• Your feedback

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 24 May 2021, 04:16:36 PM.

    Dear COMP9020 Student,

    I want to conclude this course by thanking you all for your feedback through myExperience. I was very happy with a response rate of over 75% and the fact that (almost) everyone who filled in the form was satisfied with the course. The warming-up exercises in particular were very positively commented on, so I will definitely keep them.

    You also had many thoughtful further suggestions. Let me just mention those that were made by several of you independently:

    • You rightly pointed out that the last few lecture recordings were very quiet. This will be fixed. If anything like that happens again, please don't hesitate to point it out to your lecturer as early as possible. Issues like these should be easy to resolve.
    • Some of you would have liked to see more detailed answers to some of the weekly homework questions. I will endeavour to do that for the next offering of the course.
    • Some of you suggested to briefly discuss common mistakes/misunderstandings in the quiz at the beginning of the following lecture. I will try to fit that in next time.
    • Finally, a good number of you wrote that you would have liked to attend the lecture live and in person if only that had been possible. I certainly would have liked that too. I sincerely hope that this will become possible again for all of you in the very near future.

    So, thanks again for your diversified, enthusiastic and thoughtful feedback. And good luck to all of you with your T2 courses that are about to begin.


  • Small bug in scoresheet

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 17 May 2021, 02:28:57 PM.

    I have been notified that there is a small error on the scoresheets for Question 12: Part a) and Part c) have been weighed wrongly. As a consequence, unfortunately, for some students the Exam Total shows a wrong result (up to +/- 1 mark difference).

    This will be fixed. Meanwhile do note that your mark and grade as shown on WebCMS are correct.

  • Results

    Posted by Michael Thielscher Monday 17 May 2021, 12:46:42 PM.

    Your results are now available on WebCMS3 or from your CSE account using

    9020 classrun -sturec
    • Exam: Your mark for the exam.
    • Sum and Grade: Your total score and mark in accordance with the Course Outline and as explained on slides 5-6, week 10 .

    To pass the course, your Exam mark must be ≥25 and the Sum must be ≥50.

    You can obtain detailed feedback on your marks for the exam on WebCMS3 by clicking on the little arrow in the row labelled Exam as indicated below:

    or by using:

    9020 classrun -collect Exam

    Unfortunately I cannot reopen the Moodle exam for review since variations of these questions may be reused in another form in future exams. But if you did not pass the course and have further questions about your marks then you can email me personally.

    In case you are interested here is the overall statistics for 21T1 COMP9020:

    HD 14.5%
    DN 28.0%
    CR 30.6%
    PS 18.3%
    FL 8.6%

    Congratulations to the following students for scoring 95 or higher:

    Laurence Yik Lok Leung
    Enhao Zheng
    Jason Liu

    Well done!

    Enjoy your term break, stay healthy and best of luck with your future studies.


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