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    Posted by Hayden Smith Tuesday 15 June 2021, 08:01:31 PM, last modified Tuesday 15 June 2021, 08:02:01 PM.

    I forgot the QR code on the recording. Whoops. If you just watched the lecture or watched it recently if you could share feedback for week 3 classes lecture here:

  • ❄️ End of week 2 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith Sunday 13 June 2021, 10:28:26 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    Hope you're have a good week 2 :) Great to see so many making progress on their work.

    Assignment 1 Updates

    I just wanted to share a few key things about assignment 1:

    • Some of you might have started this assignment with C-style syntax (e.g. pointers, primitive arrays etc). While it's fine that you might have started there, make sure you fix it up before the due date. Remember you are getting marked for your ability to avoid C-specific features that we've talked about in lectures to avoid. These include C-style arrays, pointers, malloc/free/new/delete, and other minor things we might chat about in week 3. Don't freak out, there isn't some strict criteria to avoid we're literally just saying "code like we have in lectures and tutes".
    • I have added a section at the bottom to all of your assignment 1 repos called "FAQ". In this section I just elaborated and answered one question that was perplexing some students about what is the write file path for english.txt - should it be "./english.txt" or "./test/word_ladder/english.txt"? It's answered in the FAQ :) You may have to accept a merge request if it didn't merge automatically (though in most cases it would have been automatic).

    General Updates

    • The Monday lecture is cancelled due to the public holiday. We only have 1 lecture in week 3.
    • If you want to see the solutions for tut01, tut02, etc just go to the "solution" branch on gitlab. A drop down to change branches is on the main git page. You just change "master" to "solution".
    • For both tutorials and assignments, don't forget to always merge in any pending merge requests if they don't merge automatically.
    • Help sessions are still running. Please remember that a tutor's job in the help session isn't necessarily to ensure everyone of your problems are solved right then and there, but rather to ensure that you are given clear enough next steps to keep progressing through your issues.
    • Tutorial 4 and week 4 lectures have been released.

    See you on Tuesday night!

  • 🌼 End of week 1 updates

    Posted by Hayden Smith Sunday 06 June 2021, 02:19:10 AM.

    Hi everyone!

    Hope you've all had a great week 1 :) It was good to see so many in the lecture.

    I want to say an absolute huge congratulations to so many people for getting stuck into assignment 1. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the most engaged and pro-active cohorts of students I've seen in the first week of term. Further to that, I'm really impressed with watching so many people run into problems & obstacles, and instead of sitting down and giving up, you actually step up to debug, learn, and not be afraid to spend the time to make it happen. I think this is an exceptional and vital skill so many have demonstrated already.

    Here are some key updates for you:

    Assignment 1 Updates

    Thank you for the early bird's patience on some of the little assignment 1 issues. A couple of them were just my fault, but many of them have been strange environment issues. Sadly, this isn't Python or Java or Javascript where things run in these well containerized/virtual environments. C++ compiles directly for running on hardware and that means things like the version of linux being used and a bunch of other small things can easily throw it all off. Often, the things that throw it off are things we didn't predict, and didn't have issue with on our end when testing it. We try and patch them rapidly and appreciate your patience.

    Pretty much any little fixes or updates were pushed to your repo via merge requests (which often merge automatically when they can). However, some key things to point out:

    • The instructions were updated for a lot of issues people faced.
    • When loading english.txt, we're updating the path from ./english.txt to ./test/word_ladder/english.txt . This happens in your test files and in debugging_main.cpp. This is so that you can run all of your commands from the project directory, rather than cd 'ing into sub-folders and running binaries from there (which creates all kinds of confusion).

    We can touch on ass1 if needed at the end of Monday's lecture.

    General Updates

    • Help sessions will begin in week 2. The times will be listed on the Help Sessions page , and will be posted on Monday :) Help sessions are always subject to change, so check them before you want to join.
    • Every time someone posts a thread on Ed that I think is very useful for everyone to read - I pin it. I hope that reduces any stress levels for those who are worried about missing something.
    • For both tutorials and assignments, don't forget to always merge in any pending merge requests.
    • If you just want to share random facts about your day, life, or interests, just post on the forum under the "Fun" category. We're all online and lonely and bored half the time these days, so anyone should feel welcome to make themselves feel a little more part of the community.
    • Tutorial 3 has been released.
    • Week 3 lectures will be released on Monday.

    See you on Monday!! :)

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