• COMP6771: Advanced C++ (Marks Notice)

    Posted by Simon Haddad 🥩 Monday 22 August 2022, 12:38:28 PM, last modified Wednesday 24 August 2022, 10:59:57 AM.

    Hello everyone!

    Please find below important information about ass3 and exam marks.

    Ass3 Marks Released

    Your marks should now be visible in WebCMS in the "Grades" section (see the bottom of the left sidebar, the thing that looks like histogram). No formal analysis has been done, but generally if students made mistakes they made mistakes in the same areas such as: misusing explicit in the iterator constructors, making things (typedefs, helper structs, etc.) public when they should have been private, making excessive copies of smart_pointers and/or N or E for the purposes of look-up, and also not noticing opportunities to use member initialiser lists or delegating constructors.


    • If you wish to discuss your style or testing mark, please email the tutor who marked you first .
      • Sometimes tutors make mistakes; sometimes students make mistakes; and all other times something can have just gone wrong, and that's ok. Each marker will have put their name or zID at the bottom of your submission (again, viewable from WebCMS), so you should be able to find that tutors email.
      • If you do decide to talk to your marker about the style & testing mark, please note your mark may go up OR down, depending on if some missed point is brought to light .
      • In the event that you still wish to discuss your mark further, you may forward your conversation with your marker to, and we will look into things further.
      • If you email without emailing your marker first, your email will be ignored .
    • If something has gone wrong with the automarker, please fill out this form and we will get back to you within one working week:
      • Note: if your code fails to compile because of problems with implementation, there is nothing we can do.
      • Form:
      • Please try to be as detailed as possible
      • Note: for any reruns due to compilation error, we will apply a flat penalty of 15%

    Due to the tight nature of UNSW trimesters, you have 72 hours to contact your marker or fill in the form. We will be in contact likely within one business day, so please do not delay.

    Exam Mark (only) Released

    We have also released the raw exam marks, also viewable in the Grades section of WebCMS.

    On the whole, most students attained over 50% of the exam marks with a large portion coming from Q1. The largest factor in whether or not a student scored in the 20s (exam was out of 30) was if Q2 was attempted in earnest.

    As mentioned in the last notice, we did not test any aspect related to the start tile, and made great efforts to ensure other Q1 spec ambiguities that may impacted implementations were fairly tested.

    UPDATE: after looking at the exam marks, we noticed an unacceptably high number of students were spuriously failing autotests because of compiler warnings (such as unused parameter, implicit conversion from unsigned to signed ints) being turned into errors. Though we have stressed throughout the course that your code must compile without error in our build environment, we also are aware and recognise that in a high stress situation like an exam (dissimilar to the assignments) that ensuring this was very difficult.

    As such, we have rerun the exam automarker with warnings as errors ( i.e. -Werror and -Wall flags) turned off.

    If your code already compiled in our environment without error then this will likely have no effect, but for students who had issues, you may see a small increase in your exam marks, but you may very well see a large increase in your exam marks. No marks were decreased.

    That's all we have for now. Take care!

    -COMP6771 Teaching Team

  • COMP6771: Exam is now Over (mostly)

    Posted by Simon Haddad 🥩 Friday 12 August 2022, 06:08:23 PM.

    Hey everyone,

    Congratulations on finishing the final exam!

    Though it may have been tough at times, I'm certain that most people did better than they thought they did. Often times we are our own worse critiques.

    Nonetheless, please read below.

    Automarking Q1

    I'd first like to say my most sincere apologies for the confusion around the start_tile requirement for Q1 and associated MRs. Though we tested the exam internally, this particular issue happened to slip under our radar and evidently, the spec clarifications around it left many more questions than answers.

    To that end, we have decided to NOT autotest specifically the start_tile of Q1 being styled in any particular way . Most of the spec clarifications and MRs were centred around this and the accompanying detailed_styled test. Instead, the parts of the spec which changed the least, if at all, will comprise all of the automarks, since it would be otherwise unfair to students. Once again, I'm deeply sorry for the confusion.

    Automarking Q2

    There were some concerns about spuriously failing the automarker due to Q2. Rest assured, so long as your template is at least instantiable there will be some partial marks you can achieve.

    That is all we have for now, talk soon.

    -COMP6771 Teaching Team

  • COMP6771: Exam is now Live

    Posted by Simon Haddad 🥩 Friday 12 August 2022, 02:00:18 PM, last modified Friday 12 August 2022, 05:01:50 PM.

    Hello everyone.

    The final exam has started.

    You can find your own exam at: here .

    You have until 5:40pm to complete the exam.

    Important Information About the Forum

    You should not expect an answers fast on the forum.

    Though we will try to get to your questions as they come in, there may be delays of up to 15 or even 30 minutes.

    After 4:30pm, there may be longer delays until questions are answered.

    As always, try your best to interpret the spec as it is written and do not overthink miniscule details.

    Often, your first impressions is correct.

    Important Information about Spec Clarifications

    If there are any spec clarification, we will send out a merge request to your repo, and update this notice and email about its existence.

    Please make sure you accept all Merge Requests promptly to avoid losing any marks.

    Good luck!

    -COMP6771 Teaching Team

    ADDENDUM: due to late deployment, we have added on an extra 10 minutes to the exam time.

    The new finish time is 5:40pm


    - 5:00pm - clarified if the q2 type traits are inside or outside scope_guard.

    - 4:41pm - fully specified q1 start tile style and modified q1/test1.cpp to reflect this

    - 2:55PM - q1 test1.cpp had end tile style in the wrong order

    - 2:34PM - uint8 issue and typo in detailed style with regards to duplicate of move::EE. Currently being deployed and should reach you as soon as practicable

Upcoming Due Dates

There is nothing due!

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