• End of week 5 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith Friday 03 July 2020, 02:01:25 AM.

    Hey everyone,

    Flexibility Week

    Congrats for making it to the half way point of the term. I hope you're looking forward to you week off (sort of) next week! 13 days until our next lecture. There are no lectures and tutorials in week 6.

    There are help sessions, and you do have to complete your second assignment.

    Assignment 2

    This is due on Monday 13th of July (week 7) at 8pm. Reminder to double check the late penalty, as the assignment 1 late penalty was an exception to the rule. 2% per hour off maximum for this one.

    If you need assignment 2 help, continue to make use of help sessions and the forums!

    Assignment 1 Marking

    Getting results

    You will be receiving your assignment 1 marks and comments back sometime between now and 8pm Monday. Our intention is to give you your results back at least one full week prior to your second assignment being due. You can check here intermittently to get your marks and feedback.

    The delay has largely come down to the complexity of automarking these assignments - marking one student is a 10+ minute intensive series of tests and when that scales to hundreds of students things just take forever . Thanks for being patient, and we're very glad that you'll get it back with ample time before ass2 due date.

    Mistake with results?

    If you feel there has been a mistake with your automark/performance marks, please email .

    If you feel there has been a mistake in your or clang-format mark, or C++ practices or quality-of-tests mark, then please follow these simple steps:

    1. Email the tutor who marked your assignment (*instructions below), and explain your case to them for them to reconsider. They will make a judgement call.
    2. If you're unhappy with their judgement, email me at and I'll assess it. Mistakes happen, sometimes tutors get it wrong, sometimes students get it wrong. No shame in it.

    Please note: If you ask for your marks to be reconsidered, it's always possible that your mark can go up or down . Sometimes when correcting poor judgements on marking in your favour, it's possible to uncover other poor judgements not in your favour! So don't just think "I'll just nag for more marks, I have nothing to lose".

    How do I know who marked my assignment?

    When you collect your submission, go to the bottom of the result. It tells you the zid of the tutor who marked it. Simply email [zid] and it will go to the person who marked it :)

    See you on Wednesday in week 7 for our lecture on introduction to templates!

  • Week 4 Updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith Tuesday 23 June 2020, 04:10:57 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Some key updates for you below. Any further updates this week (if any) will be provided in the first moments of lectures this week.

    Assignment 1

    Congrats to nearly everyone for completing assignment 1. 👏 👏 👏 👏

    Assignment 1 is currently being automarked. This will take another few days (lots to run!) and then your tutors will do the manual marking for good C++ style and other sanity checks.

    At the moment the intention is to have your marked assignments back to you by the Wednesday lecture in week 5. If we miss this deadline (your tutors have lives too), it may be another day or two. We'll do our best.

    Due to extensions that some students have, we're unable to release any marks prior to census date. So if you're tossing up dropping the course, don't wait for any revelation that you don't already have. The one word of advice I'd probably give to you is that if you've managed the course so far, you'll manage it for the rest of the term. The course doesn't get exponentially harder, it's all just moderately hard and stays that way.

    Assignment 2

    Assignment 2 has been released. You can view it here . Currently it's due at the start of week 7. Much of assignment 1 can be completed with knowledge covered this week (week 4) in lectures. The rest of the knowledge will be covered next week in lectures (week 5). No reason you can't start now, however, if you didn't start for a week and a bit you'll be fine.

    Bonus lecture - toolchain

    Chris will be doing a non-assessable bonus lecture on Friday 1pm-3pm this week (week 4). It will cover topics outlined in this piazza post . The link to the zoom call is on the timetable ! It will be recorded so you can always watch later.

    You're not expected to learn anything from his lecture, but many of you have been curious.

  • Assignment 1 late penalty reduction + Other

    Posted by Hayden Smith Tuesday 16 June 2020, 01:51:11 PM.

    Hi everyone,

    Assignment 1

    Assignment 1 late penalty has been REDUCED by a factor of 4. 10pm Sunday hard deadline unchanged. The 2% reduction off maximum mark per hour submitted late has been adjusted to 0.5%. Regardless, just like before, after 50 hours (Sunday 10pm) we will still enforce a hard 0.

    If you're struggling or confused about assignment 1, we will spend the last 30 minutes of the Wednesday lecture (tomorrow) discussing it. We will answer questions, talk about ways to solve the problem, as well as help some people overcome any overwhelmed feelings they're having about ranges / abseil etc. We'll also go over gitlab one last time and how to accept merge requests pushed by us if you have conflicting code. If you're someone who didn't feel they'd complete the assignment satisfactorily by Friday 8pm, we'd encourage you to drop in or at least watch the recording later that evening. We will stop and start the recording again, so it may appear as 2 recordings in the link (please check this image out if you don't know what we mean)

    Elaboration on penalty

    We understand that some students are struggling to wrap their head around some parts of C++ for the first assignment. We don't like the idea of extending the deadline so close to due date - mainly because we know that there are students out there who made decisions this week (skipping social gatherings, spending less time with family) to devote to their assignment on the due date they were given. To extend it so late is (in my view) to disrespect those who've already made compromises. HOWEVER, we also want to alleviate pressure off those who are struggling to find the time in these early weeks, those struggling to adjust to online learning, etc. So the compromise is to simply relax the penalties for late submissions.

    Submission time Maximum mark achievable for reduction of 2% per hour off due date
    Maximum mark achievable for reduction of 0.5% per hour off due date
    8pm Friday 100% 100%
    8pm Saturday 52% 88%
    8pm Sunday 4% 76%
    10pm Sunday
    0% 0%

    Our advice with assignment 1 is still to approach it simply to start. Use algorithms and data structures that are basic (e.g. std::vector, std::queue) just to get going until you can nail the logic and get the outputs you expect. Just get it working . You don't have to use the abseil/ranges things to get a great mark, so start with something less intimidating and work your way up. If this just sounds like words to you, come by the last 30 minutes of the Wednesday lecture.

    Other updates

    • There was some confusion with tutorial solutions and the linking on the tutorial page. This page has been fixed up, as tutorial solutions are now pushed DIRECTLY to your tutorial repo (sometimes you might have to accept a merge request).
    • From this point on I won't be posting notices specifically to let you know when lectures and tutes are released. We have a timetable for these that we outlined and hopefully now you're all in the rhythm. If you get confused at any point, just post on the forum. I don't like filling your inbox with emails.

Upcoming Due Dates

There is nothing due!

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