring a water bottle, any printed and handwritten materials, textbooks. The only allowed electronic device is a UNSW approved calculator (but will not really be needed).

  • Assignment 5 and PACE 2019

    Posted by Serge Gaspers Saturday 20 October 2018, 04:03:50 AM.

    You will find feedback on Assignment 5 in your Bitbucket repositories.

    The next Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments challenge, PACE 2019, will be about Vertex Cover and Hypertree Width (a generalization of treewidth to hypergraphs). The PACE website will post the exact tracks of the challenges and implementation details in November.

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